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This about a girl want to meet her new love that is her true soulmate and there was alot of obstacle that get in the way her true soulmate have overcome the challenges

Drame Tout public.

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Me & My New Love Story 1

Uh oh, I and my new love have another new karmic coming to ruin me in the new love that I manifest. She is after my new Devine masculine he n I suppose to b set up to meet each other then someone try to ruin me and my new love meeting. So I told my spiritual friends to call my new love to warn him about her that try to steal my happiness. So my spiritual friends warn him now. My new love knows, he will be prepared so now I getting sick again.

I bet the new karmic going put my new love to trap him with love spell. I hope my new love will fight the battle. Now we are battling another new devil helper. She is so jealous of me and now I made her lose her job. By stealing my song she really mad at me she going find a way to ruin my happiness.

I think maybe it going be a short battle I hope it won't go back up again.

Oh no my new Devine masculine is in danger. I hope he can battling it n win the battle again

I not sure about myself yet I think she going to destroy me and try to ruin my life it going to repeated again another same oh battle and I hope again the new love that angels and my ancestor set up for me will be complete on time.

When I in a deep sleep I started have a new dream n vision about the new karmic going to plan to destroy my happiness now the new karmic got kick out from the job she was caught so she started to looking for more low vibrational people to help her to destroy my brand new Devine masculine he is a brand new love now she who not new love is she planning to trap my new love that obla ancestor n my angels set me up to meet my new love that we have a very strong feeling n strong connection spiritualy. Me n my new love is also marry each other spiritualy too.

The new karmic went to patrician to ask them how do she put love spell on my new Devine masculine to trap him but explain how she need to do but it didn work she try to trap my new Devine Masculine that I manifest him but backfire at her she try to do all the spell to ruin mine n my new love happiness but it backfire at her again she still weaken she keep losing it like repeat all over again she keep doing same thing what other previous karmic. My new Masculine is really strong n powerful like he knows better he smart n clever nothing can destroy him or ruin him even she try to put a spell on him me n him r a powerful couple spiritualy.

his time it my little bit of my imagination when I write chapter 4 that I might think it happen in the future.

My guess is the new karmic devil will find a way to ruin both of us maybe she planning to tell a lied about my story that I created is there's they might steal my other story n my now story that maybe might b her other back up plan to lied to people that I'm the bad guy but I'm not I'm very honest n loyal person she might twisted to get me the wrong way that she think I'm the girl stealing her story n happiness that try to twisted me n make people believe her. Just to tell u guys the warning to let u all know she the fraud. So be careful people they will twisted your story n stealing every1 happiness u never know what he or she planning to do.

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