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Growing up in the magic free kingdom of Kingscardine, 12-year-old Milla wants nothing more than to go on a great adventure. Her best friend Anya is a shy girl trying to follow the rules of her father The commander of the Royal guard. When the two girls decide to go on a trip into the forest for a tea party they find a magical realm where They meet the great gnome King Papa Nikolai, and the magical world of Faenbel! Knowing that magic is banned in their kingdom, will the girls break the rules and go explore this magical land? Find out in this new great story series Daughters Of Faenbel: Milla & Anya.

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Finding Magic!

Hello, my name is Milla, I am twelve years old, and I live in Kingscardine. I live with my Mama, Papa, and little sister Olga. My best friend Anya lives two houses down. She and I love to have tea parties and dress up like knights and fairy princesses.

One day we decided to have a tea party in the woods near our Village. So we packed up our stuff and headed out the door when my Papa warned us about going too far into the forest. Papa is the Minister of Magical Authority for the Kingdom Of Kingscardine, and Handles all of the magical mischiefs that have been in our Kingdom. He said that strange creatures wander there, and their singing would put us into a trance, and we would not be able to leave the forest. He says if we were to see one, we should cover our ears and run home as fast as possible. Anya and I listened to him, but we still decided to go into the forest. As we walked down the road and into the woods, we were cautious of Papa‘s words. We looked around to see these mysterious creatures, but none were in sight. We finally found a place that was perfect to have a tea party.

We unpacked our stuff And saw all the magnificent cookies and treats that my mama packed. There was peppermint tea, chocolates, cookies, and my favorite walnut kolache. I started to pour the tea and eat the cookies and treats we brought. We ate and ate until we got sleepy and decided to take a nap. Hours and hours went by, and Anya woke up to a strange noise.

She sat up right away and woke me up and said, “Milla, Milla do you hear that?’

I rubbed my eyes and said, “No, I don’t hear anything.”

Anya then said, “I think it’s the creatures, the ones your Papa told us about!’

I rolled over and continued to sleep. Then I heard a strange noise.

I sat up and said, “Oh my Anya, you might be right!”

We both got frightened, packed up all our stuff, and tried to get out of the forest, but it was too dark. We couldn’t find our way out! We ran in what seemed like circles until we finally stopped to catch our breath. We decided to hide in the cave we saw nearby. We were in the cave and huddled under our tea party blanket. The sun was going down, and the cave was getting dark until we saw a bright light at the end of the cave.

“Milla, it’s getting dark, and I’m scared. I think we should go towards the light in the back of the cave.

I looked at Anya and said, “I think we should too.”

We huddled together as we walked to the light in the cave. As we got closer, we heard singing. We got even more scared because of my papa’s warning. We finally got to the end of the caves and there was a door. I thought maybe it was someone’s home so we knocked on the door. The singing got louder and louder! All of a sudden the door opens and a tiny man with a pointy hat appears. He looked at us and smiled.

He said, “Hello my name is Papa Nikolai, Are you lost, children?”

Anya froze and didn’t say a word. I spoke up and said, “Yes sir, we are lost and cold.”

He said “Well my child come in and have some tea and we will help you get back to your home.”

As we walked in, Anya was still silent and shaking. I looked around in some more people with pointed hat they were all different sizes.

Papa Nikolai then said “Welcome to Faenbel, the Kingdom of Magic. I am King Nikolai, but you can call me Papa Nikolai.”

As we walk through we saw that he had tea and cookies and cakes. He offered us some. Anya was too scared to say anything but I took two for the both of us.

“Thank you, Papa Nikolai,” I said. “Were you the one singing those songs?”

Papa Nikolai looked at me and smiled. He said, “Yes we were such beautiful songs weren’t they?”

I had to be honest and tell him that my papa warned us about the singing and the strange creatures in the forest and we should run if we heard them. He looked down and smiled.

“Many people have been warned about us, But we are harmless magical folk that has been chased into the forest because of the stories that have been told.” He continued. “Now girls what are your names?”

I looked up from eating my food and said. ”My name is Milla and this is my best friend Anya. She's kind of shy.”

