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Synopsis: Elias Grunt. Thorn's public enemy number one. Elizia Saavedra, a wealthy, mysterious woman. Eliseo Saavedra, Elizia's brother and a lunatic. Fate will make their paths cross and chaos will soon to follow. Battle between the supernatural species will prove to be bloody and innocent bystanders will always be collateral damage. The journey to becoming the chosen alpha and the path to true love will be paved by death and destruction. Is there a happy ending on a story that doomed from the beginning? What will it take to reach peace and prosperity? Is love really worth the sacrifice?

Fantaisie Épique Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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A pack has it's own hierarchy of leadership. The alpha and the beta. It's common for packs to unite their alpha and beta in marriage to strengthen the pack. Specially since the war between two supernatural species; the vampires and the werewolves has been going on for thousands of years.

"Selena, they're coming. You have to run." Charles grabbed Selena's arm. His hands were cold and sweaty because of panic.

The Waxing Moon pack is considered the most powerful pack because of it's alpha, Selena Foxter-Hunt and her beta, Charles Hunt. But with this recognition also put them on the vampire's radar.

"No!" Selena shoved Charles' hands away. "An alpha doesn't run." She walked away from her husband and said "They want a piece me? They better give their best shot ."

Charles knew that is going to be her wife's answer. But he can't risk her safety. "Selena, please!" Charles begged Selena.

Selena turned around to face her husband. "Charles, i said no! They've murdered my parents, your parents! Almost half of our pack!" Her eyes were full of hatred her bright golden amber wolf eyes are starting to show. "No more! I'm gonna kill every last one of them!" The of her bones shifting started. So loud that the wolf household might have heard it.

Charles started to loose his patience. The vampires are coming and he doesn't have the time to be gentle. "Damn it, Selena!" He grabbed her by her shoulders. "You're pregnant! Why won't you listen to me?"

Selena was stunned. "How—how did you—?" She couldn't even complete her words.

"How did i know?" Charles scoffed. "That's my son you're carrying! Do you actually think i wouldn't know!" They both fell silent. Charles knew that Selena's reason for not telling him is because of their current situation. It's not the right time to have a baby if the vampires are constantly after them.

"But, i can't just leave you to fight them alone." Tears began tol from Selena's eyes. "They will tear you to pieces!" Her eyes were begging. An alpha never begs but Selena loves her husband so much.

"You can, Selena." Charles took her hand and kiss it. "You can and you will. For our son. He's the future alpha on the seer's prophecy." Then he placed his other hand on her swollen stomach. "El lobo nacido de la luna oscura dará a luz a un niño bajo la luna de sangre. El alfa para acabar con todos los esclavos de la noche. He said while smiling bitterly at bump that is his son . "He will save us all." Charles bent to level his on her stomach. "I would die a million times so you, my son could be born, grow up and be the alpha you're always meant to be." He kissed her stomach and smiled. "Let me do this for him, Selena. For both of you. And when he grow up, tell him that his father loves him even on the other side."

"Charles, please." Selena cried even harder. "Just come with me. I can't loose you too. I've already lost everything!" Selena doesn't want to let him go.

"You won't loose me, mi amor. As long as i'm in there, in your heart, i will always be with you. " Charles cupper her face and kissed one last time. "Now, baby, go. Save our son."


(Translation: Spanish-English)


El lobo nacido de la luna oscura dará a luz a un niño bajo la luna de sangre. El alfa para acabar con todos los esclavos de la noche


The wolf born from the dark moon will give birth to a child under the blood moon. The alpha to wipe out all the slaves of the night

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