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the world has changed in a very strange way- after one of the world's biggest conspiracies has been unfolded, humankind finds itself face to face with a world of werewolves and other cryptids. Luckily humans had developed their own army that could fight werewolves, it is called the R.A.Ws (Rise Against Werewolves). Rain is a typical human girl who recently lost the last of her family, after her brother's funeral, Rain falls asleep on one bench in a local park- what happens next is up for you to read.

Paranormal Loups-garous Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans. © All rights are preserved to the original publisher

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Chapter 1


It’s too hot here in the sun of mid- summer. I’m wearing all black at my brother’s funeral. He had been the last of my family after my parents died in a car accident. We stood side by side and went about our lives day by day, fighting and working to get a decent life- we didn’t need any one but each other. And now he’s gone, stupid Jake left me alone in this world without a shoulder to lean on, no matter how much I thought that there are no tears left in my eyes- two big tears seemed to glide down my cheeks and under my chin.

The funeral and burial were finally over- I watched them lower my brother’s casket to the ground and whispered a silent “goodbye” to him before I closed my eyes and turned around to leave. I honestly didn’t know where to hid now- my legs seemed to carry me somewhere away from everything, I walked and walked till I reached a local park- I finally stopped and sat down on a bench, despite the hot summer wind I felt a chill run down my spine- and I knew that this chill had nothing to do with being cold, it was because my mind had finally set on the fact that now I have no one left..I was all alone, no mother, no father, no brother- no Jake, and then my heart swelled and I felt a suffocating pain in my chest as I suppressed a sob – I felt my face crumble and my tears ran down my cheeks- I couldn’t stop myself from sobbing again and then I let go.

Apparently I had cried myself to sleep- I guess it was ok, but then I realized that I am sleeping on a bench..in the park, and it was night- eerie silence and darkness surrounded me. I slowly began to set up , I raised my hand to my head- it was throbbing because of all the sobbing and crying that I did before. I needed to get home- but then just as I stood, I heard a twig snap behind me- I froze, thinking that maybe it was just a stray cat or it was just my imagination, but when I moved again I heard another twig snap, I turned around just in time to see a werewolf standing right in front of me- I was surprised and stunned by it’s huge form- these days werewolves were not a legend anymore- scientific researches that indicated secret underground experiments that focused on mixing human genes with other living creatures’ genes in order to produce new species- for God knows what reason. The location of these labs turned out to be on remote islands far from the country, and the location was chosen so that if one of the “specimens” was a failure it would be demolished and thrown into the depths of the ocean.

Among the most successful experiments was wolf genes mixed with human genes, though the first specimen was kept in the lab in order to study it more- a group of nosy teenagers who were actually nerds that believed in all superstitions and conspiracies had actually found the island and breached into the labs underground, they took photos and videos of everything in the labs and somehow managed to get back home without being noticed- they gave all the evidence to the government who immediately gave the order to destroy and bury all the labs. After the labs were destroyed, the human-wolf specimen managed to break loose and run away. Three years later more and more mixed creatures began to appear, sightings of cameras, photos, stolen pictures all showed what was called werewolves- because they lived deep in the wild forests- at least that was at the beginning, because now they live between forests and civilization, by hiding in their human forms.

After it was official that werewolves actually existed, people went crazy- there were so many opinions , rage , compassion towards the animals and people used in the labs, people who claimed that this was a unholy- an abomination that defied God, others were actually thrilled by the idea and offered themselves as new experiment specimens. And just like that war broke, the government released an order to the army to destroy all werewolves- the first try was a huge failure, so many young soldiers lost their lives- werewolves are very strong creatures- they reach 3 meters in height, some actually reach 5 meters, standing on two strong legs, they have human torsos and hands with very long curled sharp claws, their heads simulate a regular wolf head, except a werewolf’s head is much bigger- strong jaws that bare huge sharp canines, pointed ears, eyes that are actually human but they do glow in the dark, and their fur covers their bodies – but mostly at the nape on the neck and the head which makes them look like actual wolves standing on two feet but with more human like muscular torso and wide shoulders.

After the army had failed- the government decided to create a new squad- the Rise Against Werewolves or the R.A.W was created one year after the war broke out. The men were trained day and night, brutal training that aimed to make them as strong and physical as the werewolves, they practiced hunting in the most difficult climates and circumstances, the ones that showed any weakness or dared for a second to give up were punished by being starved for a week or getting a beat up by the others. Their psychological health was thrown to the bottom of the main list- no one cared for how they felt, the government wanted to create monsters out of those men- no soft sides, no compassion, no love and no emotions- their aim was one and only- KILL.

For the past two years the werewolf sightings within the city had lessened, the R.A.W fought them and caused them to back off to the woods- the first werewolf that was killed was presented to the people live and on TV, their numbers started to drop and it became very rare to see a werewolf.

But now- here I stand less than 5 meters away in front of a werewolf, I have to admit- seeing one up close is event more terrifying, but as I stare at it and it stares back, I notice that it is a male- by the way his shoulders are slightly hunched forward, the wide shoulders and the flat muscular chest and abdomen and the- well- thing down below that is covered in fur but still obvious. A female werewolf is much smaller in frame- it is almost as big as a normal human female, plus the curves and the breasts that would be covered in fur as well.

The werewolf snarled at me, causing me flinch and step backwards, I contemplated turning around and running away- but I know better not to trigger the wolf into a hunting a prey, I simply lower my gaze as a sign of surrender, suddenly the werewolf growls and comes closer.

I stand there waiting for my death, well now that I have nothing left to lose- I welcome death with open arms. But the damn werewolf isn’t doing anything, it even stopped growling. After what felt like an hour I sensed something wet on the top of my head

*sniff* - my eyes widened, he’s sniffing me, he just bumped his nose to the top of my head, but then his snout lowers to my shoulder and I can’t ignore how big those canines are as he runs his tongue along the side of his mouth- I tremble and he stills, my head is still low and I am only glancing sideways at his head when he suddenly locks his gaze with me- the side of his head against the side of mine, eye against an eye.

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Marilyn Lindoor Marilyn Lindoor
Wow! Very well written. So realistic, that I felt I was there🙂
September 27, 2022, 14:01

m mounaya
Waw very nice
December 01, 2021, 22:39


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