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Finn and Kat end up together and have two kids. She deals with all her dramas and Finn went through alot. Currently Kat is the main character but soon we will have to go through Finn's side of the story. Thanks for your support please follow for more

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"damn 😂 I thought you would have blacked out already" my best friend Finn said in a jokingly voice, "well seems like your plan to get back at me is a total burst" I said back to him while munching on some chips. "oh dang, your mom's here. AGAIN!!" Finn said while fixing his hair in the mirror. Finn was a typical badboy type..no not really a badboy but you know what I mean. He had short curly blackish brownish hair, deep blue eyes and a Jarline the no girl can resist, Im a girl but I'm only friends with him because our parents are rich and own a business together. "Kat... Katharine Isabelle McLean were are you" Mom yelled at her top of her voice. She should have just called instead of yelling two stories up to me. "Wow your names are....who named you" Finn said laughing "my mom" I said to him "if it was possible my mother would have named you better" Finn said "and your dog should have lived longer" I said back to him. Finn sensed to stress In my eyes and came closer to me then said "your eyes are so beautiful and your hair is so soft" and looked me in the eyes. next thing I new Finn's lips were touching mine and he had began kissing me. Of course I kissed back because I had a secret crush on him. then we pulled away from each other. "Bell i have had a masive crush on and.. you just make me... every time I see I just cant stop thinking of you..." and just I cut him out and said "what's your point", "my point is will you be my girlfriend"he said and I said yes. the rumours began at school saying "Finn and Bell are dating" or "we spotted miss rich with a loser". yeah I'm not surprised if you also made fun of me to. All these rumours clearly want me and Finn to stop dating. Finn was a attention seeker, no not like the way making fun of yourself, like he is everything a girl could ever want. he was hot, famous, rich, pays attention, his everything you can imagine. but I didn't love him for that not his richness not his cute smile, no not that. I liked him because he was sweet and loving towards people.


So today this new kid came to school, I found out his name was Isaac Grefinn. "Babe, I think someone is checking you out" Finn said angrily. "huh? oh haha, sweetie you know I love and you only" I said laughing at him. Isaac came upto me and said "I know that I may be the one quiet, but you wanna be friends" and Finn cut him out "Ehhh, you don't approach my girlfriend and don't say hi to me". "oh sweetie pie don't be rude to my small friend here." I said to Finn. "you promise you won't cheat". Finn said worried. I think he was about to cry. "bruh, stop over thinking. Bella has a rich boyfriend as in millionaire, she most definitely not cheat on you an....." Isaac said, and I cut him out "what? Im not in love with him because of his money.." both Isaac and Finn stared at me in shock, Finn started rubbing his hair, his eyes gazzing at mine, I swear his eyes started glowing. "I love him because he is sweet and kind towards people" I continued and looked Finn straight in the eyes with the most sweetest smile on my face. "oh pumpkin pie, you should have said that before I bought you this" Finn said and raised his hand. the whole school gathered around us and Finn showed me car keys to an expensive car. "wait did the most hottest guy at school buy the most cutest girl at school a Ferrari" I heard on of the boys who had a masive crush on me say. "BABE, you shouldn't have" I said to Finn. "No, I know it's a boring day but I needed to do something to light up your day. Plus seeing you happy makes me happy" Finn said in a very cute tone. I think every girl almost fainted and every boy almost smashed Finn. I kissed Finn thanks and the whole school went crazy. Just then the most strictest teacher came. "Fuck! Ms darcy is here" Finn said. Ms darcy had beef with me and Finn. FOR WHAT? I also have no idea. "would Ms McLean and Mr Richard please report to the principal's office with your stuff" the intercom said. Finn and I started packing our stuff. Finn's parents, Mr and Mrs Richard came first then followed by my parents. "oh I think someone is in trouble" I heard some girls say. "Finrick Timathy Richard..." Mr Richard said in a very stern voice "I thought we told to not misbehave in your morning classes with our rivels son" Mrs Richard added angrily. "Mom-dad, who the fuck feed you lies for breakfast" Finn said and the who school started laughing so loud the windows almost broke. "oh young man you didn't just.." Mrs Richard said "yep I did" Finn laughed it off "so what if I did that, it's not like I put my money before me" Finn continued. "Finn I think you should stop" I tried to break the silence, "I like this girl who is she" Mr Richard said. "oh that's my daughter." dad said to Mr Richard. "Wait, love. you really taking they side. I thought you were on my team" Finn said. Finn didn't listen to any of my words I did what I had to do, I called him with his full name. I know it is wrong but he totally hated his full names. Like, if someone called him with his full name, he would loss his mind and go out of his way to get that person back. But I did what I had to do "FINRICK TIMATHY RICHARD,I love you with all I have, you are my soul, the music to my soul, the finishing touch of my life, you are my everything just please don't -- don't live me" I went down on my knees and sheded some fake ties to make it seem real. That seemed to work cuz Finn ran up to me and pulled me out of that place. we went to the school garden and Finn started his lecture "Sweet pumpkin pie, please never ever call me Finrick Timathy Richard, it makes me feel weak in the knees. I told you I hate the name so much." I think he was trying his best not to punch me because he had his fist shut like a door that was locked. "I promise babe" I said . I swear my mom and dad wanted to slap me straight across the face when I told them Finn was my boyfriend because they had this no boyfriend tell age 20 rule.


