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The girl will soon tell her name in the next chapter. She was in a hospital bed and the only people who were there where Isaacs parents, Isaac and Grefinn

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I saved him

as I was running done the street to get to school because I was late,I saw Grefinn standing and waiting for me. See, our parents are big billionaires for the biggest companies, his parents are hair stylest and mine are Tech company. I was running from my personal driver and there I saw my parents investors son, Isaac. I have had the biggest crush on him for years but he was a quite kid. I wondered what he was doing here because his parents never allow him to go anywhere besides the company. he was so handsome in a way I got blinded by his hotness and fell right on Grefinn's chest. WOW, I didn't know Grefinn was so strong he looked skinny in those clothes. Class started and guess what Isaac was in my class. Mr Danny was about to end his lesson when the bell rang so loud. I new I was in deep shit but I let it go because it was break. In the hallway I saw Isaac covered with lipstick, so I went up to him and tissed him "you look like the new makeup tree my mom was covering up the other day" then I saw Grefinn come our direction "what's up" and Isaac added "hey". See, Grefinn had a girlfriend, Mandy, and she was mean, she was the definition of hell. But that gave me the opportunity to be around Isaac more often. When afterschool came I saw Isaac going to the coffee shop across the street but he hadn't realised the speeding car coming towards him, so I ran as fast as my legs could go yelling his name "Isaac, Isaac watch out" he looked back to see the commotion and just the I pushed him across the street, the last thing I new, Isaac was by my side, holding my hand and calling my parents/private doctor. After that accident I fell into a coma for about 1 month. When I wake up, I saw Grefinn, Isaac and Isaacs parents. I was disappointed that my own parents went there but at least I had my friends with me. I also noticed something unusual, Isaac was crying. I have never in my life seen Isaac cry. After that accident I couldn't remember anything else before the accident

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