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Y/N is a 16-year-old girl who has no idea where she is or how old she is. She doesn't even know who her parents are. She arrives in a place called the Glade with all boys in it. Soon enough, she starts developing a crush on second-in-command leader Newt. Can they be more than friends or is it not meant to be?

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Chapter 1: Welcome to the Glade

Y/N's POV:

Coldness. Darkness. That's all Y/N could feel. She didn't know who her parents were, where she was, or why she was in this dark lift.

My name is Y/N, she thought. That's all she could remember about her life. Her name. Y/N was smart enough to know that she had been moving for roughly half an hour. Suddenly, the lift stopped moving.

"!'' she screamed.

A loud clank rang out above Y/N. She heard voices; boys' voices.

"Look at that shank.''

"How old is she?''

''Looks like klunk in a T-Shirt.''

"You're the klunk, shuck-face.''

"Dude, it smells like feet down here!''

"Hope you enjoyed the one-way trip, Greenie.''

"Ain't no ticket back, bro.''

Boys began helping her out of the lift. She was surprisingly strong. Then, the boys started yammering again.

"I call dibs on her!''

"Dang, she's hot.''

"Slim it, shuck-face!'' a boy with a British accent yelled. Y/N didn't see exactly where the voice came from. Then, the same boy came up to her, gave her a charming smile, and said, ''Name's Newt, Greenie. What's your name?''

Y/N felt herself blush as she said, ''My name is Y/N.'' Newt smiled yet again at her. "Where am I?'' Y/N asked frantically. She felt her heart rate go up really fast. Y/N started hyperventilating. Newt sensed that something was wrong. That's why he grabbed her arm gently and asked if she was okay.

Suddenly, Y/N felt dizzy. Everything turned blurry as she looked at Newt.

Everything went black.

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Fanfiction Writer Just a beginner's writer trying to live life to the fullest. Writes books that involve fantasy, action, and apocalyptic stuff. If you follow me, I will definitely follow you back. Have a great day!

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Valerie Trix Valerie Trix
Since it's only the first chapter, it's hard to me to exactly say where the story is going but so far it's interesting. There are some grammatical errors here and there, but the story is relatively intriguing! I want to know why she woke up in this place and who took her here. Also, Newt seems really sweet, sometimes suspiciously so, but besides that he's giving real boyfriend material vibes (lol). I think this story has a lot of potential and I'd love to see more.
September 26, 2021, 01:08
Valerie Trix Valerie Trix
Oh, where is the next chapter?
September 26, 2021, 00:52

  • Fanfiction Writer Fanfiction Writer
    I am going to write it tonight. The next chapter is going to be Newt's point of view. Guess what I'm watching? September 26, 2021, 01:03
  • Fanfiction Writer Fanfiction Writer
    Do you have Wattpad? September 26, 2021, 01:04
  • Valerie Trix Valerie Trix
    Awesome! I'd love to see the next chapter coming from Newt's pov. I'm guessing you're watching Maze Runner? Is that where the influence came from? Also yes, I do have Wattpad, my account name is @melancholyXennui September 26, 2021, 01:14
  • Fanfiction Writer Fanfiction Writer
    Yep. I'm watching the second one. Also, my username is @descendantslover10. September 26, 2021, 01:18
Valerie Trix Valerie Trix
I'll be honest I never really liked the Y/N stories but I'll give this one a shot.
September 26, 2021, 00:49

Valerie Trix Valerie Trix
Short chapter but I think in such a short time you set up an interesting premise
September 26, 2021, 00:48

Valerie Trix Valerie Trix
Now this is wonderful to read! I saw on your bio that you wanted to be a famous writer one day, and I sincerely hope you will be! The first is letting your own creative work like this shine! :)
September 26, 2021, 00:47


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