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⁰¹ ❝You and I❞

—Here are the folders with Vladimir's files that he asked me for in the morning, the appointment with the cameraman and wardrobe is at seven o'clock, Oh! Finally, downstairs is his mother, she is asking about a meeting with the club committee members.

—Damn old woman! Tell her to fuck off and I don't want to be at her fucking social gatherings.

—Yes sir.

The boy bowed, before leaving completely went to inform him of the unexpected arrival of a boy, but before he could say anything, he was interrupted by a snort and a cry of despair from his boss, who shouted at him to leave.

A little head with recently painted cherry red hair peeked through the door, followed by a couple of security men, upon seeing them closer he ran out to the body of the boy who was in the chair reviewing papers, who, having felt the touch of little hands and a body trying to hide behind his own, looked away from the desk to see the circus that was taking place in his office.

—Hyung. -The boy said softly so that only he could hear.

—Sorry to bother you, we'll get the intruder out of the building.

The red-haired man clung much tighter to the shirt of the older one, while Taehyung looked at the whole situation with annoyance.

The guards advanced a couple of steps to the desk, until they heard the cold, cutting and neutral voice of their boss.

—Get lost, you incompetent bastards.

—But Mr. Kim. -Said one of them pointing at the cherry red haired one.

—Damn it! If you can't follow a simple order like getting out of my fucking office or guarding the fucking entrance of a building, I should fire you fucking incompetents, pay attention to me because I won't repeat it one more time, this guy you foolishly let in, is mine, my boyfriend, so I expect him to be treated with the same respect as me, now you can leave, if you stay, I will fully understand that you don't want to work here anymore.

They quickly bowed out of the office.

To the guy who was last after the others he told him to give the communiqué that no one disturb his office and to lock up.

—So.. are you working? -Said the boy calmly, with a totally charming look on his face.

—You can't do that.

—Then.. what should I do if I want to visit my cute boyfriend?

—You must ask my permission first baby, What would have happened if one of my incompetent security guys had caught you "snooping" in the building? You could have been hurt or even beaten up.

—Relax, I already have a scratch on my arm anyway, they tried to catch me but I'm very agile, you see? -He showed his little arm, which had a reddish line on his arm, and around it everything was red, as if he had an allergy.

—Damn Kook! Look at your cute little arm, we should clean it and disinfect it as soon as we get home, your skin is very delicate and I won't risk it.

—But now that I'm here, I should help you, it's the least I can do for you hyung.

He gave free passage to the younger one, who sat on his legs and began to give little kisses all over his face and little caresses on his head.

—I'm still upset that you left without warning, but thank you, I really needed a break from all this.

He took his baby's cute face in his hands, professing all the affection he could, moved closer to his face and kissed hia cute, puffy lips, feeling that electrifying sensation he always felt when he was by his side.

His family, his workers, his "friends" and even his acquaintances could say anything about him, but he didn't care about any of that, because if he had Jungkook, nothing else mattered, just him and Jungkook against the world.

—Mr. Kim, I'm sorry but your moth...

—Hello dear, your secretary didn't want to let me in, I think you should fire him, it's unheard of that they won't let me in, I'm your mother, not the sweeping whore... Why do you have that little boy on your lap?! Do you want your mother to look bad in front of others because her son is a fucking faggot who has another faggot on top of him? You're a complete degenerate!

Jungkook shifted uneasily, uncomfortably and tense from his boyfriend's legs, while his body trembled and tears warned coming out of his little eyes.

—I will not allow you to come here just to insult my staff and my partner, and here. He moved a little closer. —The only degenerate is you, I was not the one who cheated on her husband and made him commit suicide afterwards.

A slap echoed throughout the office leaving those present in a mute, stunned and suffocating silence.

—Get the hell out of here, I don't want to see you in my building anymore, or any other fucking place.

He got up from his chair and as soon as he saw that his mother had left through that door, he approached Kook who was in a corner crying.

—Calm down my love, I am here for you, to take care of you, help you and protect you. -He gave his a kiss on the back of each hand and gave his one of his smiles to calm his down.

—You and me against the world Kookie.

—Yes hyung, you and me against the world.

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