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Why The Apple Family Is The Only Christian Family Around In Equestria? Twilight Sparkle, The Princess Of Friendship trying to finding out why Applejack's family Who is the bearer of The Element Of Honesty are the only Christians around

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Prologue - The Christian Family Dynasty Of Equestria

Twilight Sparkle and Applejack are hanging out in the apple orchards on The Sweet Apple Acres—Twilight ask Applejack this very specific question:"Why is your religion Christianity? Applejack.Despite most of our friends simply doesn't know much about it and most ponies in Equestria simply never believed in a God at all"—Applejack replied:"Well, Twilight? Ah'm goin' to tell y'all why our family are the only Christians here, Twilight. Then come over here"

Applejack then goes into her little sister, Applebloom & her grandmother Granny Smith that are still in The Sweet Apple Acres Barn and then whispers quietly to both of their ears:"So this Atheist named Twilight Sparkle wanted to know about why our family is a Christians and why we're the only Christian ponies here around"—Granny Smith replied:"Well, how about we just tell her about our family's history, of how why we're the only Christians around here"—Applebloom cheerfully replied:"So Twily is really curious about why we're the only Christians around? Heh, just let Granny Smith told Twilight about our family's Christian history if she's really that curious"—Applejack then replied and said:"That's a great idea? Sis, how about we brought Goldie Delicious here also to told Twilight about our family's religious history"

"Eeyup" Big Mac replied, Applejack then come over to Twilight Sparkle and brought her into The Sweet Apple Acres Barn—where Granny Smith, Goldie Delicious & Applebloom are awaiting her there. Goldie Delicious then said to Twilight:"So y'all wanted to know why we're the only Christians here around" Twilight then replied:"Yes, I'm really curious about why you and The Pears are the only Christian family here"—Granny Smith then told to Twilight:"So you really, really curious about our family's history? heh". "Yes, I'm really curious" Twilight replied. Goldie Delicious then said to Twilight also:"So do you want to hear about it"

"Yes" Twilight replied to Goldie Delicious. "Okay, then. I'm going to told y'all about our family's Christian history and why we're the only Christian family around here, Twilight?" Said both Goldie Delicious and Granny Smith to Twilight

Twilight Sparkle replied cheerfully with a happy face:"Yes, yes I really wanted to know about it. Please tell it now"—Granny Smith & Goldie Delicious replied:"Okay, then".

Applejack then began said to Twilight:"But this is going to be a huge long family history. Are ya sure you want to doing this, Twilight. Granny Smith simply wouldn't tell much that long and ya need to ask another Apple Family relatives if ya want to find out about our family's religious history"—"Granny Smith will probably won't tell enough details that long and thus she still needs time to rest. Twilight" Said Applebloom and Big Mac replied:"Eeyup"

Granny Smith then began to narrated to Twilight:"Our family are mostly consisted of different Christian denominations. Each of our family's beliefs and traditions are different to one another—some of our relatives are Protestants, some of our relatives are Orthodox and some of our relatives are Catholic. This is our family's religious Christian history and I'm going to told it to you, Twilight one by one"—"Yay" Twilight replied excitedly. "Started with Goldie Delicious" Granny Smith pointing her hooves to Goldie Delicious, "Well, okay then" Goldie Delicious replied

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