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Twilight Sparkle just no-clipped out of reality and entered The Backrooms. Will she escape from it or will she forever trapped in The Backrooms and got hunted down by one of The Partygoers in The Backrooms

Fanfiction Dessins animés Interdit aux moins de 21 ans.

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Prologue - An Accident

"What do you wanna doing today, Twilight" Said Spike—"I simply don't know, Spike" Twilight Sparkle replied to Spike, "most of the time, my friends are simply just busy with their everyday jobs" Twilight continued. "You know like Rarity fashioning a new clothes, Pinkie Pie baking confectionery, Rainbow Dash practicing with The Wonderbolts, Applejack farming Apples" Spike replied—"Yeah, that's right Spike. They're mostly busy with their everyday jobs and simply just won't hanging out with me! Which is absolutely bullshit!" Twilight explained. "Most of the time. I'm trying to chatting with them but they simply just way too busy, which is fucking pissed me off" Twilight continued angrily.

"How about we just visiting them, Twily" Spike replied—"That's great idea, Spike! I could've come to them so that they will eventually chatting with me again" Twilight replied excitedly. Both Spike and Twilight goes to Carousel Boutique where Rarity lived, "Oh Rarity, oh Rarity are you there" knocked Twilight on Carousel Boutique's doors—"It seems that she's not here, Twilight" Spike replied. "Rarity, Rarity Rarity!!!! Open this doors at once, darling!" screaming Twilight angrily—"Maybe you should try another day Twilight, she's not here—she's probably going into Manehattan looking for some good fashion ideas this weekend" Spike replied. "No, I must opened this motherbucking stupid piece of shit doors. Rarity is probably in there, Spike!!!" said Twilight angrily to Spike. "C'mon open! open! open! You piece of shit" Twilight continued as she knocking the Carousel Boutique's door hardly

"Hey, don't you knocking that door too hard or else you no-clipped out of reality and ended up in The Backrooms" said Doctor Whooves pointing to Twilight who is walking along with Rose Luck. "What?" Twilight shocked upon hearing that words—"Listen here, Doctor. I don't want to listened for this kind of your stupid silly shitty superstition, I'm simply just wanted to finding my friends" Twilight Sparkle replied angrily to The Doctor, "You don't believe me, Twilight. If you're not careful and no-clipped out of reality by accident, you ended up in The Backrooms. Where there is nothing but an empty segmented rooms that stretching over approximately six hundred million square miles, a smell of an old, moist carpets and the noises of a flickering hum-buzz—The Backrooms are located outside of reality itself and Ditzy ever been there by accident before finally returning back here into reality, telling me how much existentially terrifying this place is" explained The Doctor as he replied to Twilight

"Nah, that's just complete nonsense. Doctor" said Twilight Sparkle to Doctor Whooves, "There's no way ponies could've no-clipped out of reality from Equestria and it's all just a silly Urban Legend" continued Twilight Sparkle to Doctor Whooves—"You don't want to believing me, huh? The Backrooms are real and Ditzy have told me all the horrors she endured when she's in there until she met The M.E.G (The "Major Explorer Group") that helping her how to escape this nightmarish place. I warned you, Twilight, you could've no-clipped out of reality at anytime and could've ended up here" explained The Doctor—"Twilight" The Doctor shocked that Twilight Sparkle are no longer there with him and have returning back continuing knocking on The Carousel Boutique's door

"Open, c'mon open this fucking door. Rarity" Twilight Sparkle continued angrily as she knocking the door of Carousel Boutique, "Don't knocked that door even further or you no-clipped out of reality, please listen to me Twilight. You simply doesn't know how much horrifying and terrifying The Backrooms is. Please listen to me" said The Doctor to Twilight Sparkle—"Maybe The Doctor is right. Twilight, don't knocking on that door too hard or else you're no-clipped out of reality and entering The Backrooms by accident" explained Spike to Twilight, "No, that's literally nonsense Spike. There's no way I could've no-clipped out of-" as Twilight continued knocking on the door, suddenly she have her hooves passed through the Carousel Boutique's door and was thrown into it. She's suddenly no-clipped out of reality

"Ahhhh, help me. Spike. help me" Twilight screams as she begged Spike to helping her as she was suddenly pushed by big force out of reality—"I've coming for ya, Twilight" as Spike holding her tail as both of them passed. "Oh no, this is bad, very, very bad. They're going into The Backrooms where Ditzy once trapped" panicked The Doctor upon seeing Twilight Sparkle and Spike no-clipped out of reality

Twilight was unconscious for a few hours after the no-clip along with Spike suddenly she's waking up and finding out that she's no longer in Equestria nor Ponyville anymore, she said to "Spike, where are we"—as she looked around she's began to found that she was in what appears to be an empty office retail rooms with an old, moist carpets, the noises of a flickering yellow hum-buzz lights—"What is this place" Twilight Sparkle said, "C'mon Spike. We must get outta here" as Twilight using her telekinesis to brought Spike and passed through each doors of the empty office retail rooms but upon passing each each times they're finding out that they are still in the same rooms. The same exact rooms where they remained unconscious for a few hours, "Spike, where is the way out?" said Twilight Sparkle as she scared upon finding out that they are still in the same exact rooms

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