I woke to my mom's screams. "What know mom" I said going downstairs with my PJs. "my gold necklace, it's gone" mom said. damnit mom that piece of junk, really. "MOM, you have money you can buy it, or even better, buy a fucking better one" I said. "Katharine Isabelle McLean, please watch you lauguage" dad said as he threw his fancy Rob on the bed. "yeah sure whatever, hey can I stay home today I'm not feeling well *fake cough*" yes I didn't wanna go to school so I pretend to be sick. it works every time. "fine but only invite that boy of yours, and don't do any unlawful things or else" dad said as he shut the door close behind him. JACKPOT. dad trusts me finally. After mom went out I pulled out my phone and dialled Finn's number, luckyly he had his phone every were he went so it was not that had to phone him.

Finn: hello bunny boo, where the hell are you

Me: ow sweetie pie I'm home ca...

Finn: alone

Me: ya

Finn hang up immediately and within 10 minutes he was at my gate knocking. I told Dony, my personal guide, to open for him. "hey pumpkin" Finn said in the most sexiest voice he could manage, hahaha my man come all the way here thinking he had me all to himself. "Bella, who is the messy young man, did dad Allow you to bring him over" my big brother Andrew said. "who is this fool here, are you fuckin cheating on me" Finn said about to give Andrew a grand fist on the face. "babe, this is my 25 year old brother, have you forgotten him" I said "wait is this Finn, my man you all grown" Andrew said shaking Finn's hand. "Andrew, wow man you look old, but cool as always." Finn said with a grin on his face. After my so called boyfriend that cares about me left I yelled at Andrew "who the fuck do you think you are taking my boyfriend away from me, this was supposed to be a day of me and Finn chatting, but noooo you just Ahh" yep that was me yelling at my brother, although he was 25 and i was 17, I slapped him across the face and stormed to my room. I threw myself in bed and Cried myself to sleep


my dad was at my dad knocking for my to go out because I didn't get dinner yesterday, "sweetheart, please come out I miss you, you didn't answer my calls" I heard Finn say in a worried tone. I opened the door and oh my god, Finn was in a wheelchair. damnit boy can't I have some space. When I went down to get my glass of water I saw the most shocking thing, police where searching my house. I went into my room and wheeled Finn inside then shut the door behind me.

Finn: babe I'm so sorry I didn't Han..

me: shut it, I don't wanna hear about it

Finn: but..

Me: please dont

Finn pulled my hand and kissed it. I looked at him and I could not stop myself from getting closer to him and kissed him in the mouth. He was shocked at first but joined in. After kissing we chatted about how he hurt himself. I couldn't help myself and I cried. Finn hugged me and said "everything is fine, please dont" I stopped crying and then I went to the kitchen to make myself and Finn some food. I had made my mind that I'm not going to school for the next week.


