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Alina Maddox, a simple bright girl who lost her father at age 19 to a ruthless Ceo billionaire, Tristan Turner and his father. Years later while planning her vengeance, Tristan mistakes her when his company spirals downwards. In return, he holds her hostage in one of his many mansions. His intentions were to make her suffer, only to find she was innocent. He fell for her, making it impossible for him to let her go. What happens when she accidently falls for him back? Can she forget her past, the maddening pain he put her through in order to love him with all she has? Can he give up his strong ego, his professional, godly and powerful aura to love her? Is their emotional connection strong enough to fight against what makes it impossible for them to be together? Read To Find Out....

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The Office Call


It has been 5 years since my fathers death, but the pain is still there. Since he died, everything in my life changed. George was the person who loved me unconditionally and made sure I was always happy.

I never really needed much of a family, because at a young age, I was already an independent person. I could care for myself, but I loved my father and the effort he had put into raising me and my siblings when our mother wasn't home.

He was a busy man, and he always had something he needed to do, and that's the reason I have always never depended on other people.

My mother couldn't always teach us what a mother should, because she was constantly working late shifts every day, and when she would come home, I would sometimes already be asleep and when I woke up, she would be gone.

My father was there for us though, he always put us first and even when he didn't need to, he did anyway. He was the definition of a father and a friend. I was always closer to George than he ever was with Bryce, Victoria, or Ashley.

I also took his death the most painful because of it.

Victoria was the oldest, Bryce was the 2nd oldest, and Ashley was the youngest. Ashley thought of me as a second mom because I was always there for her when mom wasn't.

I taught her things she needed to know in life, and Ashley always looked up to me because of it. She depended on me, and after our fathers death, everything was way harder for all of us.

They needed me to be strong, but I was the one who was hurt the most, and I never could hide how I felt. When our mother heard the news about our father, she was hurt but she was still the same Malinda Maddox, intoxicated and addicted to her work, never abandoning her work for her children who needed her the most.

Our Mother could care less about us. She always felt we were more of a burden than a help, but we were fine with her gone. She never did much for us, we could only depend on ourselves, each other, and our father.

When George died, our family became distant, especially me. I don't feel bad for being distant, I needed the distance from my family.

They didn't understand how I actually felt. More hurt than they could ever have been, and they never understood me, even when I explained to them.

I had a few friends: Anastasia Clark, Romelo Butera, Rachel Adams, Maxwell Johnson, and Carla Anderson. I haven't talked to them in a few days, mostly because I have been busy with my Job at the office.

I lost my Job 3 years back at the diner for slacking, and eventually a few months later, I got an offer to be the personal assistant of billionaire 'Douglas Black' CEO of Black Enterprises and International.He was understanding of my situation and how I felt, he was patient with me and gave me space, so we always got along well.

To say he was strict, he was very nice to me and I appreciated how he was calm and cool with everything I was going through.

Although I dedicate myself to my Job and stay isolated from the world as much as possible, I can't get sidetracked from my actual plans. Since I found out who killed my father, I have been planning my revenge on them for years.

Xavier Turner and his cruel son Tristan will pay for what they did. They can't just think they can kill innocent people and get away with it? They took the most important person out of my life, and they will not walk away from it so easily.

I will make them understand how it feels, I swear that I will. Fucking killers! They should be ashamed of what they are and what they do!

I'm currently at work finishing up my tasks for my boss. Why he gave me all these files to look over at once, I don't know, but i'm not gonna complain about it.

I am snapped out of my thoughts by hearing my phone ring disturbingly loud on my desk. Ugh! why do I keep forgetting to put this stupid phone on silent. I quickly answer the phone annoyed at whoever is calling.


"Alina where are you?!" My best friend Rachel screamed into the phone.

"Um hey Rachel, I am at work. Is everything okay?" I asked her

"Oh I'm sorry for disturbing you, I know how you get, sorry!"

"No it's okay but what are you calling for exactly?"

"We can talk later, you should go back to whatever you were doing, sorry for bothering you lina"

"No! You called me, tell me why and then i'll go back to my work." I stated to Rachel. I will never understand why they do this.

"Um I just passed by your house to see if you wanted to go get lunch but it's okay, no worries. I'm sorry, I forgot you didn't have another day off."

"Oh it's okay, is that all?"


"Well What" I asked her

I really don't have time to sit and hear her stutter all day, I have things to do and she is wasting my time.

"I.. I um..."

"Please spit it out Rachel, I really have to get back to work"

"I was coming down from the house to leave when I noticed there was a car by your house, and 3 guys walked out. They all had sunglasses on, so I didn't see them clearly but the one in the front had asked for you. I told him you weren't there and he asked where you were, I said I didn't know and he just left."

"Did he give you any name?"

"No, he just left after I told him I didn't know where you were"

"Oh ok, Thanks for telling me, I will figure it all out later. I need to go though"

"Ok I don't want to hold you. Call me when you leave"

"Sure thing Rachel"

I ended the call afterwards and sat it back down on my office table. Who were those guys? And what did they want? Why were they at my house? Do I know them? I had so many unanswered questions that I was eager to answer, but I couldn't.

I can't think of anyone or a reasoning on why they needed to see me. I surely will have to figure this out.

The rest of the day, I was too consumed in my head trying to figure out who those guys could have been. I didn't get much work done today because I am still curious about those guys, but I don't need distractions.

Finally it was time to pack up and go home. I apologized and told my boss I didn't get much done and he was nice enough to let me finish it at home. Hopefully I can finish it, there are so many other things I have to figure out.

Getting into my 2020 BMW X7 M50i , I head to my house. The guys probably won't come back. But who could it be? I still have no clue and it's killing me not to know this. Those guys could be anyone for all I know.

You know what, I'm just gonna forget all about this, because I'm not getting anywhere trying to figure everything out.

Once I get home, I finally finish reading over all the documents and adding some notes for tomorrow. I don't live with anyone besides my cute little pup Abigail, she is very fun to play with but very nice and calm, but I don't have any people who live with me. I love my space that I have. People are too chaotic for me, so when I get peace and quiet, I savor every single second of it. I fixed some chicken Alfredo for dinner, and afterwards went to go take a shower. Once I got out of the shower, I put my night clothes on and checked the time. It was 10:18 at night. I needed to go to sleep if I wanted to get out of bed tomorrow for work, so I made sure to feed Abbi before getting into my bed. My mind is still going through all the possibilities on why 3 unknown guys were coming to see me, but I need to go to bed and I can worry about this tomorrow, and eventually my mind eases and I drift off to sleep.

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