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This story is to help kids in kindergarten, first, second grade, and older kids that are in middle school and high school that are in special ed classes

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Sight words, rhymes, and vowels for kids

hi, I'm Jailyn, let's play a little guessing game to guess which word has long or short vowels and which two words rhyme in a sentence of sight words.

Jen has a hen.

guess the vowel and the rhyme

Jen got her hen from two other men.

Pam and cam have a lot of jam

to put on their toast.

Jill and well stayed still.

The frog sat on a log while the dog was playing with the ball.

The cat sat on a hat while the rat was chasing a bat.

She runs with me.

take a look and read a book.

we run and she waltz.

you have to come to.

We run late while she is early.

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