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Somewhere I belong

From the time I was born to the time I died I was the outcast.The girl in class you didn't look twice at in college or high school.

I'm not saying I'm ugly I'm just... meh.In my family I have always been the person who stood in the sidelines.But it was to be expected.I never belonged.

Here I was Alyssa Rein on the train to my afterlife.I died how I lived in an unexceptional manner.A bus came out of nowhere and hit me as I was crossing the road.

Just another statistic right?

The windows are tinted and there is no light in the cabin.But I at least knew I was in a train.I met death and he gave me the ruby ring on my index finger.

"This ring knows your whole life,your feelings and will the key to find out where you belong."He explained.

I never got to see his face only his black cloak that fell all the way to his ankles and a long stick with the image of a jaguar.

"So none of us got it right?"I whispered to myself as I had boarded the train.Thinking about all the religions that talked about the after life.

The train stops and the door opens by itself and a soft voice whispers"Everyone walk out if your ring gleams your destiny is here."

I stood up and bumped into someone."Watch it!"he mumbled in a croaky voice and I walked behind him and as I walk down the steps the bright light burned my eyes.

The place seems busy everyone is in a suit and on a phone.There a huge buildings like a city.The man next to me is in a black suit and there are three bullets in his chest.

His ring gleams and life returns to his skin as his pupils reduce in size and his eyes return to their normal green colour.

He walks towards the city like a man on a mission and two others follow him.The rest of us return to the train.None of us look at each other as we board the train.

It's against the rules.Thats why I hadn't replied to him.This is because we were all given only a small amount of air to keep us alive and if we speak before getting to our destinys then we would turn to ashes.That means we would no longer exist.

I hadn't really believed in religion but I had always wished I would have met a being that would explain why I hadn't fit in anywhere.

No one got me especially my family.My mother would shake her head and ask me everyday"Why can't you be like the other kids?"As if I hadn't known I was different and now the only thing that can tell me where I belong is this ring.

We stop at two more places one is a farming community where three more people's rings gleam.

The other is a small community of travellers living in caravans, singing songs, swimming in the lake and living in harmony.Here five people left our little group.

I was losing hope my ring seemed to be broken.As the train continued I remembered the one time someone picked me for something.My best friend in high school.

It was a Catholic Primary school and no one wanted to sit with me on the bus.Everyone avoided me like I was a plague.The sisters insisted someone to sit with me but no one did.

I wasn't surprised and I was sure I would sit alone during the trip but she sat next to me.

That was the first and last time anyone picked me for anything.

The train made a stop and even before I got off I felt something pull me in.I was sure I was hallucinating.

But as I got off my ring immediately glowed as bright as the sun.And suddenly I could breathe.I ran towards my destiny.

For once I didn't choose my fate my fate chose me.I jumped into the water.As I swam, closed my eyes enjoying all of it.For once I was be happy for once I felt peace for once...

"Hey, you need to wake up.You trying to get fired."I heard a voice whisper and as my eyes open I realize I am in a meeting and my boss has been talking for an hour.

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