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A young boy named Sam is living a happy life with his father until one day a secret from his father's past comes back to haunt him .

Thriller/Mystère Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans. © All rights reserved

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The young warlock : the beginning

Chapter I

< Sam come on it's time to go to bed >

<< Okay dad but before you go tell me a bedtime story >>

< Aren't you a little too old for this stuff? >

<< Come on dad, please! >>

< Huh you really are a troubling kid. Let's see what story should I tell you? >

<< I wanna hear that one. >>

< But I told it to you like a thousand times. Aren't you sick of it already ?>

<< No it's my favorite story. >>

< I guess I have no choice. Alright then here we go. Once upon a time ..... >

That was my favorite thing about my childhood that I still remember to this very day. Despite him trying to tell me other stories, I've always picked that one. The story of Malice the rogue demon. I know what you're thinking. It's not exactly a story that an 8 years old child wants to hear but for some reason, I was really hung up on it so every time before I went to bed , I would have my dad tell it to me. My name is Sam. I was a happy kid growing up because I had the most amazing father ever. My mother died while giving birth to me so my dad had to take care of me all by himself. That's who he was to me. The man that can do anything, invincible nothing can stop him, a hero that I've always looked up to. But that wasn't always the case. He's been ill since I can remember, however, he was always trying to act tough in front of me It's clear that his intention was for me not to worry but it the truth could not be more obvious. Nevertheless , I've never said anything about it because I wanted to respect his wishes. That and the idea that a person like my father can't be vulnerable. But when it collided with reality, that delusion fell apart. It was by the time I turned 17 years old. He got really sick and this time he couldn't hide it. Seeing my father like that, I was helpless. I didn't know what to do. Even the doctors couldn't know what was wrong with him. “Your father is fine, there's nothing wrong with him”, I've never seen this before. That's all they were able to say. However, it wasn't that hard to get what they meant. My father is beyond saving. It's the bitter truth I have no choice other than to accept it and deal with the fact that the hero that I've always looked up to has reached his limits. His physical condition wasn’t the worst thing. I got used to him being in a bad shape but not mentally. Every time I talk to him, he always says stuff like take care of yourself son, You'll have to know how to manage everything on your own, words of someone that knows that he's on the verge of death. I would always say yes, understood, I will do that but deep down I couldn't take it. It was too much for me. I had no uncles because my father was a lonely child and his parents died years before I was born so I was pretty much on my own. I was broken , I didn't even have a shoulder to lean on or someone to share my feelings with . That's really difficult for a kid . I was all alone

However, I decided to pull it together and take care of my father . It's not easy and may be the hardest thing that I've ever had to do but at least that way I might be able to repay him for everything that he's done for me.

< Dad here's your medicine. >

<< There once was a man named Malice ... >>

The story that he used to tell me when I was a kid. He's hallucinating again. Every time he tells that story, I just let him be, and after he completes the story he falls asleep but this time he didn't.

<< They're coming ... >>

< What ?>

<< They're coming, They're coming >>

< Who are they? What do you mean? who's coming? >

<< He's coming .It's time. He's coming to reclaim what's rightfully his.>>

< Who's he? what's going on? >

<< No one can stop it. Not you, not me >>

This is getting out of hand. I have to do something.

<< I couldn't stop him before. I couldn't prevent it. I lost someone dear to me and now it's about to happen again !>>

Okay, that's it. He needs to go to sleep.

<< Jason maybe Jason! Maybe he can stop it !>

< Jason? Who's Jason? dad, what's gotten into you? >

<< No not even Jason! not this time. There's no stopping it there's no stopping it .... >>

< Stopping what? what is it? >

<< Hell on earth! >>

Chapter II

Hell on earth . Those were his final words . For someone that lived his whole life without harming anyone , those words weren’t quite what I expected . I didn't expect it to end that way . That was beyond my wildest dreams . Even though I knew how it was gonna end , I couldn't accept it . Why did it end like this ? Why is he dead ? what am I supposed to do now ? I was trying to suppress those thoughts but it was challenging . As I mentioned earlier , my father had no siblings so the people who showed up at the funeral weren’t my relatives .

However, a lot of people showed up . They were all my father’s friends . He was a kind person , a lot of people showed up and they all approached me . They were really nice and told me a lot of things about my father , stuff that I didn’t know about . It made me respect him even more knowing that I’m not the only one who looked up to him . My dad has been with me since I can remember in an opened casquet . At least he doesn’t look sick . He looks peaceful , calm , he's been through a lot . You’ve done well , you can rest now .

