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A Tower known only as the infinite Tower is said to grant the one who reaches the top one wish. Many struggle to make their way up as one after another they fall...

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A young man walked down a dark path at night in the city streets, his body drenched in blood. He gripped the knife wound on his chest before collapsing in the street as a puddle of blood filled around him. He laid there as his eyes slowly closed into darkness...

CHAPTER 1 A New Beginning

The man awoke in front of two large doors made of solid gold. In a cave-like tunnel. His once black hair was now long red hair with hazel eyes dressed in a black jacket and pants. A red "R" inside a silver sun was engraved on the door. There was writing on one of the doors down by him:

"Those who pass through this door seek power and change. Be warned, dangers lurk beyond this point..."

"Wait...I-I thought I died!?...was I...was I reborn!?" He looked at the writing...After pulling himself together, he thought about what had happened, how weak he was to stop his own death. "I want change...for that...I need power" Placing his palm against the door, the cracks of the doorframe began to glisten with blue light as the large doors slowly opened before him. He covered his face from the blinding light for a few seconds before finding himself in a large lobby.

The floor was a red carpet with black walls. The entire room was circular with a few columns. He saw other people walking around when a blade was put to his shoulder as a tall red orc stood over him wearing black battle armor. "You there, boy...I can tell you're a mere human. You have no place in this world. I'd suggest tucking your tail between your legs and heading home before you are met with a gruesome death"

Before the young man could respond, the blade disappeared from the orc's hand. "What!?" It looked past the human to see a man dressed in a black ninja-uniform with a purple scarf around his neck holding the orc's blade in his hand.

"Hehe, I'd be careful if I were you, randomly picking fights is a good way of getting kicked-out or even killed in this tournament" He smirked as his long black hair covered his right hazel eye. The orc let out a huff charging the ninja, stretching both clawed hands out to grab him. At the last second, the ninja vanished. The orc lost his balance, landing on his face. The unnamed man looked to see the ninja land on the orc's back standing on top of him.

"Hopefully you've learned your lesson. Now then, what's your name?" He asked jumping off the orc over to the young man. (M-my name...? Back in my old life, I was called Kasami Tokashima...but this is a new world, a new start...)

"M-my name is...Keisuke Nomasaki"

"Well Keisuke, my name is Saito Yukoda. I can tell by your expression you're confused on what's happening and what's going on. To put it short, you're at the entrance of the Infinite tower, many warriors from different worlds have traveled here to reach the top. I know the title of this tower may be misleading, but I'm sure the tower isn't infinite. Still...that doesn't mean it won't take quite some time to reach the top of it. Some say, if you reach the top, you will be given riches and the one thing you desire in the entire universe. I chose to come here so I may ask the ruler of this tower for one bring back my sister"

Keisuke gave him a surprised look as the ninja continued...

Flash Back

(In my world...the earth is crawling with demons, most of the life on the planet had already been wiped out. All that remained was scorched earth, corpses and the ravenous beasts that slaughtered the innocent)

A large t-rex-like demon covered in flames and dark skin ate the remains of a dead man when it spotted a woman and her child. "Come on what have to run!" She shouted tugging her young child's hand. They both had black hair wearing torn clothing. The demon let out a thundering roar beginning to chase them through the destroyed village.

That's when a figure appeared in the night sky. Saito gripped his blade with a furious expression on his face. "No you don't!" In an abrupt slash of his katana, it all went silent. He stood facing away from the creature with a now calm expression as he slid the blade back to his side. The flames of the demon blew out as it's head fell of. Blood splattered out of it as it's body hit the ground.

"T-thank you" The woman said still shaken from the monster. "Don't worry about it, just get somewhere safe before another one spots you"

End Of Flash Back

"At that time, I had no idea she was in trouble, but when I found her, it was too late. At first, I had blamed myself for her death, I was her should've been my responsibility to protect her, but when that time came, I failed. But I know I can't let it get to me..."

