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Is age really an obstacle for love? A vocal group hires a sound engineer for their upcoming tour. Ebony falls in love with Laslo almost instantly and he seems to fancy her back until their age difference begins to bother him. Then, Alejandro takes every advantage he can to win Ebony over. He does not stop until he does. Will Laslo let Alejandro get away with it? Doubt, mixed signals, and betrayal are some of the ingredients of this story.

Romance Contemporain Interdit aux moins de 18 ans. © Felicia Evreux

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Chapter 1

The manager agreed to meet the new sound engineer, one of the few women that attended. He stared at the picture and remembered how capable she looked in the audition.

Hoping she would be good enough for the tour in advance, he looked at his watch to realize she had to walk in in the next few minutes.

The young woman in question entered the café and scanned the place and smiled lightly at the sight of her new boss.

− Mr. Hawk

− Ebony Lehr, right?

− Yes sir, it’s so nice to meet you

− Nice to meet you too − he shook her hand as he smiled lightly−. Welcome to the force

− Thank you so much, I’m really excited

− Would you like to go meet the lads?

− Sure, that’d be great

− Guys, let me introduce you to the new sound engineer. Ebony, these are Vincenzo, Laslo, John, and Alejandro

She knew them and their songs by heart because her mom was a big fan.

Still, she wanted to work for this group more than anything, so she had to try not to fangirl in front of them. That could wait for when she had some time alone.

− It’s such a pleasure to meet you guys

− The pleasure is all ours, trust me

− Our last sound engineer was an old man soon to retire, it’s nice to have some young and fresh blood around

− You guys seem to be quite honest

− You have no idea

− You’ll get used to it

− Alright Ebony, before you run out. What about a soundcheck?

She was so thrilled to begin she showed a big smile before replying:

− Of course

Afterward, the quartet went to rest to Alejandro’s trailer which was the biggest and the cleanest.

− Laslo?

− Laslo! − John shouted and as the German citizen was barely snapping out of his thoughts, the way his name was being called was enough to make him jump

− What?

− You didn’t pay attention to Ebony’s explanations

− Of course, I was paying attention …

− To her legs, we noticed − Vincenzo interrupted

− It’s not a good idea to fall for your employees. I don’t think I need to remind you what happened with the last makeup artist

− Imogen was born

− I don’t think you want more issue

− One is enough − Laslo nodded−. Though Imogen would love to have a brother or sister to play with − he hinted with a smirk

− She’s too young, for all four − John remembered that Luke said Ebony was like 29 or 30 years old, still, he could be mistaken

− Age is just a number

− Are you sure?

− I’ll be when I get to know her better, but I still think she’s gorgeous

−She is but you aren’t the type of man that doesn’t take responsibility after getting laid and Abby saw that way too fast

− Ebony doesn’t seem to be a gold digger

− You don’t know that so just focus on your job and let her focus on hers

− That’ll be difficult though

Laslo had to admit to himself that Vincenzo was right; he did stare at Ebony’s legs. Being a man, he couldn’t help it at the sight of her short striped jumpsuit, he never deprived himself of the simple pleasures life offered.

Watching beautiful people was one of them, and the young woman was more than beautiful to him.

Honoring her name, the new sound engineer had long black hair, pale skin, plump lips, freckles, upturned nose, soft angled arched eyebrows, and upturned shaped eyes, beautiful though her left eye was green and the right one gray and the shape of her body seemed to be a pretty hourglass, still he couldn’t be sure because of her loose clothing.

The Deutsch man could be pretty observant when he wanted to be.

And since he had Ebony in front of him, he couldn’t make an exception.

Even if John was right and she was too young he still decided to give it a try.

He could tell in advance that she was worth the fight.

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