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Amid countless family conflicts, psychological conflicts and a worldwide pandemic. Audra and Freddie one day become friends via the internet. After a while, they realize they don't feel that what they really want is friendship. Despite a virus ravaging the world, preventing them from meeting, they will do everything to fight and resist the conflicts in their lives in the hope that in the end they can be together. Audra will have to deal with a world that is prejudiced towards women and will have to deal with the end of his former abusive relationship, and Freddie will have to deal with his extremely backward family and his dream of becoming a writer.

Romance Contemporain Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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Behind The Mask

Audra Manson. Twenty-seven years old, curly black hair. Brown eyes, six foot seven and with a difficult, closed personality. Freddie Curts. twenty-nine years old, short black hair. Black eyes, six foot seven and an outgoing yet solitary personality. I can say that the story of these two is one of the most interesting I've ever witnessed. They go through abusive relationships, they have conflicts with their families, conflicts with themselves. They doubt their own will, doubt whether they would work together.What prevents them from meeting is a sudden virus that plagues humanity to this day. With this virus, protective masks are needed to completely cover your face. They can't touch absolutely anything outside their home…but something could help them stay together. The idea of ​​starting a relationship through cell phone screens proves troubled and difficult. At this point, you're about to see absolutely everything these two go through, everything they fight and everything they sacrifice so they could be together, the question is: Were so many sacrifices worth it in the end? That's what we'll find out, I'll be your companion and I'll tell you and show you every detail of the intimate lives of these two, from the first contact to what could be the last. Let's start with the lady in the story.

Audra is walking through her town on her way to work. Passing through electronics stores, news reports inform us that we are completing a year since the beginning of the world pandemic. In the reflection of the glass we see Audra in her black jeans, gray shirt and black jacket. In his hand, a half-filled cup of energy drink. On your face, your mask is the simplest there is. A white mask with just black dots for the eyes and a smile beneath. She continues to walk, sees people without masks as if nothing is happening. She sees children playing in the park and parents who until then seemed responsible…until they simply take off their masks and start showering the child with kisses. Audra looks ahead and immediately goes across the street, however, he follows her.

-Audry, you have to understand my side. Said the man in plain pants and a polo shirt.

-Call me Audry again… by the way, appear in front of me again and I'll send you to the hospital. Audra said as she landed a punch to his nose. She continued to walk while the man held his Nose and agonized in pain.

Arriving at work, Audra had already finished taking that huge cup of energy drink and tossing it in the trash, the disposable straw and tossing it into a pile for sanitization and incineration. Just like all her previous days, Audra swipes her badge through the door and enters the office. There were several cabins, but less than half were working. Arriving at her corner, Audra is greeted by her best friend.

-Speak up, Audry. How are you?. I have very good news to tell you. He said smiling.

-Hi, Tommy. I'm fine and you?. You can tell me your news, but first I need a little more energy. Audra said as she replied with a laugh as a tear trickled down her face.

-Right, let's say I'm thinking about asking Kathy hand again and…..said Tommy while Audra stopped paying attention to him and started to remember scenes from her past. With her attention fixed on a pile of newspapers in her trash can, Audra agreed with Tommy as she remembered what had happened with Leon. She remembered the day they had had dinner at a fancy restaurant, then exchanged kisses in the car and then drove home. Audra said she was tired, but Leon didn't want to accept it. While she was watching television at her house, Leon came from the bathroom and yelled at her "everything" he's ever done for her. He called her ungrateful and spoke louder and louder as Audra smelled the wine that emanated from her mouth. The next day he wakes up and apologizes to her. Audra thought it would be the only time he would freak like this. A week later it was worse. Leon and Audra arrive home screaming. Leon argues that the waiter was singing Audra and that she was enjoying it. Audra absolutely denies all charges, but Leon doesn't hear her. She tries to go to her room to change her clothes, but he says he's not finished arguing. He grabs her by the wrist, Audra tries to pull her arm away, but he tightens her grip and slaps her fingers together across the face. Then he just looks at her bewilderedly and heads towards the bathroom with his hands on his head. Audra is sitting on the floor with her hand on her red cheek and tears dampening the rug. Leon returns to the living room minutes later, begging his apologies, saying that he didn't mean it and that it would never happen again, but when he realizes…Audra was no longer there and had left the door open on that freezing night. Audra was walking and looking at that dark asphalt until the rain started to fall and Audra could no longer distinguish what was coming from the rain and what was coming from her eyes.

Suddenly Audra hears a snap of her fingers, she has left her thoughts and is back in the office with Tommy watching her.

-Audry, what happened? he asked worriedly.

-I met Leon today on the street…I had overcome it, I didn't even feel the psychological scars anymore, but I remembered what he did to me. We didn't even go to a court, just a restraining measure, he wasn't punished for what he did… Audra said while holding back tears.

-Hey, come here. Tommy said as he hugged her. You're not sleeping alone tonight, miss. You'll go to my house, we'll have game night tonight and you won't be missing. My family loves you and it will be great for you. He conclude.

-Thanks, Tommy. she said as she left his arms.

-Come on, we have to work and you won't need it anymore. Tommy concluded by taking the full cup of energy drink from Audra's table.

- Come on, Tommy. I paid for it, see. She concluded. Then Tommy dropped a bill of money that would cover the cup of energy drink. At the end of the day, Audra and Tommy start walking and Audra sees the filled cup of energy drink being dumped in the trash.

There, Freddie and Audra's first meeting took place. As they turn the corner, Freddie and Audra are face to face, until then, they did not look at each other and much less knew each other.

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