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SOUBHAGYAWATHI BHAVA is all about love . Ishra and Sajad are completely opposite from each other but sill their love is eternal . Read the entire story how they meet and how they fell in love

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The tale of two opposites

I never thought I would meet a person opposite to me. It's hard to move on with two opposite minds and hearts yeah! opposites indeed attract, I finally tried to invest my love in him. Indeed it was not so easy for me to forget all the struggles and hardships I went through. Despite all these, I still kept thinking _ what made me fall for his unconditional love? I still didn't find the answer until I dared to meet him on a casual date.

well, it all began with a simple conversation in a bakery. Bakery? sounds to be odd. yeah! You're reading it right I never expected him to appear before dressed in a white shirt tucked in blue jeans with a black sunglass. I remember that day when I couldn't gather enough courage to face him. He had a golden watch on his wrist with a normal gentle expression.

while everyone in the classroom kept waiting for the break. I was lost in my dreams whether I could ever reach them or not. I somehow managed to gain back my senses .“Will see you later guys . Need to meet someone ” and I rushed up from the classroom He kept waiting for me on his 2 wheeler in the bright hot sun.

We never met before so I decided to give him a clue to identify me and to his surprise, it was not my photograph or the color of my dress. It was my black titan watch with a golden dial. It was almost 2 pm and I never gathered the courage to step out of the campus premises.

I stood under the neem tree for 15 minutes and I could see my troop had approached me “You still didn't go home ?” said one of my peers. “ No! I just forgot my water bottle. let me go and get it ” Listen... “It's still lying on your chair. I thought you would come back but I'm wrong ”. Leave it I'm already late I got to meet someone right now I can't get late for another few minutes.

I almost utilized my whole energy and came back within no time . “ok! then guys let's go ?” I had a bright smile with a little nervous Expression and I said yeah! let's step forward. I and my entire peer group were standing a little distant from him but to my surprise, my black watch was placed inside me. bag and he had no clue left to identify me. I still had a ray of hope in my little heart that if my love is true and he's serious about it he would definitely identity me and call me.

my Peers forced me to talk to him. My heart rate got double and I was almost frozen when he finally identified me and called me by my name. He came close to me, looked into my eyes with a cheerful smile on his pink lips and he said “ Let's go for a date dear? Will you not speak to me and spend little of your quality time with me?

I didn't know how to respond snd remained unsounded. She said, “Yes ! my dear little friend is still in ice-cold condition . Let's meet at the nearby golden bakery”. He replied “ okay my love . See you at the bakery ” and he headed towards the bakery following us. I never dared to turn back and see whether he's. following our footsteps or not. “Look there, Rose! your only love has just parked his two-wheeler. I softly landed in the bakery and. we sat at the last table so that no one could keep an eye or listen to our conversation.

I just calmed my breath, relaxed my heart, and got mentally prepared to introduce myself. He stared at me for a while and smiled. I kept my vision towards my friend or sometimes gazing outdoors at the vehicles. Meanwhile, he coughed for no cause just to gain little attention on him. J slowly turned my head and looked at him.

For the first time in my life, I met a guy and he introduced himself .“I'm Sajad and a son of a businessman, I belong to a wealthy family ”. I had a doubtful expression about why he's interested in me. I had a storm of questions inside me. Jitu held my hand and signaled me to put forward my questions and to open up my voice.

“Nice to meet you said. ” Well I'm Ishra and belong to a typical middle-class family where my parents limit the freedom. I think this relation won't work out. ” I'm a very scholarly type of person and a little introvert too.. it could be hard for a person to survive in a toxic relationship where's there's no love and understanding between each other.

“I do love you Ishra! It's not the matter of owning bungalows and cars, My heart is stuck at your doorstep ”. I got. astonished on hearing these words from Sajad. Jitu held my hand tightly and. asked me to find out the answer to his proposal.

