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Danny Rand has held the iron fist post for years. He built his life as a wealthy businessman while protecting the holy city of K'un lun. For centuries, a new iron fist has emerged when the current holder of the post dies. One day, Danny receives a call from the elders of the holy city. There, he is introduced to Kana Saito, the holder of the Iron Fist rank. For the first time in history, two people defended the post of protector of k'un lun. Now they will find out how it happened and amidst power struggles between the two, they must fight side by side if they want to protect the holy city from an unholy and ancestral being.

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Kana Saito

The night was cold and dark that night of Monday. Almost a month ago, I and my friend Luke hampled this group of criminals who are assaulting anyone who passes through the seventh street of Harlem. They were not completely dumb, they knew everyone who lives in Harlem needs to go through this street, there is no other way that crosses so many houses if not that. Luke and I waited carefully on an abandoned building that allowed us to see the central point of that street. We were there almost an hour. Luke wore his yellow shirt, his gray sweatshirt and his silver chains on his left wrist.

-Mask, I always thought that these chains would be very beautiful in my chest … they would be great cords. I told him.

-Ha ha. He answered him in his grave voice and his feature would be. While his bald moon reflected, I set the sleeves of my shirt, a shirt in which he was part of my suit and Luke always hated.

-Man, I always say that your costume is not sneaky, why not make a darker suit?. He said. He had no idea what he was talking about, my suit was inspired by my childhood kimono. My costume was a long sleeve white shirt and a pair of the same color. At my waist, a yellow band and on my face, a yellow mask with black eyes and a dragon wing drawn on each side of the eyes. Anyway, we finally heard the gang arriving. They do not wear masks, they do not use bikes or cars, not even use guns. Only common boys, their mean age should not pass twenty-five. In compensation, the gang seemed to have thirty members. I and Luke then give you a punch in the other's hand in greeting and we descend. Luke as always, falls with his knee on the floor with both hands creating small craters on the ground. On the other hand I was much more subtle, while reaching the floor, I remain with my right foot on the floor and the left raised pointing my foot down. My right hand gets on my waist and my left arm extended forward. When Luke gets up, I see a brick in his hand that he easily breaks, he would obviously intimidate them. Luke advances in them and knocks down five with two single blows. By far, I saw that they had three huge guys, incredibly greater than Luke, Luke had two feet high. With a blow I start overthrowing them. A spin on my leg, hit the head of one. A simple hand throw and I knocked them hitting her breasts. At last Luke had knocked him down fourteen and I thirteen. Only the big ones were left. Luke looks at me with the look of: "I will not hold me as much as I'm holding." And runs toward them. With four punches, he knocks down two. Before I could do the rest, the dragon in my chest becomes visible through my white shirt. My pulses begin to shine like a yellow flame. Quickly I go toward him and elusive from his kick, with a punch in his stomach, I did not want to send him away. Then I turn to Luke.

-I, I think we'll send it well. Talk to Matt, maybe he can use these henchmen as proof in court against FISK. I told him.

-If this, but then, are you okay?. He asked.

-Of course, I'm fine. But come here. He told him calling him to see the damage he had caused on the floor. You really like these landings, it's not. Look at these holes. You like to go down and do it …. I said I smiled until I take a touch in the building with my fists and the building simply shatter. It seemed that it was being demolished … I could not understand, I had only touched that building.

-Men, I need to go. I need to go now!. I answered when sitting in a position of meditation and disappeared before Luke's eyes. I left Luke completely confused back. Let's go to a small history class. Iron fist is not a person, he is a post. This post was created to deliver to a person the power of Shao-Lau. Iron fist receives the powers of this extremely powerful dragon and is tasked to protect K'un Lun, a place where magic is as abundant as oxygen. When I became the iron fist, one of the things that warned me the most, was that I would never lose control of my power, all due to intensive training. If it happened, something was wrong. I needed to return to K'un Lun immediately. When opening my eyes, I immediately appear in the Salon of the Elders. Beside them, a woman of my age. Black hair, eyes pulled and a kimono similar to mine.

-Iron first. We call it here because the situation is dangerous. This is Kana Saito. She came up in K'un Lun in the same way that you just emerged. In your chest there is the golden dragon, just as there are in you. We test it in every way, but there is no doubt, it also holds the iron fist post. For the first time in the history, two iron fists appear at the same time.

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