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Two dreams, written into one. I dream about my starlight alot, some of them are like this. Hope you enjoy it. Maybe I will write more.

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Your Lips

You were on the couch, watching some show on TV. I had just made it home, and decided to take a shower before coming to join you. I came by long enough to give you a kiss and i saw a sparkle in your eyes. When I showered I came back and sat next to you, you leaned close to my ear and whispered, "Want to get dirty again?"

"Hmm... with you? Always my starlight."

"Then relax and enjoy the show..."

With that, you leaned in and snuggled up against me, both of us in our pjs and covered up with a blanket. I was confused at first, thinking maybe I had misheard what you had said. Then I felt your hand on my knee, absently stroking your fingers up and down my lower thigh, a light touch, but enough that I could feel it through the fabric of my pants.

"Mmmm, that feels nice," I murmured to you, leaning my head over yours, enjoying the closeness of you, the smell of your hair, the feel of you against me. I closed my eyes, letting my other senses engage with what was going on. I wasn't paying any attention to what was on the TV, lost in the feel of your touch, how it was affecting me. Your caresses moved further and further up my thigh, getting firmer and bolder the higher you went. Soon you were massaging my thigh, just in front of my hip, drawing circles with your fingertips. Each circle brought you closer to your goal. Each circle made me twitch in anticipation, willing your hand to touch my swiftly growing erection as you pleasantly tortured me. You brought a moan from deep inside me as your hand moved to grasp me through the fabric. Squeezing my shaft a few times, you shifted, pulling your hand away. Sitting upright, I looked at you as you straddled me, your knees on each side of my hips. I put my arms around you, pulling you to me to kiss you. You placed a finger between our lips. "Hmm... last time you were the one in control, now its my turn".

You reached down and pulled your shirt up and off, showing nothing but bare skin. "No bra?" I asked, my heart speeding up with lust at the sight of your breasts just a few inches away.

"Surprise, my love". You leaned in close to my ear, "I might have left something else off too..." with those words you wriggled your hips, giving a clear indication of which article of clothing was missing. Before I could do anything about your statement, you lifted off of me, backed off of the couch, and slid down my body. As you knelt on the floor, you pulled the top of my pants down, exposing the tip of my cock. You coaxed my clothes further down, so I lifted my hips to let you pull them the rest of the way off. You looked me in the eyes as you touched your tongue to the head of my shaft. I involuntarialy thrust upward and you took the opportunity to engulf me with your lips, the feeling of your mouth over the sensitive head of my cock making me growl in pleasure. Laying my head back, I watched as you sucked, one hand gripping the base of my shaft, your other hand wandering, touching, finding places that sent shivers to my core. You started to teasing me, alternating between using just your tongue to stimulate that sensitive part of me, to taking me into your mouth just part way. I couldnt resist rocking my hips a bit as you played with me, you pulling back as i tried to push deeper. I could see the smile on your face, that smile telling me you knew i was under your complete control. Your eyes reflected a devious intent as you pulled off of me, keeping my hardness upright with your hands, your tongue licking your top lip, tasting where they had been a moment before. Never breaking eye contact, you bent your head down again, your lips enveloping the head of my cock once more. But unlike your earlier actions, you didnt stop at just the tip. You started bobbing your head up and down, working the shaft deeper and deeper. I felt your teeth almost at the base and I couldnt hold back anymore. "Mmmmmm... fuck, you feel so good" I moaned as I reached for the back of of your head, my fingers twining in your hair. I lost control of myself and, using both hands to guide you as you sucked my cock, the heat and wetness of your mouth sending me barreling toward exctasy. Your own hands reached around me, grabbing behind my hips, pushing and pulling, encouaging me to thrust into your mouth, timing your movements with my own. It didn't take long before I felt myself at the edge, totaly submitting to the feelings and sensations you were giving me. "Baby, I'm about to cum!" I told you with what breath I could take in. I was always breathless when you treated me to this. You never slowed down, if anything, you sped up, bringing me to a growling climax inside of your mouth. I could feel myself pulsing as I emptied into you, your lips greedily sucking and swallowing everything I had to give. You kept going for a few moments after, making sure every drop was taken care of. You looked up at me, taking your mouth from my now deflated and quite satisfied member. "Did you enjoy it, baby?" you teased.

"You are amazing, my love." I replied, "I love everything you do".

With that, I helped you up off the floor and into my lap. You straddled me once more as I pulled you to me for a long, slow, and sensual kiss, not minding the taste of myself on your tongue. All I wanted was you, pure and simple. As we kept kissing, you giggled. "What?" I asked you.

"I think someone is getting ready to go again," you teased.

"Keep kissing me like this, and he will be ready for whatever you want," I responded.

"I have a few ideas..." you murmured as you placed your lips back on mine. Soon we were kissing with intensity as my hands explored your skin. I brought them down to your waist, pulling at the hem of your pants. "Not fair, you still have these on and I dont". Taking the hint, you stood up, quickly removed the remaining piece of clothing, and returned to your place on my lap. As we continued kissing, you began to grind against me. I could feel how wet you were as you did that, practically dripping onto me. Shifting a bit, i moved us so that we were closer to the edge of the couch, one arm around you, keeping you balanced, the other taking the opportunity of the brief space between us to guide myself into you, taking just a moment to play with you as I did. I heard your moans as you lowered yourself all the way down, taking the entire length in a single motion. You lay your head on my shoulder as you began to ride me, tilting your hips to find the angle that gave you the most pleasure. You quickly found a rythym, and soon your cries filled the room as you brought yourself to a swift climax. I kept you there, our earlier activity allowing for better stamina, and started to rock my hips back and forth, prolonging your first orgasm and setting the path for your next one. My arm still helping to hold you, I used my other one to pull on your hair as I thrust up into you. My mouth sought out your skin, drifting from your lips, down across your neck, finally seizing one of your sensitive nipples. Sucking it in between my lips, I drew my tongue across it, matching each flick with a thrust into your pussy. It didnt take very long with my attention for either of us to feel the oncoming wave racing toward us. I was at the brink as I whispered for you to cum for me. "Mmmhmm! Oh fuck, I'm cumming again!" you cried out into my shoulder. I felt you tighten around me as we came together, a long moan escaping your beautiful lips as you softly rode the remainder of our orgasm and we both collapsed, breathless and blissful, back onto the couch. I watched as you drifted to sleep, still on top of me, with a peaceful smile on your lips.Your Lips

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Sean Elliot I write mostly because and about my Starlight, a person very close to me and something more. The twin of my own soul. I write mostly poetry, but also some short stories.

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