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Lost in love vol 2 is a compilation of love stories and letters by different people all over the world who want to encourage, warn and advise someone through their experience. Disclaimer 🚫⚠️ This book uses names and places which are away from where the incidents happened this line with the privacy policy so as to protect our character's privacy. All submitions made here undergoes verification process therefore we hold the rights to remove any stories which we feel like shouldn't be there or goes against our standards...

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No love without giving

Love and giving go hand in hand. People in love exchange gifts, but mostly we are so engulfed by so many things that we become goalkeepers and fewer strikers. You will find a young and energetic wo/man depends solely on their partner as a provider of their daily needs and henceforth these relationships turn out to be hectic and burdensome.

Statics has it that the reason why most marriages are broken is that one side is on more of goalkeeping and the other on the opposite which isn't fair at all and we need to change for the better.

To the youth

Look at how marvellous love is, how special you feel when you are truly safely feeling to be in true love. Oh yeah, imagine how it feels to sleep comfortably like a baby as if forever it will be but would you like it if I was to term that as "vain"?

How would you feel if you were told that you have not yet found true love?

Well, all this isn't love not even near to love at all. Yes, you may have read a lot about Love that proves that true love isn't a feeling but a principle. Hey, wait! What does that mean?

Love is not that feeling we have at first sight, or that emotional that we have when we are hugged or kissed, nay and far from it but that principle which drives one to look for a pure and noble character that will make Jesus, others, and themselves happy entirely.

it's possible to give someone whom I don't love or care about but it's very impractical to love without giving.

There's a certain secret society that pretends to be Christian and they give alms to the poor but it's the same group that is at the forefront of instilling fear, killing, and causing much confusion in the world today.

Yet we have another group that claims to be led by God, but yet so careless when it comes to giving. This class of people seems to know the truth but they act otherwise to what they proclaim.

Friends, a story is told of a certain woman who wished to be liberated from a toxic relationship but no one was there for help. One morning she received a call from someone who wanted to see her. This man come over to propose love to this poor woman though hesitated for some months. She finally accepted.

Now the challenge remains the same because she was staying at her ex-boyfriend's house which was a mess. The man decided to give all that he had to rescue the woman because he loved her very much.

Look at how marvellous it is to give. Where else do we find this principle in love?

well let's look at the scripture from the Bible in John 3:16, "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son..." you all know this scripture well.

It was in God's intention to give the only golden treasure in heaven because He loved us... No wonder Jesus was ready to die for humankind, even to the point of death and if it meant him to die forever and never rose again he was ready.

What manner of love is this that the Father hath bestowed us that we should be called sons and daughters of God.

We are part of nature's law and we need to obey as it is. Imagine how rivers, trees, and other plants are loyal to this principle, it is marvellous.

Look at how fountains give water to the streams and streams to the rivers so that they feed the lakes and seas in turn satisfying the oceans. Isn't it marvellous? Yes! it is. Look at how beautiful the trees and the living things marvellously share oxygen and carbon dioxide. During daytime living beings produce carbon dioxide which is used by the trees and plants during the day and takes in oxygen which is emitted by the trees and plants.

See the principle and link here. If the trees say they won't produce oxygen then living things will die including human beings which in turn won't produce carbon dioxide. This will lead to the death of plants. We are in a chain of interdependence and we can't live without giving. It is part of us.

Give to his glory and not to be seen by men but to be recognized by heavens. Give not because everyone is doing it but because it is right to do it.

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