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Firestar is leader of thunderclan and one night he hears something outside and when he leaves the camp a net gets on him trapping him and a needle pokes his neck making him fall asleep

Humour Satire Tout public. © 21

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Setting the trap

good night firestar see you in the morning. good night sandstorm. they both went to sleep. in the middle of the night firestar heard something outside. huh what is that, I better go check it out. he's coming get ready oakfur. what was that sound. now a net falls on top of firestar trapping him and oakfur pokes a needle into his side sending him to sleep. that makes it a lot easier. they brought firestar into the cave and set him down I'll bring you too the cage that he will be in. oakfur dropped the needle and then he picked firestar up and carried him to his cage. this one now throw him in. he threw firestar into the cage letting the net drop and locked the cage. let's go. the next morning in camp sandstorm woke up. morn...firestar, dustpelt. what is it sandstorm. firestar is gone. oakfur help me. what. i want to put a metal collar on him and and then hook a chain to the wall and the collar and the same for his legs. ok. they finished chaining firestar up. firestar slowly woke up he got up and started walking but didn't get far. what in starclan. firestar kept trying to get free. hawkfrost and oakfur walked in. good morning firestar. what did you do to me. we put a metal collar on you and then put a chain to the wall and then to the collar and we did the same to your legs. firestar looked down and saw metal collars and chains leading to the wall. he looked back up at them he turned to oakfur. how could you. I'll meet you back out. hawkfrost left. I had no choice I was forced to do it but I promise I will find every way can to try to get you out. I'm sorry firestar. it's okay. but I brought you a vole. thanks oakfur started padding over to the exit. I promise.

what do you mean he is gone. look. what in starclan how. I don't know but we have to find him please dustpelt find him for me. I will. sandstorm started crying. want me to get cloudtail to stay with you. yes please I would like that since he is firestars nephew. ok. dustpelt saw brightheart and cloudtail by the fresh-kill pile sharing tounges. he padded over to them. dustpelt what is it. firestar he's missing can you two stay with sandstorm. I'm coming with you. I'll stay with her. thanks brightheart come on cloudtail we have a stop to make. where. what clan do we always go for for help. shadowclan. ok then that’s where were going and then were going to go to windclan for crowfeather, webfoot, nightcloud and ashfoot. they entered shadowclan camp. russetfur. dustpelt, cloudtail what is it. we have a problem. let me guess hawkfrost has firestar. I don't know but firestar is gone. Let’s go talk to blackstar. they padded up to blackstars den. come in. russetfur, dustpelt, cloudtail sit down and tell me what is going on. firestar is missing and we have a feeling that hawkfrost has him. russetfur go with them and take owlpaw and smokepaw with. they left and headed to windclan camp. onestar we need crowfeather, nightcloud, webfoot and ashfoot were on a mission to find firestar. ok here they come now. that was fast. let's go. they found a cave and entered it. help. firestar kept tugging on the chains. in there. firestar. help. hurry. firestar, firestar, firestar. huh crowfeather, cloudtail, dustpelt help me please. were coming. firestar started tugging on the chains but couldn't get free. help me. were here open the door owlpaw, smokepaw go in and see what is on him cloudtail, crowfeather keep watch. the is some sort of metal thing around his legs and neck webfoot, ashfoot, russetfur can you do the one around his neck. um you better hurry because hawkfrost helper is coming back. no need to worry I coming to help free him.

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