“Give me a little time Sajad, I will text you if my answer is yes to your proposal”. I was unable to eat and gave back the plate. Sajad asked me to drink water and think about his proposal. “Waiter! get a water bottle please ”.I wasn't ready for a relationship but still, there's something between us that made me. think for Sajad.

He got up and we followed him gracefully. He drove his vehicle towards the campus and stopped exactly at the point where we met. for the first time. Jitu and I were discussing whether he's a good guy or not throughout the walk. I was imagining about my existence & how could I prepare myself for a relation

We reached our college and didn't expect Sajad to wait for us. “ I love you Ishra,” said Sajad and he flew back to his home. If I don't love him then why could I still hear his voice even though when he's? not beside me. This question arises many times in my tiny heart and I became heavy-hearted to find a solution for this unrelaxing stuff

9 pm I had my dinner and waited for Jitu's call. ring! Ring ! the phone buzzed 5 times and I still didn't find an answer and messed up. I stood on the balcony with a cup of coffee in my hands, staring at the night sky and twinkling stars. I got back to my room and switched off all the lights, turn them on. fan and slept.

The next day I saw Jitu's calls and a text popped up on my mobile screen. “ Ishra what's your answer”. I didn't know who it was. and rang up to Jitu “hello! Jitu ”

Hello dear, hope you a good sleep yesterday night ? “hah! it's not about sleep Jitu. I must give my answer. to Sajad as yes I'm ready for his relationship Jitu remained quiet and ended up the phone call. I kept thinking about how to face Sajid and his family anyway I have to live with them after our marriage and I smiled for no cause, got dressed up quickly

Sajad's family never spoke of women being skilled at household chores. His family was sophisticated and his mom liked my family and our warm welcome. They never talked of caste and standards. Sajad bent down to tie his shoelace and threw a degree. towards my chair.

I saw him smiling and he signaled me to look at my chair. .I could see a piece of paper, I picked it up and saw him. blushing redans pink.My mom. saw this car, my facial expressions and body gestures got. changed. I had fear of getting caught but my mom understands our deep love and said “Ishu 4 cups of coffee please ” I got up gracefully, hid the letter in my hand, and stepped into towards kitchen.

Sajad took out his mobile phone and texted me - Ishu mom's dad likes to have strong coffee with less sugar and he found a chance to express his love once again. I was busy preparing coffee. My mobile rang and a message popped up. . It was obviously from Sajad. I opened and read the message. Replied to him - Thanks for intimidating me. He made a cause. and stood beside me in the kitchen.

I filtered the coffee, served it in4 cups, and arranged it in a glass tray with a red napkin. I opened the letter and read “Ishu! Please try to meet me alone ”. I wrote back to his letter. - okay sure but our family matters Sajad. I folded the paper nearly and placed it inside Sajad's napkin. He saw me hiding the paper and. was desperate to hear from me.

I was about to leave the kitchen. Sajad blocked my path and I was shocked to see his romantic phase. He danced for me and I complimented him. him. He kneed down, presented a rose, and said“ This flower may dry someday, but my love will still be present in every petal, adding a new flavor to your life”.

He proposed to me once again “ Loved you Ishu ..”.I accepted his flower and his love too. I asked him to pin the flower in my hair. He pined the flower and looked at me and said “ This rose enhanced your beauty ishra. Let's go together if you want”.I replied “Sure ”. He helped me serve coffee to our family. and my parents asked me ro sit beside them.

Sajad's mom sipped coffee and said “ Her taste matches with us . We are blessed to see you as our family member Ishra ”. After having coffee Sajad signaled to meet down at the staircase. Meanwhile, I placed back the cups and came back. Our parents exchanged the gifts as a token of their love.

My dad gave a watch to Sajad and said “ may you remember this special moment dear ”. Sajad's mom presented ber. gold bangles and our parents placed. my hands in his palm and blessed us as “SOIBHAGUAWATHI BHAVA” and love. lasted forever

___________THE END___________

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I like it and all the best for your upcoming novels and stories
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Susmitha Kallakunta Susmitha Kallakunta
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