Kaytlyn Marie Ernst

Firestar is leader of thunderclan and he is having trouble choosing what's right and what's wrong for the clan

Humour Satire Tout public. © 29

#cats #Warrior
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iI know what your thinking firestar you don't know if your doing that best for our clan. I know I am doing the best our clan but I sometimes think I am not. firestar burst out of his den and out the camp. what's wrong with him. he just got mad at me because I said that I know that he thinks he isn't doing the best for the clan. how does she know what I'm thinking I don't need her I don't know why we were ever mates in the first place. firestar walked angerly towards the lake but he walks right into two fox traps and it went around his neck. mreow. firestars cry echoed towards all the clans. what in starclan was that. leapordstar. I don't know but it sounded like firestar, mistyfoot I want you and blackclaw to go check it out. ok leapordstar leapordstar come on blackclaw let's go. blackstar what was that. i don't know let's go see what it was. mreow. there it is again. Let’s keep going. they heard it again but a terrible choking sound. they came out to see firestar trapped. oh no. mistyfoot. blackstar. do you know how this happened. no I don't. mreow. please...me...help. it's to hard around his neck to say the sentence correctly. do you know what he said. he said help me please. but how he is trapped in two fox traps and the same kind of fox trap. sandstorm and dustpelt came running. you heard it to. yep. so did we. his cry was so loud that it echoed towards all the clans. this is my fault if I never have gotten him so mad this never would have happened.

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