Papa Nikolai smiled. “Well, Anya and Milla, please have a seat and take some more food. We are preparing a way for you to get home.”

As we ate and drank the tea we watched as Papa Nikolai took things from shelves and magical sparkly dust and prepared the way for us to go home.

“Children, are you done eating?” He asked.

“Yes, we are.” I answered.

He then told us to stand next to the front door and he sprinkled magic dust on our feet and hands. “This powder will take you home. Thank you for being my guest. You were always welcome in the Kingdom of Faenbel. “

Before I could say thank you we were back in front of my house. I looked at Anya in disbelief of what just happened; she was still silent.

She said, “I guess I’ll see you tomorrow Milla.”

I said, “Yes I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Anya walked home and I went into my house. I thought of all the things that happened that night, and how I wanted to find out more. I wanted to see more of Faenbel. I wanted to meet Papa Nikolai again.

I walked into my house. I tried to sneak in so my parents wouldn’t hear me enter. It was very late and past my curfew. My parent's door was shut, and the candle that lit their room was out, so I went past it and snuck into the room I shared with my little sister Olga. Luckily, she was fast asleep.

I quietly changed into my nightgown and slipped into my bed. I was under my covers thinking about all the fantastic things that had happened -- the door in the cave, meeting a magical creature, and meeting a Gnome King! How amazing is that!

But I was very nervous that when the morning came, my papa will be very mad. He had told me to be back before sundown, and I was back after the stars came out. I decided to put it all behind me and go to sleep.

As the sun started to peek through the curtains, it shone on my face as I opened my eyes. I saw my sister Olga standing over me.

She started to whisper in my ear,” Milla, Papa wants to speak with you.”

I sat up from my bed, got dressed, did my hair, and ran downstairs. I was terrified because Papa would never use the phrase to ”speak with you” unless we were in trouble. And after what happened last night, I was petrified. I slowly walked down the stairs and saw Papa sitting at the kitchen table. He was talking to Mama about going to the market to get some flour and sugar to make some desserts for after dinner that night. I slowly walked to the table and stood next to the table, and looked at my Papa. He was taking a sip of his tea.

He put the cup down and said,” Milla, you came home so late last night. Where were you?”

I was scared and was looking at my feet, trying to think of an excuse.

I looked up at my papa and quietly said,” I fell asleep in the woods, Papa, and Anya, and I woke up after dark and ran home.”

Papa looked at me and sighed. “ Milla, you were always told to be back from the forest before dark. You should have known better. There are dangerous creatures in the forest, with powers greater than you could ever imagine!”

He stood up from the table. He looked at me with concern in his eyes and said,” Milla, you are my oldest daughter, and I expect you to be an excellent example for your sister. Please do not do this again.”

Papa went to the front door, kissed Mama goodbye, and left. I could tell that he was upset with me. I felt terrible, but all I could think about is meeting up with Anya and heading back to the forest.

I walked up to Mama. She looked at me and said,” Milla, I am very disappointed with you. You should have known better.”

I looked up at her and said ” I'm so sorry Mama. I fell asleep, it will never happen again.”

I hugged her and she kissed me on my forehead and said I could go and play. I ran out of my house and down the road to Anya’s house. I slowed down as Anya’s father came marching down the road with the Royal Guard. He stopped the whole group of guards the minute he saw me.

He came over and said ”Milla Ivanova! I need you to stay out of trouble today!”

He and his Guards laughed. He came closer and said in a soft voice ” Anya is a good girl, she knows that magic isn't real and that the king knows best.”

As the guards went by, I went around the corner and saw Anya in front of her house. I went up to her and said ” Anya, how are you!” she looked at me and smiled.

But didn't say anything. She looked around the corner to see if the coast was clear.

Once she saw that it was clear she started to speak. ”My Papa isn't happy with us.”

I looked at her and said,” Yes, I know…”

Anya continued ” My Father thinks that magic isn't good and that people like Papa Nikolai are bad for Kingscardine.”

I looked at her and smiled ” Anya, let's just go back to the forest and see what Papa Nikolai and Faenbel is like!

Anya looked down and sighed. ”Fine, let's go back.”

I smiled at her and took her hand. We walked to the forest to see what magic was like.

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