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If you ever hear voices calling out to you Never ever listen to them.

Thriller/Mystère Tout public. © ©jasondunn2021

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Jason dunn

James Charles is a traveller who loves spending time driving and exploring different places across Australia. He arrives at Glass House Mountains when a fierce storm approaches.

The storm gets worse. James leaves to find shelter at a friend's house miles away, then soon discovers the battery is out of control, starts to hear voices coming from the darkness through the storm.

Is James losing his mind, or is he about to experience something else?

Voices in the storm

The beginning

It was late in the afternoon, 4:15 pm on a Saturday, A local van life explorer James Charles has been driving around north Queensland, visiting all sights and tourist attractions; driving down the highway along the main stretch, James looks around scouting the area when he comes around a corner noticing Mountains on his right-hand side.

Staring over gazing upon the Mountains James

Stared with amazement, Admiring the view! Wow, knowing he wants to get a close look, James spots a sign with an exit to the ramp.

Indicating as he exits the highway, James drives onto the ramp leaving the road behind him.

Driving towards the mountains, Known as The Glass House Mountains in...

The cement road turns to dirt as James drives along as the wheels on the car meet the gravel,

Staring at the mountains as he drives closer.

James looks around, enjoying the scenic view.

The gravel road was rough stones flicked up under the car as the tires try to get a grip,

The sound of the stones hitting the bottom of the car made a ringing sound with the wind blowing through the window.

Arriving on a hill looking over the view of the Mountains, James notices the open area with the mountains spread around covering the area,

James pulls up, stopping on the side of the dirt road, parking his van looking over to the Mountains.

Hoping outstanding near his car, James stared across

Admiring the view of the mountains all around him, hearing a square in the distance, James spots a hawk flying overhead, watching the bird circling the sky above.

James whispered to himself; this is perfect. I might stay here for the night; James smiled and got back in his car, turning it around, reversing back, Opening the back door, and sat down as he stares over towards the mountains enjoying the view and the breeze of wind that blew across the landscape.

Taking a deep breath in, James closed his eyes, then breathe out, opening his eyes, knowing the feeling of peace and relaxation came over him.

The sun was setting, slowly disappearing in the distance as the dusk rolled in.

James had made a cup of coffee and preparing food as he watched the sunset behind the mountain

Moments later, after finished eating, the plate sits on the bench with the folk when James sat and listened to the crickets with a cup of coffee, ee watching the end of the light disappears; a gentle terrific breeze blow through the darkness when a white owl appears on an old stump turning to James hooting when James just sat quietly ad smiled at the owl.

Suddenly a loud rumble appears behind the van. James looks around but ignores it,

The owl flew off, hearing the rumble

Again the rumbling sound got louder. James stood up, stepping out to the side of the van looking out, noticing in the distant lighting and clouds were coming towards him.

It was extended when the storm was overhead the wind had picked. Dup The van started to rock; Thunder lighting was crackling the storm was aggressive.

The van rocked as James sat in the truck looking around, worried as the storm struck hard. The wind whistled from outside; louder and louder, the wind blew.

The van rocked side to side as rain poured down, hard-hitting the roof of the truck. James concern about where he was parked, so James quickly decided to rush out of the back and me to the front, starting the van driving away when one wheel got stuck in a ditch spinning around as James replied No, Don't do this to me now,

James reacted! Rocking back and Forward, trying to get out, The wheel finally came loose. James escalated

Driving along with the dirt, the wheels slip, trying to get a grip.

Moments later, James was back on the highway, Deciding to call his friend. Pressing the intercom to call, the phone rings.

The storm had set in the rain fell hard as the headlights shine brightly on the road a few meters ahead.

Arriving back at his friend's place, James pulled up, turning off the vehicle. When James started the window realising the storm was more furious.

Getting out of the car, James ran as his friend Brian kept the door open; bloody hell, the storm is terrible,

Getting inside, Brian closes the door as the thunder roars.

Placing his bag down, Thank you for letting me stay here; it's alright, wait until the storm passes, No stress.

Nodding his head again, thank you, Well I'll let you get settled. You can stay down here. The whole place is yours,

If you need anything, just asked - There is a fridge in the garage help yourself to anything you like, ok, I'll let you be.

Ok, thank you again, James answered.

Brian walked upstairs when James watched him leave and grin as he was grateful for his friend,

Preparing to sleep on the lounge, James made his bed then went into the bathroom washing his face.

Laying down on the lounge, the wind whistled outside as the storm rumbled. Lightning flashed brightly while James stared at his phone, checking his status before placing it down, turning to the window gazing out as the lighting struck brilliantly.

Dozing off slowly, eyelids hot weaker as James fell asleep, a few hours past Suddenly a loud thump of thunder shook the house roared through the sky when

James jumps to his feet in fright.

Standing up, James looks around. The room was pitch black James frowned, grabbing a remote trying to turn on the TV then the light switch. The power was cut off James flickering the switch, but no lights were working

Then all of a sudden voices ce from behind him,

Quickly turning, James stared across the room. The

A sliding door was wide open. The wind blew swiftly as the curtain blew in the wind.

James moved away from the switch. A voice appeared Again; James replied, Hello! Looking around as he walked towards the back sliding door.

The lighting flashes brightly as the storm rumbled. James approached the door staring outside, when suddenly the voice appeared the third time.

