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Lorelei lived your average teenage girl life, partying every friday night, late night calls gossiping with her girl-friends about their newest fantasy with some highschool guy & even heart breaks and spilled tears when a relationship falls short. When she's just near to graduate highschool and move onto bigger things in life a sudden mystery appears threatening to blame her as the suspect for a murder and cancel all big plans for her future she's left to prove her innocence and find out why she's being framed.

#8 Dan Fiction adolescente Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

#life-and-death #romance #highschool #coldcase #mystery #murder #drama #crime #thriller #horror
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Lorelei couldn't wait any longer as the clock struck 6:30pm, on a friday night she was held inside at the family dining table, where she sat hands clasped together. Frantically tapping her foot on the polished wood flooring, her eyes wandered to the opening of the living room, where hushed voices talked urgently. Whatever it was, she wasn't allowed to hear it yet.

Kaden, Lorelei's brother, sat beside her. He was only two years older than her, but they were bonded together like twins. He sat slouched in his chair, feet propped up on the absent seat next to him, in his hand he twirled a pen with a frown on his face. The federal police that had entered their front door, didn't bother him. Unlike his sister which he had been watching curiously. Maybe she had something to do with why the men were here... but no his little sister was a goody two shoes.

Aunt Tamara sat perched on the end of the love seat listening into the adults conversation. "Our Lorelei?.." a short scoff from Lorelei's mother followed the silence. "No I will hear of no such nonsense.. my daughter." another brief pause, yet this time Lorelei's mother's voice shook with anger "a killer?!"

As soon as that last word was spoken, the sound of glass shattering made all heads turn towards the opening to the dining room where Lorelei stood open handed, her brother right behind with a hand on her shoulder. The glass of water she was sipping lay broken into a million shards at her feet, tears threatened to spill from her eyes as her lip quivered in shock of what she had heard.

"You think I- I'm a killer?"




(As short as this chapter is, I would consider it to be more of a cliff hanger for those who want to read more of it. Other chapters in the future will NOT be this short. It would be greatly appreciated if some feedback could be shared to know if you "The reader" are interested in this story.)

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Shaun M Waller Shaun M Waller
Really good start to what I think will be a cool story, I want to know more so I will definitely will be reading more. P.s nicely written!
December 23, 2023, 00:32
MS Maddie Smith
It's a really good start
November 22, 2022, 12:30
UN Untalented Nobody
Good start
February 07, 2022, 20:24
Valerie Trix Valerie Trix
Interesting start although short! I want to know why they are saying she's a killer!
September 22, 2021, 22:32

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