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Brothers 2



I will save him!" He stopped himself from crying, trying to bravery himself up.

I can do it!" I can save him!" I can save him!" I'm his brother!" I'm his brother, and I can save him for once and for all!" He gets up from the ground, him terrified to the death, on recovering being brave.

He sniffles a little, and wipe the tears off his face, it looking real messy and mushy of being really wet.

Thank you so much man-He let's put his hand out to him to reach on a handshake.

The kid looks at it a little with a little focusing eye view, then of shaking it real sharp and smooth.

Your welcome, man."

That's your brother, go save him."

We sure will-Hey!"

He yells out frightened.

Where your going!?"

We doing this together right, like how can I repay you, to do so?"

You don't need me, Ludwig."

You don't need my assistance any longer."

Your favors aren't needed."

If you really want to thank me, on to do so, save your brother."

He needs you."

His up there, and the only can save him from his selfish on doomed behaviors of his soul lost, is you."

Your his brother."

As you though, coward means weakness."

Scared means weakness."

If you really love your brother, save him."

He waves his good bye, on time travel his mind on self to a escape route of a entry for him to go back home to where his world belongs.

His warm smile on good byes cried Ludwig to tears.


I-I need you!"

I wouldn't be here, if it wasn't for you, in this world!"

What if I can't save him?"

What if-What you say you can't do, you can't."

What you say you can and will try, you will succeed, and can do it."

See you when I see you, best friend."


The portal of the entry closed.

He waved on with his warm smile at Ludwig.

It was so warm-some on bless full.

It was like life of a new beginning, he never thought he'll reach the peak, him already had did.

He wipe his tears with the selves of his long green shirt.

He taken deep breaths and was determined for greatness.

Brother, hang in there!" He started running fast.

I'm gonna save you!"

He ran towards on up the stairs on the large big dark path.

Ran and ran, until he reach the doors on the front entrance, he had made it too.

Breathed heavily on at his hands on his knees, trying to breathe of him so tired.

He been greeted on a dangerous creature angry spirit, that'll kill him of a one with that scary sound in the mansion big house, he begged for his life.

He didn't want to die, and repeated his mercy of words.

I'm not going to kill you,"said sadly. What-why?" It didn't answer, it stopped his moaning, on with its sad eyes.

Calmed down of a red spirit, to a light red shade of color.

It stated at him.

And it raise it's hand out.

He reached for it confused.

And it lift him up.

It didn't do any fatal blow or strikes to him.

He was spared on was well just helped.

Than-thank you."

It didn't say anything again, and walked to a farther more distance away from him.


He stared at it, a little bit.

Kept it moving forward.

All the killer spirit's started to come into the void of the light.

They all stared at him.

He even got to see ones of its true state on body, he didn't know, that he'll only see to the ends of his death.

His investigation on to save his brother, on his curiosity, that was the death of himself, going to places he had no business to go, without proper sure, it's safe.

Hello, everyone...."

He waves at them all. They showed nothing but just looking so sad.

Even the evil one of the little girl with black eyes, she looked sadly as well.

With her weapon, on he had to run from on avoid, her just standing there, all staring at him.

His heart beat at normal state.

He felt safe, and uneasy.

He didn't like being in the dark so long, and really want to know why is this happening.

He kept moving forward.

In each side how goes of walking, there is more of them by each side, keeps on staring at him in a good standing tall position.

Having their attention on him.

No blinking, no breathing of like they having no life, standing of a human beautiful corpse they are.

The devils of females scared the crap out of him, he had killed of having no choice in self defense, to no be trapped in his own dreaming of a conflict, that's still unsettled.

Wait!" He went to his knees having his hand for a surrender.

Please don't kill me!"

I had no choice, I try to get you to stop, you wouldn't listen!"

It's fine Ludwig......."

She said softly.

Please get up....."

He got up on his feet slowly, keeping a close eye on her.

Her weapon was in dormant.

She didn't wind it up, or did anything.

Okay, what is going on?!" He shouted out.

I do appreciate this, me being spared on to life, but I want some answers!"

Please?" I didn't meant to yell, I'm just scared......"

Your answers are within this path to the end of it."

She began.

Please go, save us."

He kept walking like she said.

She slide steps out his way.

Safe us all."

He kept moving feeling the air getting colder then usual.

He sees more of his foes, that is really dangerous, filling up the side lines of the area.

His eyes were peeled like I've to go forward.

He went through on his feet to go up a large big area obstacle in his way, on making it past to keep going forward.

He seen his helper on so called best friend, that was on his knees, bleeding endlessly by the neck of his throat, leaking out. I'm-sorry....." You can speak?" Ludwig gasped.