I didn’t have a lot of friends . I wasn’t that good at social skills . Every time I try communicating with people , they just leave me standing and go . I only had two friends, July and Mickeal . They didn’t show up at the funeral because they’re timid and don’t like big crowds . They visited me after the funeral .

< Hey July , Mickeal come in >

<< Hi Sam sorry for your loss >>

< Thank you I appreciate it >

<< You’re welcome >>

< So how are things in school ? >

<<< Not much . Everybody misses you >>>

< I highly doubt that . I’m pretty sure no one knows who I am >

<< Don’t say that . It’s not true right Mike ? >>

<<< Of course not >>>

< Regardless I appreciate what you’re doing >

<< So what are you up to ? >>

< Nothing really . I don’t have any relatives so I won’t be going anywhere >

<<< You’re welcome to stay with me until you figure something out . >>>

< Thanks I appreciate it . But I think I’m gonna stay here .Where are my manners ? let me go to get you something to drink . >

<< Oh you don’t have to . >>

< No not at all . Make yourself at home >

<< Well then I’d like an ice tea .>>

< Great how about you Mike ? >

<<< Just a coffee . >>>

< Right away . >

They’re really good friends . I’m lucky to have them . An ice tea for July and a coffee for Mike .I forgot to ask him how many sugar cubes he wants .

I went back to the living room .

< Mike how many sugar cubes you .. >

<<< Sam >>>

< Mike >

He was on the floor .I went to check on him .

< Mike ! What happened? He's bleeding . July what happened ? >

<< I don’t know . Someone attacked him . He was trying to rob the place . I tried to stop him but he was stronger than me . Because of me Mike got hurt . >>

< Okay calm down . We need to stop the bleeding and then take him to the hospital . Get me a fresh towel >

<< Okay >>

How did this happen ? Once again someone else got hurt because of me . What am I doing ? this is not the time for this ! I need to do something or …

<<<S...a..m >>>

< You’re gonna be alright Mike . I’ll stop the bleeding . >

<<< Ju..ly >>

< July is fine thanks to you . She went to get you a fresh towel . >

<<< Don’t …>>>

< What ? I can’t hear you >

<<< Don’t trust >>>

< Don’t trust who ? What are you talking about ? >

<<< July ! >>>

July ? He has a fever . He’s hallucinating . Where’s July? She’s taking too long !

There’s nothing missing . Why would anyone come to rob a place and not take anything ? Did he freak out because of what happened to Mike ? no that doesn’t make any sense . According to what July said he came straight after them . But how ? The windows are closed, there's no sign of breaking and entering on the door . Did they open the door for him ? no if that happened I would have heard someone knocking on the door . What’s going on here ?

Don’t trust July ! . That’s what Mike said earlier . I thought he was hallucinating . Was he trying to warn me? Either way I need to take him to a hospital and find out the truth about July .

<< Don’t move ! >>

< Jully ? What are you doing ? Where's the fresh towel? Mike is in a critical condition ! >

<< I know . I’m the one who stabbed him !>>

< What ? What do you mean you stabbed him ? >

<< The statement speaks for itself . Did you not understand it ? Do you want me to spell it for you ? >>

< You’re kidding ! this can’t be happening ! This is a bad dream right ? >

<< No this is real . >>

< Why ? Why would you do this , July ? >

<< July ? oh right I didn’t tell you ! >>

< Tell me what ? >

<< My name is not July . >>

< What ? What are you talking about ? >

<< I don’t have a name ! >>

< What ? That's preposterous ! What do you mean you don’t have a name ? you’re expecting me to believe such a thing ? >

<< Preposterous you say ? maybe it is preposterous to you human but not to us . >>

< To us humans ? Who are you ? no what are you ? >

<< What am I ? I’m a demon ! >>

< A demon ? >

<< It will be better to show you . >>

The lights are turning on and off . The walls are crumbling . What's this ? an earthquake ?

When I turned and I saw her , I almost lost consciousness from the chock . That’s not a human being , what’s standing in front of me is not a human being . It’s beyond that .

Her face was black as were her eyes . She had two horns, one of them was broken and the other was intact . Her nails were too long like blades . A freak ,no….. a monster ! .

< A monster ? >

How did she know what I was thinking ? Is she able to read minds ? .