Flash Back

"Don't let each death bother you Saito, you're just one person. No one can save everyone. You must learn to be happy for the one's you've saved, not the one's you've lost"

End Of Flash Back

"Those words have been repeating in my head since her death"

"I hope you reach the top then Saito" Keisuke commented extending his hand out with a smile. They shook hands when a calm male voice could be heard as a sphere of purple energy floated above them.

"Welcome all to the infinite tower, we shall proceed with the first challenge through the door in front of you" The orc got up in anger walking towards a large black door with the others. All Keisuke could see was purple light shining through it.

"Come on Keisuke, we don't want to fall behind"

"Y-yeah" The man responded nervously. The pair made their way through the door as they were transported to a massive arena floating high in the air. He looked up to see a sky that looked like a nebula, purple with stars all around. Below the steel tiled stage was a dark abyss below.

Many of the contestants were also scanning the environment when the voice announced: "Welcome to the first challenge, here you will all battle one another. Team-ups are allowed. Your goal is to incapacitate or simple terms, defeat other participants until there is only 100 out of the 150 of you remaining. If you fall of the side that will count as a defeat. Now let's begin!"

Saito took off in an instant while the others battle each other, Nomasaki saw a built man with short blonde hair with a sleeveless brown-shirt and tan pants fighting a woman with long black hair wearing a black tress with a red staff as they clashed. Just then he turned to see the orc Saito had humiliated earlier.

"Hehe, that ninja's no longer here to protect you. I warned you this would be dangerous, you've only yourself to blame" The red orc grinned showing his sharp teeth as he pulled out his long red spear. It had a long red handle like a staff with a blade at the tip. "Be gone!" Just as the orc prepared to strike, a duplication of Saito appeared next to his ally gripping his katana at his slide before their blades clashed, sending sparks flying.

"Hehe, I may be a mere clone, but I'm still as skilled as the original. You might as well admit defeat orc"

"My name is Ogari, I shall not be bested by a mere human like you!" Suddenly the spear flung out of the orc's grasp as it spiraled out towards the crowd of other warriors. With an opening the clone put his index and middle finger together, striking the orc's chest. Purple electricity surged around his body as he let out cries of pain before hitting the steel platform.

Nomasaki watched as the orc vanished in a flash of blue light. Meanwhile the real Saito was moving through the crowd of opponents at a fast rate, striking them in pressure points causing them to hit the ground motionless. That's when a ray of blue light soared into the crowd, sending several contestants off the side while Saito remained in place, blocking with his blade.

He was bruised but managed to stop most of the attack. Most of the participants split on both sides of the arena out of the way as a woman with long dark-red hair dressed in a black and red dress stood a few meters away from Saito. "Mmmm, you managed to not only defend against my attack but also keep yourself from falling off the side like the other garbage. There may be actual fighters amongst you"

Two men charged her from behind, a blonde-haired man dressed in knight armor wielding a sword and a bald man wearing a black martial artist uniform. She sighed closing her eyes as she stepped to the side just before they could hit her. They hit the ground, the force of their impact causing her hair to blow to the side. Both Keisuke from far away and Saito just a few meters away watched as both warriors attempted to strike her down.

"You bitch are you trying to kill us!?"

"You'll pay for that!" They cried out. She just looked at them uninterested as she dodged each punch and slash that came her way as if she knew their moves before they had even made them. In a sudden move she pulled out a kunai, knocking the blade out of the knight's hands as she quickly caught it and swiftly slashed them before lowering her hand. All watched as both the armor and clothing broke apart onto the stage leaving then in their boxers.

"You bitch! We'll get you for that!" The blonde knight cried as they were transported away. "Now then, are there any more weaklings willing to waste my time? Or can the real fight finally begin?" No one stepped up so she turned her sight back on Saito. "Now then, let's get the real fight started" A smirk grew on her face as she put her fingers together, covering it in blue energy forming a blade.

"Fine, let's get this started. It's been a while since I've had a real challenge" Gripping his blade tightly, the ninja advanced right for his target at super-speed, many couldn't even keep up with the warrior's speed. The female warrior aimed her palm directed at the coming ninja, firing three simultaneous blasts right for him.