He fell towards the ground hard, and his blood spread towards his feet, it feeling so much of it now feeling warm.

Aghhh!" He walks over him, tried not to get disgusted.

What was he talking about?"

We're out in this together, and you were along with him all the way, you always wanting to do things solo alone?"

I'm surprised he even made it that long, in this dangerous place of hell, mostly by himself." I always try to treason him, us together is power." We can make it out together more easily."

He looks up on see the one a woman he haven't seen before, that was standing of her evil on deeds, destroyed to her looking like a mortal human of her real age on beauty women self, that was standing on hanging by many threads, that's real pointy on secure her to where she was.

She shakes on cried in Freon of a fellow male in the distance.

Hey!" Ludwig shouted.

He ran up to going to in the middle of the place, it raining hard.

She gasped of little happy she was, like never before.

Well, if it isn't my brother........... Ludwig........."

He began.

I've thought I killed you...."

Well, I'm alive now!"

And I'm gonna save you!"

All the spirit's of them all got up glowing towards behind Ludwig hundred of feet back, watching them both, as well the one they fear to the death, of pure depression.

How so, Ludwig?"

Tell me....... how are you going to do that?"

And besides, I found home where I'm at now, your not needed."

Your worth is nothing to me, not even you of a brother."

How can you say something like that?!"

No matter what you throw at me, I'm gonna save you, because I love you!" We're meant to be bro!" I'm not leaving you behind this time anymore!" You and I will come home!" Where was that love, when I was left behind for death?!"

Ludwig stuck up on his words.

He choked on felt ashamed.

Love?" Pfff...."


You didn't even know or either cared about your brother missing, on was left behind, because of her!"

He talked like you, and looked like you!" It was all you, I assume!" He even treats the princess on wealth of life, no one can better then do, like you-Silence!" I'm tired of the excuses!" I'm tired of the lies...." The darn same cycle that never ends!"

He hits of weapon of throne towards the ground it erupted like the volcano it of a earthquake.

Home, I won't go too."

What's out there of home, that's just left of this to cycle on to repeat?"

He attacked her of hanging up, that screamed in pain.


Leave her alone!"

I'm sorry, as of the world, we can start over on start new everyday until you get it right."

He has his hand out wide open.

He was crying on was hoping he does reach it.

He turned around towards Ludwig and didn't accept his hand.

No, I'm afraid, I can't shake your hand, Ludwig."

He shocks of what he said getting it away back to the sides of his shoulders to his hips.

This is my home, where I belong." And you will too, be trapped with me."

Be my servant of a brother prince you so called wanting, or is my brother."

Come join me!" He raise his hands up twirling around with his voice all mighty and booming.

Let's start back over, together."

We can start new, all you have to do is grab my hand."

He releases it out to being to be in seen reach.

Ludwig felt a cold feeling, of his smile to him.

He looked behind him, as of all the spirits was shaking there head side to side, all at the same time.

As well the troubled woman hanging up there.

He looks what's in front of him.

I can't accept that either."

Please, brother, she's gone already."

The damage of your doing of revenge, I tried to stop you on dial, is already over...."

We can start new, please..."

Let's go home, and start from there."

We can find a new true love to the heart of that fulfill your heart, the right one for you-everything went dark pure red.

It really hot on burning of smoke and ash.

He looked around, seeing bright red burning lights of its view really shiny on ragging looking.

As I expect from a idiot fool like you!"

True love, is only escape of acceptance, none of us in this world, was really there for us."

Not even me....."

All those many of years of it to hundred of my years gone.....-He sets his hand down.


gone............... she taken from me, I WON'T FORGIVE!!!!!!"

He raged on with his weapon showing his true form of his pain on suffering, on mental health self, all combined unleashed, into the hell valley arena, of the world of his mind was set as of that, with his big weapon blazing burning hot into the pale sling of his body, it doesn't effect him, not one bit.

He stared deeply into Ludwig's eyes.

All the spirits, there of caged in up high, to of seeing the fight of the battle, just fine.

They was made of pure as was, and started crying.

You want your brother so bad......................"


Eeek!" Ludwig jumps back of it jump scared him.


He charged on was running after him.

Ahhh!" Ludwig screamed.

Scared on crawling up into a ball.

You don't need me."

If you really want to thank me, on repay me in any way, save your brother."

Only you can save your brother, bring him home!"

He gets up on his feet, on cried a bit, and prepared fro battle.

His brother was a inch away from him of distance to attack, he closed his eyes on open them, ready to.............to fight..

I will save you brother, hang in there," he said in his mind

——To be continued.———-


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