"CHAPTER 1"it is the story of a girl who is very sad but her life changes when she settled in "NEW YORK"

Romance Suspense romantique Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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IT'S ME! I am 19 years old. l live in Germany for now. I am studying law. NOW! Sitting all alone in front of my father,mother and three elder brothers grave. They die in an accident. But it,s not a big deal for me because I was always been alone.My family never liked me. They think I am a trash. Well, Now I am going to live in "NEW YORK" and I am happy about that. I am packing my things. I never had friends before people thing I am nerd because I always wear glasses make ponytails. I don't like to wear stylish dresses and always studies but they are opposite. I mean sooo much opposite. KNOCK,KNOCK.


who is it?


it's me anna open the door.

Oh! this was my neighbour always gossiping about everyone and everything.


Oh, kid are you "OK" I am feeling sorry for your family.


Oh! thanks, you can go now goodnight.

I shut the door. I was not in a mood to talk to her then I go to sleep. "NEXT MORNING"

I get up get ready and go to airport when I was sitting on the seats waiting for the plan A stranger man was sitting beside me. He was wearing a pink pyjamas, red hat and yellow shoes. Very funny right...

Then the plane has come and it's when the story began's.I was sitting on the plane unfortunately or fortunately the pink pyjamas man was sitting left side of me and a handsome with blue hair man was sitting right side of me. I am in between them. The two of them came together but very different from each other I start laughing.

Pink pyjamas man,

Hey! don't laugh at me. "I WAS IN HURRY" I did not response to him and didn't stop laughing.WELL, that time has pass and the plane take off. And now,"I AM IN NEW YORK".....

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