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Character of life

Sometimes life looks so easy specially when we were children because we don't have any serious issues.life takes serious business as we grow up because we have to deal with critical and insanitary condition with careless unknown peoples.we loose our control and focus.we leave everything and learn how to deal with them as we lost our natural rhythm and we learn unhealthy things that destroys us and we get lost in ourselves our sometimes in messy,lusty and greedy world.one sound of our heart calls us but we don't want to hear it because it looks so boring.we thought we are genius but reality looks so heart wrenching.we develop a inner chaos and we have to lean on mobile,wine and other things to control it.but the more we control,the more it becomes unmanageable result we becomes junky.for solve the puzzle of life what should we do?don't try to be too happy and don't complicate your thinking and if you successful in doing this then this is the first step of puzzle solving.dont react on negative thoughts.dont push your thoughts but make good flow of it.i mean positive thoughts.sometimes we give more importance to worthless things and leave out essentials.you know why ?because we miss judge the world and life.we think that everything is made for a purpose and it is doing its job,we are just made for fun and we will have fun.but the reality is everything is made for knowledge.these things teach us about the world and life ,invites us for inventive life but we follow our destructive desires.people don't ruin us,we ruin ourselves and blame others.its like someone attacked you and you didn't react and keep blaming god.although this was done by god for advise.it was just a hint that you are not preparing for anything or your effort and focus are not enough rigid.your skill or talent is not yet developed anough to reach your target.so what is needed is that instead of despair,work should be done with curiosity.dont compare yourself to anyone these things will make you in a hurry and you will be disappointed.there is also a problem of speed that if someone does the work quickly,then someone takes a long time although this speed is not a factor at all.the factor is the perfection of practice,depth of knowledge and determination,if you have this,then you don't need to compare with anyone.patience balances emotion while lust destroys them.lust takes away from you the ability to balance yourself and it makes you its slave,it snatches you from yourself and your loved ones.We entrap ourselves in such a way that we do not see any hope And in this way we have a vision of the frightening form of life.The most mysterious is the person who is careless, so we have to take responsibility for ourselves, otherwise one day we will get flummuxed .Responsibility but what a responsibility, Responsibility to understand yourself, Responsibility to deal with yourself.not treating yourself as people define you.People define you by your unresolved habits, unresolved decisions, so solve yourself first.Do not follow the desires of your selfish mind.

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