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A girl who has brain tumor and at the end she finds out she lives a happy life like everyone else. But she does pass out from time to time

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I almost died thinking of him

I was just sitting in my room thinking of how I should tell my boyfriend that we were down for, and right then I passed out. See, this always happens to me, I have brain tumor and I have about 1 year left to live. I have, well had little sister and her name was Aby, her last word before she went to the heavens were "Ela, please remember me". See, we both had a very contagious sickness and we were both dieing. She had heart problem and that caused her to stay in the hospital ever since a very young age. She was 10 when she died. that was probably the first depression my mom had. After my mom found out I had brain tumor she took me out of school that very day. the good news was that I hardly had any friends so that was the best but worst day of my life. I only had my boyfriend who was the school jock. but that day after learning that I had brain tumor I thought of cutting ties. his name is Alex, but I didn't tell you about my big brother, Robert, he is a pain in the butt. "hey nerd, tell mom I'm coming home a 1 a.m" Robert said meaningfully, "hey stupid your girlfriend cheated on you" I said jokingly but the one thing Robert hated was talking about his girlfriend, Mandy. the minutes I said those words I wished the ground could swallow me whole because he look like a volcano that was about to explode, "Who the hell do you think I am" Robert said in the hospital room I was sitting in "you peace of..." and I passed out, AGAIN, when i wake up Alex was by my side holding me tight, Robert tightening his fist forcing the glass in his had break and mom was crying like she got hit by a truck. all I could remember was when Aby was talking to me before she died, I didn't know who the Robert sitting in front of me was so I thought it was my dad because Robert looked a lot like my dad, I didn't know that Alex was my boyfriend all I could remember was him always ignoring me at school and Mom, well she was the same but with more messy hair and rinkled skin. "how are you and why are you holding my hand" I said confused "babe, it's me Alex your boyfriend" Alex said with a shocked expression on his face. "Glasses you finally awake" Robert said with a grin on his face, "Glasses!! dad you never called me glasses,where is Aby" I said frantically, mom added "don't you remember, Alex is your boyfriend. you have been together for about 3 years now and the boy beside you is your big brother, Robert, and Aby, well she died at age 10" mom started sobbing and I passed out but this time for a long period of time. They said I was in a coma for 6 months and I'm left with 6 months to live. I remembered everything after I woke up and I jumped up from the hospital bed and gave Alex a big bear hug but he didn't hug back. after about what filled like an eternity he hugged me back. he hugged me so tight that I could not breathe. mom and Robert joined the hug but Robert has never hugged me before. the doctor proudly walked in a said "good news, miss Ela doesn't have the brain tumor we had removed it and..." Alex cut the Docter out and said with a big grin on his face "she'll be alive", the doctor nodded his head and I got released from the hospital. now I am married to Alex and have to wonderful kids (Julia and Julian), Robert on the other hand is a single parent of 1 (Jason). so you could practically say we lived happily ever after.

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