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Imagine being brought into existence only long enough to fight someone who looked like you, then cast off into what seemed to be oblivion when you can't win. It makes one wonder if things could've been different if an offer of friendship had been taken instead.

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Sparks Of Peace - 1

"Whew! Another piece is done! I'm on a roll this week!"

The blonde-haired teen stretched, standing and walking over to her window. She held a cup of tea in her hand, smiling and ignoring the nibbling of tiredness in her mind. She heard a distant rumble, and looked skyward, and was pleasantly surprised by the midnight storm that was drawing near.

She considered storms to be her lucky charm. A sign of good fortune in the future if you will. Even if it isn't true, it nonetheless gave her hope, and it's better to have hope than nothing at all. It still made her smile regardless, as she quickly recalls the span of time in which she was a member of the Glitter Force.

Five girls, saving the world with magic powers and getting to see a real-life storybook world along the way. It didn't quite feel real at the time, and even now she still sometimes wonders if she didn't just dream up all those feats. Thankfully, she doesn't doubt it for long, her friends always make sure of that. They went through all of it together, after all.

But now, a new thought has begun to poke into her mind. An old encounter, one that surely didn't bug the others as much as it does her. She can't even understand why it bugs her so much. A mirror image, that's all it had been. Not to mention, they were practically made of negative energy.

She sighed, sipping at the last of her tea as she recalled the genuine panic and concern for her wellbeing from what was essentially her echo made from the shadows. Especially at the start, where the initial static-like shock had been delayed, even if marginally. Not to mention how quickly she herself gave up on them.

However, the part she found tugging at her mind, is the fact that not only did the supposed echo give her the chance to speak and genuinely hear her out, but the look in their eyes. That dull gaze didn't fit with the lean in that they had. Or any other body language they had shown, honestly.

They had been in the middle of a fight, but instead of ignoring her speech and attacking her, a much easier choice for what Lily knew of villains, as they had every opportunity to do, they seemed to buy into the time that allowed them that moment of calm in the storm. That was what bugged her the most. The conflict there, in words versus actions. It almost made her wonder if they had truly wanted to turn down her offer, or if somehow what they were, or perhaps even a connection to Rascal through negative energy, had forced their hand in that decision.

Though, it couldn't be changed now. After all, it had been almost four years ago now, and she had used such powerful magic on them. The others were confident that they had defeated their 'duplicates,' though she couldn't say the same. It had been far too bright to see, and she hadn't really wanted to in the first place.

She sighs, her mood now considerably dampened. She decided it was time to rest, and set her teacup on her desk before moving to her bed. She yawned as the thunderstorm roared outside, in its own little lullaby for her. It was only a matter of moments before she drifted off to sleep under her warm covers.

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