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Lost in love is a short story of James and Peck who were deep in love but when selfishness, pride and indifference entered, this love became corrupt. Read more to hear the moral concept of the story

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Not all love is love

Deep in the very heart of Zambia was a son who had a grand father a man of surprise, one day evening he called out for his grandson while eating some nuts, pulled out the chair while calling, "James quickly!" you remember the previous day we hard a discussion over your fience, remember that?" Yes pa I do," James responded in lowly voice,

I need to tell you something, then grandpa started a story to say A pierced heart, a pierced man...

Broken heart

A heart that cried out in groaning day and night, a man of a broken heart...

Long time ago in the time past was a man whose voice was heard every evening to say, "hearken daughters and sons of men to the voice of My pierced heart..."
"I once loved and my heart is still with that beautiful soul, She was a pierced soul that was a joy to me!", in a lowly and groaning voice he shouted.

Months before, this young man found a young fair and talented woman and fail in love with her. She was a Princess of Cunning and talented hands a well blessed young lady of cunning understanding, she was a pride of the land but it seemed No one was in much favor of her, for she was a pierced soul and of a faint heart.

One day she meet a young fair man from the west and in time passing the man loved the young woman but She had no clue till the day she was told!

Though she had challenges that made her not move forward but Accepted.
so they ran, walk, talk, and rejoiced together till the day pride, selfishness, jealous and looking back hunted her, she henceforth became a wounded heart, her scars pierced her heart so Terribly, the past experience was so discasting and thought never to love again.

Several times she wanted to end her life because she was not happy and did not accept her past life but every time the young fair man encouraged her. And became so optimistic in order to help the woman for the sake of love.
So one day evening before a prayer meeting the young man became courageous and called the woman to tell her of his position.
*Phone_rings*: ngilingilingili that is to say "rings"
Peck: "Hello dear" - with a charming voice.
James: "Hey hey, how are you doing" - voice answers back in a lowly tone
Peck: "Fine, and you" - the other end with a cutting voice due to poor network.
James: "Wow!," he exclaimed with love tone, "wonderful to hear that, I just missed you honey".
Peck: "stop! lier ubufifye bweka(just lies) you didn't even call me.

The other end then young man laughing back saying, kaili now I have called to prove myself 😂😂😂😂. cikashana(beautiful) see I missed you ka"
Peck in tone like a baby pleading while wanting to cry; please James stop honeying me you even know that you are lying.
James: Ok see can I meet you along the great north road?
Peck: Yes yes why not.🤷

James: wonderful, be by the road early evening somewhat 16:50hrs(CAT)

Peck: sure.

*call terminates*☎️

Grandpa narrating

This day was so overwhelming by many things, and was so exhausting, so as to relieve some stress taking a walk was the best so he called to her attention to accompany him.

You know great north road is one of the busiest roads but this day evening when the sun was setting few vehicles did pass. So they meet and heading towards the North the young man was tempted to hold the young woman's hand while shivering and the hands nocking like hovered with the winter wind.

"i guess it was beautiful for them," grandson whispering in his heart.

Grandpa continues narrating

Hey dude, you are cold and shivering why?, the #Young_woman inquired.
"He hmmmmm haaaaaaaa hmmmmm I don't know,' the young man responded.

Peck knew that James was up to something and she was ready to hear, despite in several occasions she denied his proposals till one and a score of months she became more interested in him.

The disappointment

almost everyone wished for this new love to last and months, weeks and days of cheering, love, showcasing, laughter and honeying passed and a dark cloud hovered the snow and with thunderstorm and lightening, sad moment drew nigh, calamity was to turn the face into pale like a dead man

Christianity started to crumble, a preacher started denying his call.

"This love is toxic, he complained, I don't know what to do, to the best of my knowledge I have done what I can oh my, why me..." that day turned into grief...

In those days loving was trending and when you are in love all your closest friends will know so even a break up would be noticable.

Moral concept

Most young men and women brings their bagage of previous experience into the new relationships, entering it with other connected links, because they want to make someone jealous or to showcase that they can own a very beautiful or handsome partner or they can date or even marry a rich, righteous partner but all this is in vain.

God does not work with such a kind mentality and behavior, but rather with noble, pure traits that seek to grow everyday and make it to that godly standard. Many today enter relationships just for, kissing, hugging, cohabitating, having sex, and others because they want to be helped, I can tell you few people that is to say about 2 in 10 may be found with genuine reasons for dating, courting or even marrying.

We are told that we need to pesue a noble, pure

and true character in our ownselves and of our partners.

We need to have an understanding that not all love is indeed love. for the scripture says the love of many shall wax cold. mind you we are hurt each and every day and those who hurt us are people who claim to have love in their hearts and I am remind by scripture to say that in last day people shall have the form of godliness but denying the power thereof.

Now remember that love is a principle and not a feeling and we need to take it seriously so that we are not lost and deceived by it. all in all my dearest a point I am trying to make say is that poses that noble pure traits that you want in your partner, and leave every history and baggage of previous relationships just learn from it.

After speaking these words grandpa pulled back his chair and bid good night greetings saying, "good night young man, will discuss more tomorrow"

"Thanks Pa," he responded.

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