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Knowledge is the greatest power in the Universe. To develop it, we need new thinking and consciousness. I describe my new thinking and consciousness. You may think your own consciousness for the welfare of humankind.

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New thinking and consciousness

New thinking and consciousness

Anwar Hossain Jeebon


So many religions, so many rules, customs, laws, doctrines, great thinkers, great books, great sayings, so much knowledge, science, research, technology, equipment, yet in human life, in family, in society, in the state, above all in the world, Unrest in everyone's life. There are very few people in the world who are in perfect peace.

No matter how much we endure, do we want to leave such a horrible environment for our sons and daughters, grandchildren and the next generation?

Certainly not?

What to do then?

We need to invent or discover ways to make the rules as simple as possible and not difficult to follow.

The simplest version of generalizing all religions, opinions and theories is - "Everyone is relative"

Through this one principle we can unite the whole world and solve all the problems and create a peaceful world and heavenly environment.

The Creator has made the earth a hell by showing us the greed of heaven in the hereafter, we can easily transform this hell of the earth into heaven only if all human beings are united.

We must unite for the betterment of the next generation.

I know that it is very difficult for mankind to be united, but no matter how difficult it may be, since we have started in a well-planned and limited range, the scope of this unity will continue to grow.

Don't you want your children to have a peaceful environment?

I promise everyone that change.

That is why I am not saying to believe my words blindly without verification and selection.

I want to show the way.

I don't have to spend billions to test my method.

Even if you are not an expert, any ordinary person can easily understand if you think a little deeper, how effective my proposed method can be.

The ways are:

1. Everyone needs to be connected to any one platform or website.

That's why our web developers need to create such a powerful platform or website.

Will we sit still until such a powerful website is created?

You have to fall back while sitting.

For those who want a peaceful and prosperous environment for the next Generation, join the "World Peace Unity" group on Facebook or Quora for now and encourage your relatives, neighbors and friends to join.

I sincerely believe that if all of you who are reading this article come forward sincerely, very soon many people will be able to join the same platform. In this way, the more people can be united, the stronger the positive force will be and the faster and easier the peace process will be.

If my ideology or method does not seem to be suitable for everyone, then we will be able to reach the desired goal only if we adopt and implement the program according to the decision that will be taken by all.

Saint Jeebon is going to tell

There is no way without unity,

After uniting

There is no single master.

So there is no fear

There is no reason to be afraid,

What all will do unitedly

There is no talk about it.

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