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Bartender name Bobby Green was about to lock up his pub for the night when a mysterious man arrives and changes his life forever.

Drame Tout public. © ©Jasondunn2021

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Part 1, The Stranger


Is time travel possible? If it does, it changes the physics between time and space, Bending the timeline from one place to another.

From the past to the future and present, how is it possible to travel beyond our expectations?

Well, one night, when I Bobby Green, a Bartender who owns a local pub

called Bobby's Drink House. I discover a strange, mysterious man who arrives at the pub and changes my life forever.

The man who I call.

The Traveler

Part 1, The Stranger

It was a full moon; the light shined low, highlighting over the trees.

A cold breeze gently blows through while bats fly over. The sounds of town were faint. Only a few people were in town. Vehicles drove by as a motorcycle roars past; the sound echoes through,

On the corner of Robins lane, an old rusty local pub called Bobby's Drink House was open. The owner Bobby Green' That's me,

I work every night opening from 10:00 am to 10: 00 pm Monday to Saturday's five days a week, sometimes it gets busy, and sometimes it doesn't; it depends on the days.

Some weeks gets quieter than others,

Most of the time, I dont get more than Three patrons; Most of them, the customers are locals' Locals who come in are a bunch of strange characters; I'm sure they are getting more strangers every day.

Thinking about it, It's funny how I chuckle' and say that because I remember one night many years ago, I had one very odd patron, a Stranger than fiction. He didn't look right. Something was out of place with him. He wore a dark jacket and an old bowler-style hat that looked like it was from the 1940s. It was a night like this, quiet and calm I will never forget it,

That same feeling and atmosphere like tonight, I wasn't aware of it before but when I think about the strange vibes' In the air, The smell I wasn't ready for it but who is. Anything can happen at any time.

I remember it well. It was a Tuesday night; it was late, 9:15 p,m not far away from closing time.

There was hardly anyone in the pub, only two patrons; It was dead quiet.

I was behind the bar refilling a glass for a local patron who had too many drinks already' but the night was quiet; I decided to bend my rules just for the night. I know I should,' but I did.

Talking to the patron as I mixed drinks, I spoke to him

As my cook was in the back fishing up cleaning the kitchen. Outside in an Alleyway, rats squeak as they run from the rubbish bin,n scattering across the pavement. The cook walked out picking up the trash' The garbage bag throwing the rubbish in the container.

I started wiping tables across the road in an Alleyway,y a blast of wind appears. , A wall light starts to flicker. A flash seems to brighten the area as the light comes from the corner of the wall. A figure emerged' Stepping out of the morning walking down the Alleyway. The figure stood Standing at the end of the Alleyway, looking around before Noticing the bright lights coming from across the street a billboard lightens up.' Shining bright.

The stranger walks towards the pub. There was no sound on his shoes, making no noise as the heel hit the pavement.

He was approaching the stairs, ' walking up entering inside' The door creaks open as he pushes it open. He was walking to the far side of the bar.

I was wiping the table, noticing the man wearing a long dark overcoat and an old bowler hat that peers in the early 40's style.

The stranger sits down, taking notice of his reflection; In the mirror.

Viewing the man in the distance,

I watched him as I walked behind the bar glancing over as I notice the man staring straight ahead, looking in the mirror, Staring at his reflection.

I Walked between the bar, stepping around the corner, placing the cloth on the sink, asking the patron, ' What can I get you? I didn't get a response. I raised my eyebrow and nodded my head in response OK! I grabbed two glasses placing them on the bar. Turning around, I took a few steps towards the mirror, staring at the man's reflection; looking at him in the mirror, I asked again what kind of drink Bobby glimpse at him,m carefully getting the same reaction before.

Bobby took Notice of his bizarre strange behaviour,r just sitting there quietly, not acknowledging Me; I turned around about to walks off when the man spoke,

A Glass of vodka pleases' I stopped suddenly, turning my head, I stare at him. Sorry, I would like a glass of vodka, please, Vodka hey - Ok, So you can speak replied.

I walked over. I poured a glass of Jim looking up. Here you go' I stood there watching him as he glanced at the mirror, holding it, swirlIng it around before gulping it down as he sighed, watching his throat swallowing.

Another ' Starring back at him. The patron stares back, breathing deeply" Yes, please, sliding the glass forward.

Filling the glass again, I pushed the glass towards him, reaching out placing his fingers around the mirror.'

Taking hold as I noticed his fingers were dirty, and his fingernails were long and messy.

Analysing his posture and behaviour, I tried not to make it an office that I was staring at him, but he already knew I was staring at him.

I can see you staring at me and judging me with your eyes ' Oh No - Of course not, I responded quickly. The man chuckles with a grin; of course, you are. It's ok if I were you, I would be checking you out analysing you, so I understand.

I stood still wiping the glass when the man said You are nervous as well' What me? No, He stared at me, asking, so, why do you keep tapping the glass? Are you shy or something? Then suddenly, I stopped,d placed the glass on the edge of the bench smashed it onto the floor.

SHIT! Dam it, The man said it's ok, you don't need to be nervous. I'm not worried; trust me, I quickly said I have to sweep this up. Excuse me,

I walked behind the bar, grabbing the dustpan from the cabinet.

Sweeping up the mess, I was kneeling when I stood back up and noticed in the corner of my eye the stranger was standing near the wall facing staring at a picture on the wall.

Throwing away the broken glass, I placed the dash pan down, watching the man standing very still, Walking towards him, I stopped a few meters away when he spoke.

My name is Lucas Clay. I come from afar; if I told you where I was from, you wouldn't believe me; I stared at him with a curious look.

What he was about to tell me had changed my life forever.

But before I tell you, Let me start by saying

You will not believe me and probably won't care, but I'm telling you what I'm about to say is the truth.

Part Two coming soon

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