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Polian City faced a great disaster as they were freaked out by an unexpected wave of zombies who are all oddly smiling. Joas, soon to be a doctor that cures by killing... compare himself as nothing different from these zombies... was not eaten but captured by a strange human-like zombie who only aims to protect him at any cost, along with a veiled and unspoken motive.

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(Typographical and Grammatical Errors Ahead)

{DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. Unless otherwise indicated, all the names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents in this story are either the product of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.}


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I can hear the whole Polian City agonizing as the living deads conquer its entirety. Howls, groans, sirens, guns, are screaming all over the whole town. Everyone can be seen valuing their own lives and their loved ones. In the other words, It feels like it's gonna be the end of this miserable world.

Well, that's what everyone wanted in the first place, anyway. Funny to see. Why are they seem to be horrifed this time with these freaks?

Simply, as they listen to their body getting chewed apart, they still gonna scream their soul out, begging for help to live.

I'm Joas Vence, soon to be a doctor. But my own goal is to cure by ending one's life without any suffering.

For I haven't felt being alive or cured ever since I was born. Wala akong pinagkaiba sa mga zombie na ito. But still, they are completely ahead of me. For they know why they're running.

But this time, I will try to run on my feet. Just once. This time. For this kid.

"Kuya! I won't leave you here! Please! Sasama nalang ako sainyo!" tears were in her eyes. But trying to look brave. She's still a baby for me. I can fully understand. As of now, we're heading on a rooftop to meet someone.

"Don't be too stubborn, Asiana! Not now, please!?" I scolded. I know she won't listen.

"But I'm scared kuya. And you're my only home. I rather die beside you than survived with a stranger " Her tone suddenly soften. Eagerness still in her eyes.

"He's not a stranger. He's our friend, Asiana. I told you to trust me, not him." I stated calmly. Nang muli syang magsalita.

"I knew it... It is because... I'm not your real sister after all" saglit akong natigilan.

"Asiana, stop talking bulls-- just-- please." I almost exclaimed. Keeping myself from swearing.

"That's why you can't save me with your own hands, isn't it?" she continued.

"I'll come after. And I'm gonna use your umbrella." Trying hard to convince her. Her face lightens.

Until I heard a helicopter coming down. He's finally here.

"Joas" Werth, the one we'll be meeting to fetch my little sister. Interrupting our sibling fight. He walks near us.
"Ako na ang bahala sa kapatid mo"

"Take her to Abrosia safely, Werth. Our mom's waiting for her" habilin ko.

" I will." I know he would. He's a public sergeant. My sister's safe with him. I assure. Hopefully.

I took a last glance at her. She's still upset. But I know, she's kind of fine somehow. I wave her goodbye.

"Someday, I'm gonna be your real sister, kuya" She uttered for the last time. Tears fell to her cheeks. For another time. Making my chest feel twisted.

Hindi agad ako nakagalaw. Her words kept on making me feel uneasy. Eyes still stuck on their helicopter she's riding in. Slowly fading away beneath the clouds.

She's too naive for that kind of thing. She wasn't supposed to think like that. I might be indeed unexpressive for my thoughts. But I do love her. Like a real sister of mine.

As I came back, I sat at the corner of my infirmary for the last time. This is my Montorium. A suicide place. Where I let the people - dying inside, in horrible pain, suffering, to be pulled out from misery in the kindest way.

Because every people's suffering ends in themselves. Of their own will.

Life is merely a chore nowadays. And I don't know how it works. So I decided to just help by ending it. In a good way.

I saw my assistant Hecor walk near the door entrance. Full of sadness in his eyes. Changing the sign from "Die" to "Live for now" at the entrance of the door. Corny. It was his idea anyway. Not mine.

"Stop worrying, Joas. At least alam na nating safe sya ngayon. Hindi tayo pwede sumama sakanila dahil alam natin na mas delikado yun" Phil - my second assistant, stated as he saw me.

"Now all we have to do is wait for Conan to get us away from he--" Phil frozed.I look at him with confusion. Pointing down something behind me with his rounded eyes.

"S-SHIT!!" Hecor panicked. I tilt my head down. Just to see a zombie crawling down towards us. Dead eyes... dead skin... dead body... but has a lively smile. These zombies are completely ahead of me. One more thing I noticed was its face is kind of familiar.

The zombie crawls faster.

And before I could even run. My left foot caught up. Thence, I lost my balance.

"ANAK NG! JOAS!" Hecor screamed.

When I was about to make a kick, a huge glass of bottle saved my ass. Abruptly dropped on this zombie's ugly fragile head.The broken piece of the glass shattered. Making its foot stabbed. With plenty of those sharp pieces pinned on its eyes. Luckily makes it lose its grip on my feet.

We did not pause for a second. Run directly to check the main door's safety.

A loud bang from the other side of the door answered our curiosity. Agad kaming napaatras. One small move. And the whole room will be surely invaded. By those living deads that came up from nowhere.

We quickly ran upstairs. Checking the current situation outside. At di na kami nagulat, pinasok na nga ng mga ito and main door. Left us with 0 choices. But to jump out from the second floor of the building.

Quickly as possible. We tried to escape from that chaotic place. The moment we came out; Polian City appeared completely unrecognizable.

Dead bodies were scattered all over the road. Human flesh. Bloody road. Cramped vehicles. Firecrackers all over the place.Ngunit nakakapagtaka. Tila walang umaalagid na gumagalang buhay na bangkay ngayon sa parteng ito ng kalsada.

I let my eyes wander around. Trying to decide which route would take us out from this torment.

I let out a heavy sigh. Naalala ko na naman si Asiana. Silently praying for her to get home safely. We walk as calmly as possible. Trying to find any vehicle we could use to escape from this falling city. When Hecor suddenly speak.

"Tangina naiwan ko pa yung phone ko dun!?"

"What the Hec naman! Pano na natin macocontact si Conan nyan!? Wala na kong battery" Phil replied.

"Kasalanan ko?! Sisihin mo yung zombie kanina!"

In the middle of the argument, one thing suddenly made me stop functioning. And for some reason, my chest automatically stops from breathing.

As my eye landed upon a decapitated head rolling down the road. And stopped exactly on my feet.

Because that head...

...is not just somebody's head to be ignored.—

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