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There is a dark prophecy that once told of a Liberator, a savior of light, that would come in on dark wings and breathe flames of light. Auravon, a planet hidden at the edge of the Milky Way, has been tormented by the Sarulian Conqueror. Seven kingdoms rest on the lands of Auravon and six have been taken over by this dark conqueror. The people of these seven kingdoms look to the stars for their prophesied savior as their hope fades and darkness begins to reign. Will Auravon truly be saved or will it forever stand in the shadows of evil?

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   Darkness reigns as the light fades, swallowed up by the dark. The Conjurer of Darkness and Conquer of Kingdoms has arrived for the taking. All bow down before the Dark King.

                                                                                                         ~ Falrid Demeskis

   The lower town was lost as well as most of the kingdom. Any sign for hope vanished before this battle began, and instead of backing down like a coward even when he knew his kingdom would fall, King Erias Menelaus of Melphious awaited for the coming doom that he had foreseen within the Orb of Truth. Falrid the Dark Conqueror had already gained four kingdoms within Auravon, and now he had come for Melphious, the only kingdom left standing besides Orivon. Now it would fall to Falrid. Once he regrouped his forces here at Melphious and devised a plan of attack.

   This kingdom was the last hope for Auravon; it’s strongest and mightiest warriors lived here in Melphious. If they couldn’t defeat this evil, no one could, which was how all of Auravon saw it. Falrid Demeskis knew Melphious’s weaknesses and just how to strike at them; he began this battle within the castle itself. Once he had one of his own on the inside, all that was left to be done was take control of its forces and that was done with Afidon, a type of poison that took over the mind— it was often used by the sorcerers and sorceresses of Cephalus—another kingdom of Auravon. This poison made the warriors turn on their own and serve under Falrid however he saw fit.

   Knowing Falrid would come for him next, Erias had tried to send away Diana, his daughter, but she refused to leave her father’s side. She was fearless when it came to the safety of those she loved. Now she stood at his side, sword in hand and without the least bit of fear. Like him, she knew this kingdom was lost; but she like her mother was stubborn. The only thing that kept him from commanding one of the guards from taking her to safety was the fact that she had trained with some of the best swordsmen and martial artists of Auravon until the day she could clobber them. Erias knew they’d need a skilled fighter on the inside and he could think of no one better than she, so long as all went as planned…

   Laughter sounded from outside the throne room doors, swords clashed, and lifeless bodies fell to the ground at Falrid’s feet. The doors swung opened to reveal the Dark Conqueror holding the legendary sword Devol— a sword that soaked in the blood of it’s victims, so much so that its blade was now red.

“It would be simpler if you were to surrender now, your royalness,” Falrid flashed them a white smile and mockingly bowed before them . “After all, I’d hate to harm your beautiful daughter… who I am surprised to find still at your side.”

   “Why? So you can have the satisfaction of hunting me down like a dog?!” Diana snapped, her eyes shining with hatred for the monster of a man who stood before them.

   He looked her up and down as if judging her. “I like the fire within you, girl, but be warned, for I will not be kind to those who challenge me.”

“Enough of this. Falrid, why are you doing this?” Erias asked with enough menace within his voice to make the soldiers at Falrid’s side take a step back.

“Is it not obvious, old friend?” Falrid’s tone changed to a darker and more threatening note. “I want to taint this world in darkness. I want others to know what it is like to fear and be without hope, to show those of you who believed you were above us all, how small you really are.”

   Horrified, the king’s eyes widened and his mouth gaped open. Falrid had truly fallen into the darkness and believed exactly what he was saying.

“Take the king and lock him down in the dungeon. Take the princess to her chambers and guard all her doors,” Falrid frowned as he continued towards them. “Unless you’d rather resist even when you know you cannot take on an entire army under my control,” he growled.

   Erias was no fool and knew how hopeless it’d be to fight. So he chose to fight another day, leaving his sword in its sheath and standing down to allow the soldiers to chain him, disarm him, and lead him away.


   “No. Diana… do not do anything to provoke him any further. This is not defeat my child, it’s merely a pause.” Erias smiled back at her. “I love you, Diana.”

The princess watched them take her father away, but she did nothing except let her emotional barriers rise.

   “I can walk myself!” She snapped at the men who were reaching to grab her arms.

   Falrid seated himself on the throne and smiled broadly as he watched his two prized prisoners leave the room. This was a day to celebrate, for he had conquered the kingdom that had been his true target and all without having to waste soldiers at Orivon. Oh, but that kingdom was next… he’d just let them cower in fear, knowing he would come for them soon and then he would become ruler over all of Auravon.

   Melphious fell into darkness over the years. It’s lands became barren and it’s people beaten into subjection. Without a light to guide them out of the dark they slowly lost all hope for Auravon. Even time itself seemed to give up on them. Mothers became barren and the last of the children born were taken from them to grow up under Falrid’s ever watchful eyes.

   A prophecy was spoken by one whose name seemed to fade from memory except for the title by that which the man was called, Conjurer of Darkness.

   “A hundred years of darkness and lost hope. Will a Liberator appear. A savior of light. Whom would come with the wings of the dark and breathe flames to light the way. Only the Liberator can save those of Auravon from the Sarulian Conquer. May this Dark Prophecy keep your eyes on the sky when all seems lost. Only then will he come to aid, whether he shall beat the Conquer is still yet to be unfold.

   The prophecy was spoken until all of Auravon knew it by heart and soul. They would say it over and over in order to find the answers they seeked. Who was this Liberator? Why mention the sky? When would he come to their aid? Could he truly defeat the Conquer? What did it mean he breathed flames? It seemed to those of Auravon all this prophecy did was give them more unanswered questions and a bedtime story to tell their young ones at night.

   There were those who soon gave up hope in the prophecy believing it to be a hoax created by the sorceresses of evil. While few still believed, whether or not it would come to pass, they had made an oath to keep on going and be ready when this savior of light arrived. Hopefully it would not be too late by then.

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