Shivers came down his spine as the cool breeze blew, but it wasn't the wind that was making cold,

Making his way outside looking around, James gaze upon the stairs Staring up to the veranda whispering

Brian - Is that you? Hesitating for a second? The lightning flashes again, then a voice came from behind, freaking James out. Spinning around quickly, James looked around. Who's there! My heart is racing, Beating rapidly as I stepped back towards the door.

Bang ! ! The storm roars. Lighting strikes the sound of the loud, furious storm frightened mee, making me jump back inside; I slide the door closed, sitting around down on the lounge.

Trying to gather my thoughts, thinking if I was going crazy, I closed my eyes, breathing deeply as I laid back down.

It wasn't long until I fell asleep.'

The following day the storm had passed. I woke up from the sounds of birds. Opening my eyes, I noticed the front door was open. I stood up and walked outside when I see Brian was across the road,

Walking outside, I stood near the door when Brian and the neighbour stood there staring at me, Not sure why they were staring at me, but Bryan started to walk back and was walking in a stomping motion.

When Brian approached me, he stopped stood in front of me, raising his voice,' You have to leave, and you have to go. Now, I stared at him as he walked by, brushing my shoulder as he entered the house

I was confused. I turn around, followed him inside, and asked what I mean? Brian came back with a baseball bat hitting his hand as he told me to leave.

I was starting to freak out, so I didn't say anything but quickly grabbed my stuff; get Out! Brian yelled Ok, I replied. Brian came charging at me, raising the bat.

I quickly walked out, throwing my stuff on the front seat; starting the van, I glanced over to Brian. He stood there staring at me as I reversed back onto the road. Brian walked towards m;thenn I noticed in the rearview mirror the neighbour from across the street was standing there on the driveway looking at me. Another neighbour appeared also standing on the driveway staring right at me; I stared back at her, hesitating for a second before turning, taking one more look at Brian before driving away.

Driving along, I looked around, noticing every neighbour coming outstanding of their driveways looking at me as I drove by; I felt sick and worried; I didn't know what was going on. Why was Brian acting like that? I have never seen Brian perform like that in my life. He wasn't like that -

What came over - what reason!

As I drove along, I couldn't stop thinking about what had just happened. I was confused and speechless.

I drove for a while until I came to a park. Stopping in the car park deep in my thoughts, I looked up and noticed people having a BBQ to my left and a black van that had Coffee Espresso on the side of it; that sounds like a good idea. I need coffee.

I got out of the van, stretching my legs walking over to a tap to wash my face, The water took a while to come out, but when it did, it was nice and cold.

I washed my face feeling the cold against my face.'

it was nice,

I stood up, sighing, getting that feeling that I was watched.

Looking around, I noticed people from the BBQ were looking at me, turning to the right; I saw the man in the van staring back at me with people in a line.

It felt strange eerie. I was getting uncomfortable like I was back at Brian's place.

I stood there watching them, looking back at me. I said, ' What the hell are you staring at,

Everyone stared and started to walk towards I took a step back they kept on quickly I got in the van Staring all around then I drove away the people stopped ' watching me as I went away, looking back into my side mirrors.

I started talking to myself a lot more. I couldn't get my mind around what is going on - But it wasn't the end,

I noticed it was starting to happen everywhere,

people stopped and looked at me when they were walking their dogs, riding their bikes, or even stopping at the set of lights.

I pulled up at a set of lights the light had turn red I looked around, and before I knew it, people stared at me in their cars, turning to look at me I was freaking out I stared at the lights Come on ' People got out of their vehicles standing staring at me.

My heart is pounding in my chest, gripping the steering wheel with my hands. I closed my eyes for a second before the lights turned green; I placed my foot down, driving away quickly.

It didn't matter where I went; I felt unsafe, So I drove for hours before heading into the country towards the bushland.

The open country was great no one was around for miles I drove along when the road turns to dirt, I saw a sign on my left as I slowly stooped and notice another dirt road head towards the bush line. Thinking quickly, I went left, heading toward the trees, another hour before reaching the bush. A stopping area was on the right. I stopped there and pulled, turning off my engine as I looked around.

Opening the door, I got out ' My legs were asleep,

I walked around waking them up until I grabbed a drink and some food,

Sitting down against a tree, I ate and drank, relaxing, taking a deep breath, trying to forget what had happened.

After eating, I laid back leaning against the tree staring up, Watching the leaves move in the wind,

My eyelids got heavy. The tree started to get blurry;

a fainted figure appeared to stand over me as I close my eyes.

I was out like a light fast asleep, but for some strange reason, when I woke up, It was morning.

Thinking to myself, I only went to sleep! I open my eyes and found myself staring up at a ceiling.

With a stun look upon my face, I sat up, realising I was back at my friend's place, Brian's.

Standing up, I walked around before hearing voices upstairs. So carefully I walked up the stairs entering the noticing Brian and neighbours sitting around the table,

Food was placed out Brian turned to me as others did as well James good morning - We been waiting for you to join us for breakfast, I couldn't remember recall happens from last night, so I asked Brian what happened last night ' Brian stared at me in a curious look, What do mean - Are you ok James, Brian replied I just nodded my head sighed as I answered back " Yeah.

Sit down eat. We've been waiting for you! I sat down as I was passed a plate of bacon, grabbing some breakfast. Everyone watched me as I started eating; Brian smiled with a grin as he looked at me and started eating as one neighbour started a conversation.

Sitting around the table talking and laughing, we enjoyed breakfast and enjoyed our morning,

The End


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