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Firestar found some kit's in his den right next to him he sniffs the kit's and is shocked to find out that they are related to him. Sandstorm and firestar take them to cinderpelt and set them down she tells them the gender. Firestar is is a afraid to take care of them as a father because he is their older brother but dustpelt tells him that they are way to young to know that he is their brother so dustpelt says that he will help him be a to his siblings and that they tell them the truth when they are apprentices firestar and sandstorm agree and then dustpelt says that it is a secret from them and the clan but when firestar goes to name them he gets poked by a needle and falls into a deep sleep sandstorm tells dustpelt to pick up the kit's and into the nursery to save them

Humour Satire Tout public. © 29

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Abandoned kit's

iit was a normal Sunny day and firestar was in his den as he usually is then all of a sudden he heard some kit's crying and it wasn't outside the den he looked down and saw to healthy kit's he called for sandstorm. meow, meow. what was that I don't see anything. meow ,meow. it's coming from right beside me, this is funny I should get dustpelt and sandstorm,dustpelt sandstorm come here I want to show you something funny but cute. what is it firestar. look what is right beside me. are those kit's. yep. that's funny. yeah it is. who do they belong to. I don't know and they do not smell like clan cats. firestar smelled them he lifted his head in shock. what is it firestar. I know their mother. who do they belong to. my mother. what. so these kit's are related to you. yep but why would she give them to me when she knows hawkfrost is out there, sandstorm, dustpelt I can't risk losing them. I know but first let's take them to cinderpelt to see what gender they are because they are obviously newborn kit's. you got that right. they entered cinderpelts den. cinderpelt I would like you to meet some kit's. yes firestar. cinderpelt looked at them and smelled them. they have your scent firestar. that's because they are my new siblings and my mother wants me to have them but how can I be their father when I'm their brother. don't tell them your their older brother. you want me to lie to my siblings, I never lied to princess did I. he has a point sandstorm he can't. ok then it's a secret to them and the clan to them firestar I'll help you and sandstorm take care of them but they are far too know who you actually are to them, when they are apprentices that's when you will tell them the truth. sounds good. sandstorm. I'm in. ok then it's a secret to them and the clan but firestar since you are their brother I will help you. thanks but the clan will also have to know the truth. cinderpelt what gender are they well the white and orange one. hold on orange, that means they are my full siblings my father must have gone back. he must have. what gender are they. the white with light dark brown paws and muzzle is a she-cat and the dark brownish black with flame colored paws and muzzle is a tom. firestar what do you want to name them their your siblings. yeah they are but I'm not our mother are mother named me. I know but their in your paws now. ok. firestar took a deep breath but before he could name them hawkfrost poked him into a deep sleep. dustpelt his siblings grab them and run to the nursery. dustpelt entered the nursery. ferncloud these are firestars brother and sister. why aren't they named yet. because firestar is not the who has to name them so they will remain nameless until he is rescued. are those chains I hear, ferncloud cover them with your tail we can't let hawkfrost see them those kit's mean a lot to them.

hawkfrost please don't take him not now. to late I'm already getting him to be chained. and done he is ready to be chained when I get to my cave with him and put him in a then I'll clip them to the loops in the cage see you later.

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