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The Kingdom of Wintaria was a beautiful place to be. Snow has crystalized it due to its coldness. The kingdom is ruled by The Great Snow King. With the Snow King ailing, who will rule it out of his four beautiful daughters.

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May The Queen Reign Forever

Back at the beginning of the creation of Faenbel, there was the great kingdom of Wintaria. This kingdom was beautiful; they had snow falling at all times of the year. The flowers and plants were crystallized due to the falling snow. The great Snow King ruled the kingdom. He was a kind and brave King. He had four beautiful daughters: Princess Aquamari, Princess Lazuli, Princess Ziri, and Princess Tanzani. They all had beautiful curly dark brown hair and green eyes. Their kingdom adored the four princesses. The people of their kingdom would give gifts and sing songs of their kindness and beauty. Princess Aquamari was the oldest and wise beyond her age.

Princess Lazuli was romantic and very attuned to other people's feelings. Princess Ziri was born to be a sorceress; she has loved magic ever since she saw the greatest magician in the realm. Now there is Princess Tanzani; she has been a quiet girl ever since her mother mysteriously died when she was a child. She and Tanzani were the closest in the family. The Queen and Tanzani were always together. When the queen died, the Princess was never the same. People thought that Tanzani was bound for great things, but if she only spoke, she would be amazing. One day the King became very ill and summoned his daughters to his room. They came in one by one kneeling at his bedside, crying at the thought of losing their father. "Come closer, my children," he said. "My life has been a great one; I have raised four beautiful, kind, and smart daughters. I have also ruled the Kingdom Of Wintaria. Children, my life is ending, and one of you will have to take my place as ruler of Wintaria." The Princesses cried and sobbed. Lazuli said, "Father, we can't live without you; we love you!" Ziri interrupted, "father is there any magic that we can do? Is there anything we can do, father, please?!"

The King was fading. He looked at his beautiful children and said, "My children, I don't have much time left. I love you all so much. I will be in the afterlife with your beloved mother. Lazuli, stay true to who you are. Ziri, keep up with your magic. Aquamari, keep up with your studies, and you will be a wise leader someday. Now my Tanzani, my little one, I prayed to the gods that you will speak one day. I know when we see each other in the afterlife, you will." with whose last words the Great Snow King was gone. His daughters wailed and sobbed as they knew their father was gone. Aquamari stood up and wiped her tears. "Dry your tears, sisters! Our father is dead, but I will rule and lead our kingdom through this dark time!" Lazuli stood up and got close to Aquamari and said, "Father just died, and you have the nerve to go and say this nonsense?! I will never let you rule after this disrespect to our father! Look at Tanzani, she is full of grief!" Lazuli turned to comfort her little sister. Aquamari looked at her sister with anger. She saw her father's athme and drove it to Lazuli" s back, killing her! Ziri screamed and grabbed Tanzani. They tried to run to the magic chamber, but Aquamari grabbed Zuri and gave her the same fate as Lazuli. Princess Tanzani was the only one left. She was scared and wished her parents were with her. She heard her sister singing a strange song "there shall only be one dear Tanzani, there shall only be one!" Aquamari stood over her youngest sister laughing "oh poor Tanzani, and you miss mama and papa? Do you wish mama was here to help you? Do you wish she was still alive? Well, she's not! She's dead! She always loved you the most and thought you should rule. I fixed that with a little poison.!" Tanzani looked at her sister with anger. She spoke for the first time in years! "You killed Mother?! She loved all her children!" at that moment, all grief she had felt her whole life exploded out of her! The magic that everybody had said she had appeared! But it wasn't good magic. It was evil magic filled with grief! Princess Tanzani was so powerful that she destroyed the entire castle and kingdom. The kingdom of Wintaria was turned into a dark hollow dimension where no life existed, except for the new Queen Of Wintaria. She has been known to be seen wandering the realm of Faenbel, looking for the family she has lost. Due to the pain that Aquamari has caused, she created the Ice Queen of Wintaria. She used to have the most beautiful green eyes and curly dark brown hair. Now she has pale grey skin and dark blue hair due to the magic that the grief caused. If the Ice Queen Of Wintaria ever approaches you, run. She will try to take you to her kingdom. You will never leave.

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Kathryn McGregor Stories of Faenbel is a series of short stories about the magical world of Faenbel. From mermaids to fairies to dragons and gnomes and more, Faenbel has a vast amount of magic in Its beautiful realm.

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