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The reasearchers in the valley A full horror and mysterious novel episodes Episode #1 Not based on real story

Horreur histoires de fantômes Tout public.

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The Keralian Paper

Dr.Suresh got vanished

Kerala, 23rd August: No hope! No findings! Cops are finding the body and some clues. Two geographical reasearchers Mr.Suresh from India and Lucens Heilen from U.S.A have came to the Red valley for some reasearch and to made a documentary about Red Valley. In a sunny afternoon Dr.Lucens went to the nearby village for gathering some information about the valley. When he returned to the reasearch centre he founded Suresh's room locked from inside. Lucens Sir thought that he is doing research. But when Lucens sir knocked the door and called him, there was no reply. After much effort when no reply came, he called the villagers and break open the door..... But Dr.Suresh was not there! Although all the windows and doors were locked from inside. Lucens Sir got feared in this incident.

Now Cops and Cids are finding some clues.

The villagers although have called it as a horror case but Cids and Cops didn't beleived to be it a horror case

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