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The grown year

A week later,

Out side of town a graveyard called grey stone, A funeral was taking place for Ally

Raymond, Baby Mikey and the family was at the funeral saying their goodbyes when a priest was making a speech.

Mikey was in a pram be side Raymond and next to nanny when Raymond looks down to Mikey listening to the priest,

After the priest had finish talking He asked Raymond to take a rose and place it on the coffin then everyone else will go.

From this day Raymond's life will never be the same again and it's only the beginning,

Time moves on months turn into years and Raymond had been raising Mikey all by himself and the rest of the family deserted him, Raymond found it hard but he coped with a lot of situations Mikey was growing up growing and changing looking like his father but with his mums eyes.

Raymond was proud of his boy a grade a student and popular at school teaches loved him never had a problem with Mikey always willing to learn,

Ten Years Later,

Raymond was 43 working as a sales rep for a high paid teach firm what dealing with technology. It's the year 1993,

A Friday night, It's Christmas Eve and there's a storm brewing outside.

The wind was strong' Mist flowed in covering the whole area thick as smoke.

The rain poured down. Lighting flashed in the dark sky as the temperature dropped.

It was Christmas Eve ' Raymond and Mikey had just arrived at the school walking down the hall way, Mikey was in front of Raymond rushing as they were Nealy late for the Play. Back stage Teacher Mrs. Jones was waiting preparing the kids for the school play arriving behind the curtain Mikey and Raymond appeared Oh great your here Mrs Jones replied Sorry we where late The storm is getting worse out there, It's OK your here now - Mikey quickly go and get dressed get ready Go over there with the others and get ready I'll be there soon, Yes Mrs, replied Mikey.

Making conversation Mrs Jones asks "

How bad is the storm, It's terrible oh - Well it shouldn't interrupt with the play tonight - I think the children will be great tonight, Yeah they will - Well I better go and sit down and wait with the other parents - let you get back with the kids, Yes thank you Raymond Talk later, Raymond shook hands with Mrs Jones then went to sit down outside with the other parents.

Mrs Jones walks up to Mikey "Hello Mikey how are you are you ready for the Play Yes Mrs.

The children were dressed and ready to go on stage when a loud thunder echoed above the building, The children freaked out as Mikey Looked up to the ceiling Mrs Jones Watched Mikey It's only a storm OK, Children look at me focus on the play everything will be fine and Mikey Look here Don't worry, OK children get in your places stand where you have to be and let's start the play.

Mrs. Jones appeared on stage talking to the audience Hello everyone, Welcome to the Christmas Eve play, I hope you will enjoy what we have in stall for you sit back relax and let the children entertain you.

So let's not wait any longer let's start the Play The audience clapped as the curtain open and play began to start.

Mikey was on stage starring in the school play sitting in the audience watching Mikey as the play started.

Raymond watched Mikey perform as he smiled and enjoyed the play, Clapping his hands the audience claped as well.

The storm out side got heavier and louder as the roof of the building shook The wind blew branches when the rain filled the streets, Mist flowed Through covering the area making it thick,

The lighting flickers brightly as a loud roar in the sky echoed.

The audience looked up to the ceiling as the children on stage stopped the play. Frozen starring up at the roof Mikey stared at Raymond Staring back Raymond It's O,K son it's only a storm, TheMrs. Jone came onto the stage and calmed the children as they were frightened.

It's O, K children look at me. It's just a story. It's only going past it will be over soon,

The children stared at Mrs Jone,s feeling comfortable and listening to what she had to say.

The play started resumed' again,n and the space went o; the storm had calm down the roof stopped shaking as. The wind gentled dow,n and the Lighting gently flashed in the distance; the rain still came down

But she was spitting.

An hour later, the play came to an end.'

The parents in the audience stood up, clapping their hands as Raymond starred at Mikey smiling; Mrs Jones came back on stage making a statement on behalf of the children. Well, I hope you enjoyed the play,

Did you like it? The parents clapped and replied Yes, Thank you for coming and enjoy the rest of your night; Mrs Jones asks the children to take a bow as the audience applaud. Walking off stage, Raymond stared at Mikey walking off with a smile on his face.

Moments later, behind the stage, Raymond came behind the curtain as many other parents collected the children; Mikey had just got dressed walking out when Mrs Jones told him Well done, Mikey, you did very well tonight, thank you, Mrs.

Raymond walked over, looking out for Mikey. When Mrs Jones Approached; The kids did well Tonight Yeah, they did. Did you like the play? I enjoyed it well Done on the hard work, Thank Raymond Mikey saw his dad and ran over Dad How did I do dad did I make you proud, Of course, Mikey - you did great,

Well done, Mikey, Mrs Jones replied, thanks. The kids did all the work. They should be pleased with themselves.

Are you ready to go home now, Yes dad, Mikey answered, OK, then let's go; thank you again, Mrs Jones, see you after Christmas Raymond replied, Of course - bye, have a good Christmas.

It started to rain heavily again, pouring down as the storm return,

Raymond and Mikey walked through the hall heading towards the main door.

Other parents were waiting at the door as the rain fell hard. Raymond and Mikey arrived at the front door noticing the rain was coming down,

OK, we are going to run to the car - Ready? Raymond asked, Yes, dad, Hold my hand. Get ready to set; go Running down the stairs R holding Mikey's hand. They ran to the car.

Arriving at the car, Raymond pressed the button to unlock the car as he told Mikey to Jump in, Closing the door " Slam “ We made it; other parents watched on as one father said See, they can do it, so can we,

Reversing back, Raymond drove off as they drove out of the car park and onto the country road.

The headlights on the car shine brightly as the rain came down hard; the wipers on the window were on rapid speed when Raymond turn on the air conditioner to make sure the windows Don’t fog up

" boy, that rain... The windows I better turn on the air con for windows, so they don't fog up,

Driving along, Mikey stares out the window when the lightning flashes. Jumping back in fright woo, Dad, that scared you, yeah, Don't worry, it's only Lighting we will be home soon.


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