"Childsplay" He evaded the coming blasts as they hit the spot at the last second, causing a massive dome of blue energy. (He dodged my attack!?) "Maybe you're not as fast as you think you are" Saito whispered behind her swinging his blade right for her neck. The blade stopped inches from her neck as Yukoda realized she had stopped his blade with her index and middle finger with her palm still covered in energy..

"Nice try little much as I'd love to continue this fight, I can see we're holding the others up. So let's hurry this up"

"Fine with me...duplication" The ninja created two clones at his side jumping back while the two clones charged right as her. They unleashed a barrage of sword strikes. She deflected each attack with her palm flowing with energy formed into a blade. "Give it up and just let me take the win little ninja"

"Not a chance!" One of the clones cried out. Meanwhile Saito gripped his katana with both hands, focusing power into his blade as it began swarming with a purple flame-like aura. "Secret art: true slash" The aura expanded from his blade to his entire body before soaring across the stage right for her. All saw a line of red light as Saito slit across the stage before coming to a halt, putting his blade back in it's sheath at his side.

His clones vanished as she stood shaking with a surprised look on her face for a few moments before a slash-shaped gush of blood splatted from her torso onto the stage as she fell back hitting the platform before getting teleported. Saito breathed heavily with surges of purple electricity still whipping around his body. The crowd stared in shock before going back to fighting.

Keisuke was about to head over to his weakened friend when a sadistic-looking man blocked his path. He had long red hair with clown face paint. He wore a ripped jean jacket with black pants. "Hehe, you aren't going anywhere, you're the weakest one here. I haven't seen you even attempt to fight anyone. You're just dead weight!" The assailant kicked him in the stomach knocking him back as he landed on his back.

At that moment he heard a voice: "You said you wanted power...a way to change your fate? I can give it to you. A power greater than anything else. All you have to want it" Keisuke looked up to see a golden crystal floating behind the man's shoulder. "Now die!" The man's foot came down to crush his skull when the young participant rolled out of the way, reaching for the crystal.

"Not so fast brat!" His enemy grabbed him by his jacket, launching him towards the right side of the ring towards the edge. "Keisuke!" Saito took off, knocking people out of the way attempting to reach his friend in time. Just as he reached the east side of the ring, his ally fell off the side.

"NO!" The ninja stopped inches from the side looking out into the abyss. His eyes wide. He clinched his fist in anger when he heard something. "A little help?" Saito looked below the edge to see the dark-haired guy trying to maintain his grip on the side. The ninja smiled with a sigh of relief as he pulled his friend up.

"I got it Saito"

"Got what?" Nomasaki showed him the golden crystal. It emanated immense power. He held it up as the crystal let out a blinding ray of golden light. Once it cleared, the crystal had vanished with wisps of golden light floating around the boy.

"What was that!?

"I don't know...but somehow...I can feel a strange power flowing inside me. Like a buildup of energy that's roaring to be realized"

"You got lucky brat! But I'm ending this now!" The sadistic clown man threw an all-out punch right for him when the man stepped out of the way as if his attack was moving in slow-motion. "Rrrgh! That was luck!" He threw a round house kick but missed with Keisuke jumping over his leg, punching him in the face with super-human strength.

His target went staggering back like a bullet, creating a crack in the arena from him trying to stop himself. "This...this can't be. That brat was a wimp and couldn't even fight back a moment ago. So, what gives!? Awww screw it! Take this!" As a final resort, he pulled out a knife, throwing it faster than a bullet right for Keisuke. Before Saito could deflect it, his partner caught it, throwing it right back just as fast.

A look of horror washed over their target as the blade struck his chest. "You...bastard" He collapsed motionless before vanishing. A bell abruptly rang out as the sphere of purple energy drifted down near the center of the stage.

"Well done all who remained in the fight. This challenge is officially over. You may all rest up for the 2nd challenge. You will all have one hour to rest before the 2nd challenge. I'd be smart about how you spend your time"

All the contestants were transported into a large hallway with rooms aligning both sides with numbers like a hotel. "Good, I'm glad that's finally over. That woman took up so much of the fight though. Wish I could've sparred with a few more people. But I'm sure there'll be plenty of time for that later, for now we should just be glad we survived the first challenge" Saito commented as they went into room 50.

