Kaytlyn Marie Ernst

Firestar and sandstorm are spending the day at thunderclans part of the lake with crowfeather and nightcloud along with dustpelt and ferncloud they were at the lake till dawn they went and went to sleep and at moonhigh hawkfrost kidnaps dustpelt, firestar and crowfeather

Humour Satire Tout public. © 34

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Spending time

firestar, sandstorm are you coming we have to meet crowfeather and nightcloud there before sunhigh. were coming. they met crowfeather and nightcloud at thunderclans part of the lake. hey guys. hey crowfeather, nightcloud. good it's sunhigh we can go have. you girls can go in the lake but not to far. I just want to sit in the sand. ferncloud splashes water at dustpelt. hey I'll get you for that. sandstorm splashes water at firestar. you little. nightcloud don't you dare. nightcloud splashes water at crowfeather. your going to pay for that. they stayed in the lake till dawn. we better get back. your right. but it was pretty fun. they went back to camp. maybe we can do it again in a few days. I'm up for it. so are we. good night. they went to bed.

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