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Chapter one

Once upon a time there was a girl name Jessica.She was a very shy girl but....behind her shyness there was a liar and a traitor.Jessica was a young teen that hated school she would not go to school she would say home sleeping the whole day.Jessicas mom Maya got tired of jessica staying home all the time and just sleeping the whole day

Maya: Jessica I'm going to find you a school today.

Jessica:mom please noo (starts to cry) i don't wanna go to school.

Maya:but it's for your own good and i don't care if you want or don't want I'm going (Maya opens the door and goes)

Jessica:mom thinks that she can control me I'm not gonna go to school (clucks)

1 hour later

Knock knock

Jessica:who's there

Maya: it's me your mom

Jessica:(argh) I'm coming. Jessica opens the door)

Maya:guess what jessica


Maya:i got you a school aren't you happy


Maya: don't talk to me like that

Jessica: whatever (jessica goes upstairs)

Maya:I'm still talking to you come down here —

for chapter 2 follow and like

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