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The young lady desparetly looking for a job in fashion to after her sick grandmother and gets it in a certain company and wins over the boss' heart

Romance Suspense romantique Tout public.

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Mr. Robert.

Mr. Robert was born in a small town in Buhinba of Uganda, he grew up to five years with his single mom and step dad. his mom sold vegetables in the market while his step dad worked for a certain richman who owned a big herd of cattle.

Though they had no money, they lived in great happiness not until one day, when he was seven years old, he had his step and mom quarrelling on the issue of taking him to grow up from the orphanage. he went to his bed and cried the whole day.

Two weeks later, the people from the orphanage come and picked him up and took him.

He lived at the orphanage for three months and suddenly one day, a premo packed in front of the orphanage. it had brought Mr. Williams and his wife.this couple was so rich but old yet they had no children so they came to the orphanage to get a child to look and they choose Robert. they took him to the city they lived in and took him to school.

later at the age twenty , he graduated.

Mr. Robert became a famous business man around the whole country. he owned alot of industries and of the industries dealt with clothing . although their we're many clothing industries in Uganda, his always produced the best products.

Mr. Robert was rich, handsome but arrogant and people always hated him for that. though he is arrogant ,he used to be a kind hearted person and his ex-wife was to blame for the new attitude.

Yes, mr.Robert was married before but he divorced his ex-wife after he found out that she used to cheat on him after he could go on business trips.

Enough with Mr. Robert's life now let's get back to our story.

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