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During the world's era of peace, Maeve Andrews lives a fairly simple life with her family and friends. However, that won't last for long, as those who stand in power wish to attain more at any cost.

Fantaisie Fantaisie sombre Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

#action #romance #fantasy #tragedy #gore
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In the midst of a realm, where neither up nor down existed, laid a black malformed sphere, slowly leaking a purple substance. The only light to this realm, almost devoid of color, came from these blood-curdling creatures, with the undefined shape of a humongous, yet incredibly thorny human spine.

These creatures swiftly maneuvered their rigid essence towards the malformed sphere. None could come close to it, but most could indeed pay attention to it from afar. However, a purple-like substance was not the only thing seeping from this irregular sphere. Animosity also seeped from it. Inside the abnormal sphere, existed a room that was overfilled with books. Books on the shelves, floors, and couches gave the impression of a library that was formed from uncut tree trunks. As if multiple trees grew solely to create this sinister library.

Books were not the only thing that existed in this library, of course. The figure of a tall, yet slim female body stood in the middle of this exotic room. Her body was cladded in deep wounds that still dripped fresh blood, and her clothes were drenched in blood that didn't appear to be her own. Violent golden winds suddenly lashed out from her body and shook the library as a whole. The intensity of these golden winds continued to increase, creating even more havoc within the library itself.

Pure animosity seeped from her. Animosity that almost seemed capable of moving the air itself came from this human being. Animosity capable of bending the will of even the most blood-thirsty humans.All of a sudden, her bright golden aura dissipated and so did the strong winds. Her body wavered at the sudden trembling of her legs, and so she fell onto the ground. Her lips began to quiver, and her face contorted. Her solemn blue eyes expressed a sadness that not many can fathom without experience.She began to weep. Her pain-filled screams vibrated throughout the room. Tears ran down her face, hiccups that often interrupted her wails, and a body that couldn't help but tremble. "Why me?" she hoarsely said. "Why me, why me, why me, why me, why me, why me, why me, why me..." She asked to no avail. Her words echoed throughout the floor with no end. It almost seemed like the act of someone who was no longer sane. The act of a person who was broken.

In this realm, time did not exist. However, if it did, days must have passed with her in this wretched state of body and mind. "It's your fault," she whispered slowly, "it's all your fault." Her eyes glistened with a hatred like no other, "If only you didn't trap me." She slowly pushed herself up. "If only you didn't keep me from saving them..!" Painful memories suddenly invaded her mind, although she now had found a reason. It's not her fault. It was never her fault. "Damn you, damn you... damn you!" She yelled while getting up shakily. "You damn traitor..." Her body gradually glowed goldenly. "I'll find you, and obliterate you, Benjamin Javelin!" Her golden aura expanded in dimension, releasing hurricane-like winds that broke the sound barrier, and enveloped everything with a loud bang.

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