Finn suprised me and said he could work again which was great news, "ok first things first, I need to deal with someone" Finn said angrily and of course I joined him. I released he was going to the next town and we stopped at Andrews best friends house. Finn got out of the limo and went straight up to the door. I followed by his side. we knocked at the door and a girl about a year younger than me opened the door. Finn said "hi lady, Im looking for a girl about 2 years older than you" ok ouch and Finn was 5 years older than me, that meant something bad. "KC a Boy I looking for you" the girl said. that KC girl went to the door and said "oh you finally knocked into your senses to get a..." she didn't get to finish her sentence when Finn gave her one of the most hardest slaps. AGAIN, ouch. "what the fuck is going on babe" I asked Finn with wide open eyes. "she tried to hit on me and when I refused her she run my legs over with a car, that's why they were policeman in your house" Finn said about to slap the lady again. "oh, you piece of...." she once again didn't get to finish her sentence when Finn gave her another slap. I tried my best not to laugh but ya that was had "hehehheeh, why did you try to hit on my MAN bitch" I said to that KC girl but she started crying. Finn pulled me away from her and opened the door to the limo. he signalled me to get in and then shut the door. he went in and told the driver to drive back home. when i got home he had messaged me. I had another shock coming my way. my parents, Andrew and that KC girl were there. FUCK.the drama seemed to come for me. I went on my phone to and started texting Finn.

Finn: babe you safe home

Me: no😖that KC girl is here in my house

Finn: Im coming

So Finn came to my house, but my fucking boyfriend brought his parents with. FINNNNNN! *ding dong ding*. shit his here, "mom dad I can explain" I said "hold it right there young lady" mom said. fuck you Mom. Im trying to explain here. I lost my temper and just yelled at my parents "you know what mom, you are just a fucking loser, you don't allow me to hang with my friend, to make matters worse you want to control my every fucking move, who the fuck do you think you are? And dad you are cool and all but can't I spent a day doing what I love, you and mom just care about yourselves. you don't even care about me. I overheard one, just one of your conversation and you said to mom *I didn't even feel like having a daughter* and mom added *I was gonna put her up for adoption but you didn't want, now look what we dealing with* y'all don't care about me, I tried to brush if off but..." than I started crying, for real this time. everyone in the room looked shocked and I continued "And you Andrew Robert McLean, you only care about yourself, when you and Finn were hanging out that day and I went in your room to get the scissors and saw tha-that you we hiding a kid about 3 years old. that boy said you are his father" I cried more as Finn tried to Confort me. "what no she's making that up" Andrew said and I let go of Finn and went to Andrews room, I came out holding the baby in my arms. "live Ethan alone" Andrew said angrily. "E-Ethan, see my point. dad Mom do something" I said with more tears. "what can we possibly do" dad said. i just blow up with anger and frustration then I forced a scream. Andrew took his son and Finn looked at me with those loving eyes. that KC girl well let's say I dealt with here. I went up to her and slapped her across the face. then I went up to my room shut the door and this time I made sure I lock the door.

Finn: babe, babe please open the door.

me: i won't open that fuckin door use people start believing me

Finn: babe you do that we all go through thin-

me: through what huh what. I have never been in the sport light. it's always you Andrew but not me *crying even harder*

Finn:but how do you think i will survive without you. you know what will happen.

fuck, Finn had a point. Then KC girl came

Kc girl: hey

me: live me alone you mother fuckin asshole.

I opened the door pulled Finn in and locked it again.

Finn: bae what the hell

me: oh you better fix the tone young man or you out FOR GOOD.

Finn: ok ok

me: I pulled you in here to tell you something important but you have to promise me you won't live

Finn: what's up

me: I...am... Pregnant

Finn: cool it's mine right


Finn: what are we gonna name it

Finn took this a good, what the hell are you up too. whatever at least he wants the kid.

nine months later I had twins. a girl and boy, Katie and Ricky.

I no longer talk to my parents nor brother. I steall take care of Ethan but only if his mom brings him.

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