Alicia May Williams

A young girl goes on holiday with her family and she meets a boy who she goes mad over. She starts learning more about him and learns he likes the couler red. She became the couler red but that caused chaos

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The rainy day

I looked out the window only to find out it was raining again. The dark clouds covered the bright blue sky like a blanket. I checked my phone wondering what time it was. My phone screen looked so bright compared to the dark clouds outside my window. It was 6 in the morning and yet the sky made it look like it was 2am. Once I saw the time I decided to go back to sleep since we get 4 weeks off school. After about a 4 hour nap I heard slight talking so I assumed mum was back from her night shift. I went downstairs and found mum greeting me at the kitchen with a smile on her face. "morning sleepy head" she said I was confused because she was working a 6 hour night shift."Good morning mum might u ask why your so happy."Well me and your dad thought when your brother comes back into town we could go on holiday." i was so excited "REALLY MUM THANK YOU" I yelled. "Now we are leaving tomorrow so go pack your suitcase now and ill make breakfast." I ran upstairs with a huge smile on my face and I grabbed my suitcase from the wardrobe. I started packing everything up until I suddenly heard the front door close. I instantly new who it was I ran downstairs and jumped onto my brother."Hello monkey"he said. "Hi" I said to him with the biggest grin and we went to the kitchen to have the pancakes my mum made for breakfast. "These are delicious mum im gonna go finish packing." But before I went upstairs I asked my mum if onyx my dog was gonna come along too she told me he was definatly gonna come. That made me even more excited so I grabbed an extra small bag from my room and put onyx lead poo bags etc all inside the bag. I put everything by the front door and before I new it it was lunch id spent 3 hours packing everything up after breakfast.I figured i couldn't just stay in my room all day packing so I went downstairs to hang out with my brother."What do you wanna do bro?" "We can go play football if you wanted to get some practice in" he said looking happy to see me."LAST ONE OUTSIDE IS A ROTTEN EGG"I screamed. I got outside last but it was fine. I asked my brother the grab the football from the shed. He ran over to the shed and grabbed the football whilst I set up the goals. He put the football in the middle and we counted down "three Two ONE GO." And I ran ready to kick as hard as I could. We played outside for hours until my mum yelled it was time for dinner. I asked what we where going to have "Well since we are going on holiday tomorrow I decided to order pizza and chicken wings" she said.

"Thank you mum also when will dad be back from work because he still needs to pack." "Its no problem honey your dad will be back from work In about 1 hour." I finished my food pretty quickly I grabbed a bag of crisps and went upstairs to change into my pj's. I triple checked i had everything in my bag and when I new i had everything I grabbed my phone got into bed and chilled out. About 20 minutes later I heard the door open so I just assumed it was dad. Then I got out of bed brushed my teeth and hair and went to sleep. It was really hard to get to sleep since the heat that day was boiling but eventually I got to sleep alright.

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