<<It’s obvious . Your reaction is pretty obvious . I can’t read minds . I don’t have that kind of ability . >>

< What do you want from me ? >

<< For some reason the big boss is interested in you ! >>

< The big boss ? Who’s he ? >

<< He’s the one that rules us all . >>

< What does he want from me ? >

<< I don’t know . We don’t get to ask questions . He gives us missions and we execute them with no questions asked . We don’t get to know anything . The big boss doesn’t care about us Orks . We’re the weakest among all tribes .Other tribes have other abilities and are socially better than us .See this horn ? the broken one ? It's what the king does to weak tribes to distinguish us . We’re disrespected by the king and other tribes .We’re not as powerful as them . All we’re left with is loath , disrespect , hatred , fear, unable to do anything . Enough there’s no point talking about it . All I can do now is take to you to him . >>

What is happening ? She's cutting herself ? Why is she doing that ? . Where’s she taking me ? What is happening ? . Mike ! I totally forgot about Mike ! How is he ? What happened to him ? Where did he go ?

<< Come on let’s go we don’t have … >> .

What’s going on ? Why did she stop ?

<< How …>>

Mike ? How is he moving ?

<<< I had a bad feeling about you and it was true . You've been acting differently for the past two weeks and I noticed so I decided to keep an eye on you . >>>

<< You were hiding a cursed item ? you expected this ? you didn’t trust your own friend ? >>

<<< My friend isn’t a monster >>>

<< I guess this my mistake for thinking I can deceive a warlock . >>

I couldn’t do anything . I just stayed still as he put a blade in her chest and her lifeless body collapsed on the floor . The moment she fell on the floor , a shadow merged its way through her eyes and ran away .

<<< Come on we have to go . >>>

< Go where ? slow down Mike what’s going on here ? >

<<< We don’t have time ! You saw her cutting herself . She was trying to open the gate to the underworld . It won’t be long before they invade the place ! >>>

< How do I know you’re not one of them too ? >

<<< If I wanted to do something to you I wouldn’t have saved you . Either way come with me.I’ll explain everything .>>

< Where to ? >

<<< The association . >>>

Chapter III

I got up and went with him . I didn’t have time to think about what happened or to freak out .

We carried July’s corps to the car . It’s the first time I touched a corpse . She was cold and lifeless .

We got in his car and he started driving . I was still shaking , unable to believe what I just witnessed .

< Here have some water >

<< No I’m fine thanks >>

< I guess I owe you an explanation . >

<< What is going on Mike ? What is all of this ? >>

< Where should I start ? >

<< Who are you ? Is your name really Mike ? >>

< Yes my name is Mike . I’m a warlock . >

<< A Warlock ? That's what July said . What does that mean ? >>

< My job is to exterminate monsters . All kinds of demons , ghouls , werewolves . >

<< That’s why you killed July ? >>

< Don’t worry about it . She’s not dead . >

<< What do you mean ? I saw you stabbing her in the chest ! >>

She can’t be alive ! Her body was lifeless , she was cold , her heart stopped beating .

<< July wasn’t a demon . She was an Ork . >>

< An ork ? >

<< Orks aren’t like other demons . You can call them the scum , the lowest tribe of monsters . They don’t have names , so at a certain point they feel the urge to have a name , to have an identity, something to feel like they exist to fill their emptiness so they possess humans .

That’s what’s dangerous about them . They can fit in as humans . When I hit July , I went for her chest because I was aiming for the ork . If I wanted to kill July I would have aimed for heart and I would never kill a friend . >>

< A friend ? >

<< July is a warlock just like me . We were both sent by our superiors to keep an eye on you .You didn’t have friends so it wasn’t hard to get closer to you .But when she got possesed , she started acting differently so I took my precautions .Luckily I managed to handle the situation and both July and you survived . Although she may not be able to remember what happened .So I think It’s better that we don’t tell her what happened . >>

<<< Where am I? >>>

<< Welcome back July . >>

Thank God ! She's okay .

<<<Mike , Sam what are you doing here ? what happened ? >>>

Mike told me not to tell her anything but what am I supposed to do in this kind of situation ?

<< He knows July , about the warlock thing . >>

<<< Did you tell him ? Why did you do that ? our superiors made it clear that we keep it a secret ! >>>

<< I had no choice . He was attacked by an ork . He was sent by the big guy>>

<<< The king ? Why would he do that ? >>>

<< I don’t know . We’ll know more when we get there . >>>

<<< I can’t remember anything . My head hurts . >>>

<< You got hit in the head . That’s why you don’t remember anything . >>

<<< Are you okay ? >>

< Yeah I’m fine Mike saved me . Although I’m still a little confused . >

<<< I Don't blame you . It’s insane . But you’ll get used to it . >>>

Easy for you to say , you’ve been dealing with this since you were a kid . I just found out about this whole thing . How long have we been driving ? When are we gonna get there ?

