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Emma the queen bee of every single school she has been to winner of miss gorgeous, face of over 400 fashion companies meets a most hated rival find out what happens next

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Dear Diary, 9:30am- Wed

Hi , I hate writing long intros so let's just get this over with , My name is Emma Divorlet my Mom is a multi-millionaire fashion designer and I can basically have whatever I want whenever she basically spoiled me ever since I was born but I am willing to fight for any thing from any peset who comes my way ,with my Instagram account of more than 40 million followers you can say that the world ows me big time , anyway I have been home schooled by the best musically professional teachers In theatre through out middle school and elementary because my mom made me the face of almost all of her most famous beauty brands and there was just no time for school or making friends, but that all changed one day wen my mom had to handle a two year contract in UK and since we had settled down she said that she would enroll me a high School, And don't get me wrong, High school wasn't so bad apart from my rival Tiffany Reeve who practically thought that she owned the place yet she knew that I did , I just couldn't stand the thought of Tiffany being better than me because IAM AND ALWAYS WILL BE THE ABSOLUTE BEST!! anyway me and Tiffany were sworn enemies, there is

this time my mom tried to

make my give 300 of my Designer dresses to a local beauty company but I threw a ten minute tantrum and ended up getting 5 extra rooms of closet space 😌 any way although I rulled the school It left painful scars on my heart and It's all because of Tiffany , me and my boyfriend Jack were dating for 4 months and on our 4th month anniversary I decided to suprize him with his favorite dinner and special jewelry after school.I was soo excited , I was even more so exited wen he told me to meet him in the auditorium after the lunch break , I thought he was going to suprize me or something , but boy was I wrong, I walked in to the auditorium and what I saw made my jaw drop, I saw Tiffany holding Jack like her life depended on it and then Jack broke up with me with three cold words " IT IS OVER" and then said that he was now was seeing Tiffany and without giving me time to speak Jack left the room with his new girlfriend and Tiffany smirked in an evil way , I couldn't help but blame myself for trusting such a loser , and from that day on , I vowed never to open my heart to anyone , not even friends, I even talked my mom into having me home schooled again but that was all 1 year back , anyway today my mom told me something that would change my life , she told me that we are moving to California and I will start my Sophomore level there , she also said that it was time that I make some friends, but I knew that that would never ever happen because I believe that friends are worthless gold diggers and traitors, any way I will enroll in a school called T. A. L.E. N.T in week, since we will travel first thing in the morning, I better get some beauty sleep this face doesn't just happen u know, any way I gotta go bye 😘😘

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