Their room had a black rugged floor with a large couch against the wall, a round wooden table, a TV on the opposite wall with two doorways. The left leading to the bedroom, the other leading to the bathroom. Saito jumped onto the couch laying across it with his feet up on the arm rest. "By the way, you never told me why you're going to the top of the tower"

"Oh...I'm just trying to become stronger, when I stood at the door, it told me I could become stronger if I passed through the door. I don't remember much before then, I just had a want to become stronger, I felt weak, unable to control my own fate. I'm tired of being a worthless nobody, I will make my way up the infinite tower and become the strongest human there is" Keisuke gave him a determined look as they both locked eyes.

His friend let out a sigh closing his eyes before giving him a bright smile responding: "Well then, if that's your goal, then you have a long way to go since your skill and mine are far from equal. Though, you seem to have acquired an immense amount of power...wait, I remember you holding a golden crystal at one point in the first challenge. Who gave it to you!?"

"Some voice said if I wanted power, I needed to truly want it. That's when the crystal appeared and I managed to grab it just before being thrown off the side of the arena"

(Hmm, could he have been helped from one of the other participants from the sidelines? No...that strength he displayed in the last few moments of the challenge was far greater than most of the warriors there. Not to mention, many were too busy to even be able to send that much power to him from the other side of the ring. He said it was a golden crystal...why does that sound familiar...Wait! I remember that's one of the infinite treasures of this tower! I've only heard rumors of their existence. So...if that crystal exists, that means the others are somewhere in this tower as well!)

"Saito? Are you ok?" His friend had been in deep though for a while before snapping out of it. "Oh, yeah I'm fine, just lost track of what I was doing. I'm going to go get some shut eye. You should to, don't want to be tired for the 2nd challenge do you?"

Kiesauke gave him a smile. "You're right, see you later I guess" The ninja went into the bedroom that had a black carped floor, a dark-red bed and a window where what looked like space could be seen. All you could see was purple and blue colors with stars all around. (I wonder, is that space, or an entirely different dimension?) Saito quickly passed out while The young man sat on the couch thinking about what had happed; Who was that voice, why did they give him a crystal?

He sat there deep in thought until the purple sphere appeared in all the contestant rooms. "Thank you all for waiting patiently, let us get the 2nd challenge underway. You will all be transported in" At that moment, all of the warriors were transported to a dark forest. All of threes around them were miles high. White peddles were floating around them. The place way gray and quiet with a soft breeze.

Nomasaki heard some of the people laughing nearby. He walked past some of them to see a guy with short black hair with green eyes wearing only a towel. "Hey! Stop laughing at me! I didn't have time to put on clothes before I was teleported!" He shouted with an angered look on his face clinching his fist.

"Welcome all to the forest of silver gray. I've brought creatures from many different worlds into this forest. Your job is to defeat as many as you can within 20 minutes. Minor enemies are worth one-point, large enemies are worth five points and there is a boss-level enemy within the forest. Whoever can kill it will not only win even if it's there only kill, but also have an advantage in the next challenge. Good luck"

A woman dressed in bronze armor with long red hair and green eyes wielding a bow and arrow smirked announcing: "This will be easy, you all might as well give up while you still can. I'm trained in these kinds of environments"

"Rrrgh, keep talking bitch" A tall muscular bald man with dark skin grunted. "Those with overconfidence are normally the first to fall" She looked at him dead in the eye, her eyes twitching with anger. Meanwhile the others took different directions through the forest so they wouldn't crowd their path.

"Good luck Kisuke, I hope to meet back up with you before the test ends" Saito assured him. The young warrior nodded pulling his black hood up as the ninja took of through the forest, moving through the colossal trees. Keisuke took a deep breath, feeling the surge of energy building up inside him.

(I can feel it...the power dwelling inside me, wanting to be unleashed. Sigh...let's go) Golden sparks of electricity surged around his body as his hazel eyes lit up and his dark-red hair glowed. He took off at great speed. The white pedals blew around him from his fierce speed. He dodged each tree as if he were used to it. It was like his body told him when to move. Nomasaki spotted a lesser-demon up ahead. Clinching his fist, he began running in circles around the demon to confuse it. The monster tried to keep up with him but lost track of him.