<< We’re here >>

Finally we reached our destination . Where are we ? I can’t see clearly, my vision is blurry .

I can see a huge building but it’s fuzzy . The more I try to concentrate the more it hurts . I feel like my head is about to explode .

< What is this huge building ? >

<< You can see it ? no wonder the king is interested in you ! >>

< It’s a little blurry . I can’t concentrate . >

<< Don’t try too hard you’ll only damage yourself more . Come on let’s go inside . >>

We entered the building . It was huge and there were a lot of people there . Mike started showing me around .Afterwards we went to see Mike’s supervisor .

< Mike , July welcome back ! >

<< Hey Steve it’s been a while >>

< How are you ? I haven’t seen you since you were like 11 years old . Look at you you’ve changed so much ! >

<< Glad to see that you haven’t changed .>>

And then he saw me .

< Who's your friend ? >

<<< Hi I’m Sam nice to meet you . >>>

< Sam ? you mean …>

<< Yeah . A lot happened . >>

<<<Hi I’m sam Carlton nice to meet you . >>>

< Likewise . I’m Steve . >

<<< Steve ? >>>

< I don’t have a last name . Here we don’t have last names . We all belong to the association . >

<<< That’s a little … >>>

< Weird ? get used to it . Looks like you’re gonna be here for a while . So what happened ? . >

And then July and Mike started explaining the whole thing .

< I see . I’m surprised that you’re able to see this place >

<<<< Now that you mention it It’s is a little weird . >>>>

<<< Why is that ? >>>

< Normally only warlocks or people that possess cursed flow are able to see this place . Now that you mention it , I do sense cursed flow in you . >

<<< How is that possible ? I’m not a warlock ? >>>

< Don’t ask me, I'm as surprised as you, it's the first time this has happened . For now, welcome aboard . July take him to his room . >

<<<< Understood >>>>

Then July took me to my room . It was the first time I spent a night outside the house but I had no problem with it . Even though I was at a new place , It felt like home . Meanwhile Mike and Steve kept talking .

< Looks like the king finally made his move . >

<< Yeah . But why would he go this far just for one human being ? not just him the superiors why would they assign us to observe him ? >>

< I don’t know . They’re keeping it a secret . But I have a bad feeling about it . His cursed flow , did you sense something weird about it ? >

<< No not really It wasn’t that dense . But it didn’t feel like a warlock’s cursed flow . >>

< That’s the point . It wasn’t ! >

<< It wasn’t ? What do you mean ? >>

< It was more ominous . Darker , deeper , more evil . >

<< You don’t mean … >>

< Precisely . Like a demon’s cursed flow and not just that of a powerful one . It’s a little faded now it will grow and grow until it gets out of control and when that happens … >

<< It will be a disaster ! What should we do ? >>

< We have no choice but to call in the big guns .>

<< The big guns ? don’t tell me … >>

< Exactly . We’re calling Jason ! >

Meanwhile the underworld is in chaos .

The king is waiting for the ork to bring what he asked for . However when the ork showed , the king wasn’t very happy .

< Where’s the boy ? >

<< My apologies to your majesty . I couldn’t fulfil my mission . >>

< What do you mean you couldn’t fulfil your mission ? >

<< A warlock showed up . He caught me off guard . He took the boy with him . >>

When he heard that , he got furious and the place started crumbling .

< One job ! I gave you one job ! get me a little boy. How hard is that ? and you couldn’t do that ! >

<< I’m sorry your majesty but you didn’t tell me about the warlock . >>

But that just made him angrier .

< What are you getting at ? You’re saying that this is my fault ?You’re saying that I made a mistake ? >

<< No your majesty . >>

< Maybe It’s my fault for trusting that a filthy , weak , disgusting ork is able to do the job . >

He snapped his finger . That’s all it took for him to cut the ork in pieces .

< Clean this mess ! >

When he said that , all demons gathered to clean it, afraid that they'd end up like the ork .

After a while , he called in one of his subordinates .

< Yes your majesty . >

<< Samael come I have a mission for you . >>

< What is it ? >

<< I need you to do what that scum couldn’t do . Don’t go by yourself . Warlocks are dangerous and we don’t know much about the situation . Send some of your soldiers .Will they be able to do it ? >>

< Of course . I promise they won’t fail you . >

<< Good . You’re dismissed . >>

Soon . It won’t be long before the day comes . That boy will change everything and when we get him ,It will be hell on earth ! . The heir is coming home ! .

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