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I talk about my daily life i guess¿¿ Btw I’m not very good at English sorry if i repeat the same words a lot of times and correct me if i ever do any mistake.

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First day of school¿¿¿¿¿¿


where can i start ldjhlkjshf

my vacation started ok???? THEY WERE DAMN AMAZING- i started watching anime and got pretty attached with shingeki no kyojin kdhfkjsh

but as always

happiness has so end somewhere doesn't it? so there i was- in the goddamn desk taking my online classes /cry.

idk what it is but i really hate schoo- (like most ppl lol) so idk idk i just don't know what to do. i really miss my last year´s biology professor, he is sooooo cool and actually knows how to teach, not like other teachers i have.

i also have this online friend (we'll call her Umai) named Umai and she started to go to my school this year, she was really nervous and i as her friend tried helping. i don't think i did something important tho- she was still nervous. and i get her, being in a new school can be really challenging.

and so the day began bla bla bla homework bla bla bla boring stuff bla bla bla, and i think thats pretty much everything I've got to say

cya tomorrow

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