Out of nowhere the hooded warrior struck the creature in the face, sending it smashing into a tree before hitting the gray grass below. The combatant waited to see if it'd get up but it laid there with blood running from the tree where it struck. "Alright, let's keep going"

Meanwhile Saito swiftly moved from tree to tree, his purple scarf blowing in the wind. Quickly he pulled out four knifes, throwing them simultaneously out in front of him. He struck a pair of zombies and a lesser-demon with three of the knifes while the four struck a tree. "Two out of three, not bad" He smirked retrieving the knife from the side of the tree before continuing through the forest. He noticed a fellow participant and scouted from a tree branch crouched down.

The combatant was the bald dark-skinned man, shirtless with white pants as he battled four tall-buff demons at once. "Stay back demons, no matter how many of you attack, I shall strike you down!" They lunged at him when he abruptly extended both arms out in opposite directions, striking two of them in the abdomen with golden light emanating from his palms. The two demons landed on their backs as they broke apart turning into ash from the power the man had used on them.

The two remaining devils let out screeching cries before running away. The man put his left fist against his right palm facing up like a praying position closing his eyes. His body glowed with a golden flame-like aura as he slowly aimed his palm in the direction of the escaping demons. "You devils won't be getting away. He fired off a blast of golden light out into the dark gray forest.

The ray of light struck one of the demons, utterly obliterating it. While the right one continued flying through the dark. The man prepared to unleash another attack when Saito jumped out from a tree in front of the demon, piercing through it's dark-shadow-like skin as purple blood spewed out and it's body landed in the gray grass.

The ninja landed in front of the fellow participant. "Wow, your power is amazing" He complimented. The dark an looked at him with an emotionless expression. "I appreciate your help, didn't have to do it. You cost me a point, but it was only worth five points. I can easily make those up. May we meet again soon. By the way, may I ask your name?"

"I am the ninja Saito Yukoda"

"Heh, I am the mystic man Minyuko Ultamia. Farewell Saito the ninja" The man vanished leaving Saito alone in the forest. "Hmph, I wonder how Keisuke is holding up"

A few miles away Nomasaki was quickly speeding through the area when a red beam was shot from one of the trees ahead of him. Catching him off guard, he dripped, staggering across the soil hit a tree. "Ack! Damn it, what was that?" Slowly getting up he saw an android that looked like a human but with robotic-looking eyes, a blue light for irises but no eye ball. It had black hair dressed in blue with black pants with white gloves. "So now there's androids? The male voice from the sphere did say these were from different worlds, no wonder these enemies feel so random"

Thinking quickly, he picked up a rock, using his surging power to throw it right for his target twice the speed of a bullet. The silent and emotionless android leaned to the right as the soaring projectile flew right past it, causing a gust of wind from it's fierce velocity.

(Crap! That robot can move that fast!?) Just then the humanoid advanced from the tree branch, moving right for Keisuke. The warrior managed to move out of the way just in time when the humanoid spun around, elbowing him in the ribs, sending him across the forest before his feet touched the side of a tree, using it to launch himself right back. Bits of blood ran from his bottom lips as he exchanged blows with the android.

They seemed about even when Keisuke suddenly struck the advocacy in the side of the face only to have no effect on him. It started at him, it's face undamaged as it grabbed his palm beginning to crush it within it's grasp. (Shit! If I can't even damage him, what's going to happen if he attempts to crush my hand!?) Using all his power, he head-butted the humanoid in the face, causing it to lose it's grip, staggering a few feet before catching itself.

Keisuke let out heavy breaths as blood ran down the right side of his forehead from hitting his enemy. "At this rate I'm going to fall behind, I need to hurry and get some distance from this thing before he either kills me or runs the clock out!" He clutched his wounded and bleeding head with his palm trying to gain distance from his opponent as he used his surging power to jump backwards, launching himself into the air soaring back.

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