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Professor Jade had a puzzled look on his face, as his three daughters began to glow. Radiating green, purple , and blue energies from there hair. He wasnt so much shocked of their glowing, but because they seem to natural control the energy. In which he had summoned into them from there ancestors. His wife Mother Ursa gave him a perplexed look for his achievement. For she knew wat this meant and wanted it more for her daughters than he. She herself had tremendous power of herself. Her mystical power came from the universe which she obtained in a near death experience. She understood truly the importance of her kids power and that she had even more to teach them. Although the Professor believed it was best that the girls stayed in the dark about Mother Ursa power. They both knew that now it was only a matter of time. "I think this is going to be fun", said Ursa. With a huge smile on her face. "Not fun but necessary in these times my love, I believe the timing is vital", said the professor. At that exact moment their secret emergency alarm went off. "That's my cue babe", winked Ursa. "Time to take corruption down", as she hurried out of the lab. "Love wait", yelled the professor, but it was too late. He quickly shut down his monitors and ran to suit up for battle.

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