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This is not a typical love story. It is not even a story, but it has lots of love in it. It is more like a premonition.

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Once upon a time, in a far, far away land, there was a girl.

There were lots of girls...actually there were people of all ages, colors and shapes; there were animals, fruits, smells, noises, and a little stinging insect which, many years later, somebody called “ bee”.

Oh, and there was a boy. He lived in a nearly ruined part of the town, somewhere between the forest and the local church (which was abandon, as no one liked to see a fake man hanging from a cross, bleeding); his house was big enough to put a cow in it, so that´s what he did.

The cow was black, and the rain was wet.

The boy was called Timmy and his favorite game was “hide and seek”...as a matter of facts, that´s how he met the girl: hiding.

- So, she was seeking- you might think; and you´re right: she was. But not at the moment she met Timmy.

When she found him, she was hiding too.

And the girl´s name was Moon...that´s `cause the Moon´s name those days was “Soon”, in reference to the Sun, of course. I don´t really know why they changed it later.

Well, Timmy and Moon met by the town´s railway (who connected the town with another town, but nobody knew it, as the train never arrived to those lands; only the people who made railways did), one Soony night of autumn (they were very updated with the season´s names, tough they didn´t know how to make pancakes).

She was sitting right next to a big grey rock, and he suddenly bumped into the rock, and fell over the girl´s knees.

Timmy´s nose was ok, and his mouth, even better; but his back was seriously injured, and his shoe, missing.

Moon helped him get up and found his shoe; she took his hand and kissed his shoulder. But Timmy got scared of the girl´s reaction, and walked 5 steps away from her.

They kept lookin´ at each other from a short distance, and for a long time; `til they understood they were both scared, and decided to help each other: she wanted to hide Timmy, and he wanted to hide Moon; so they both hid together under an old and lonely roof (that was all that was left from a child´s fair who visited the town 43 years later...they measured time differently, yes).

They stayed in silence for an hour, `til Timmy asked Moon about the dress she was wearing.

- What kind of dress is it? Is it a funeral dress, or a birthday cake? - , said Timmy.

- It´s a custom. And get accustomed to see me in it, `cause I´ll never take it off -, sentenced Moon, with a big, big smile on her face.

- I´m so proud of myself, I would never feel shame -. Said he.

- To me, you look really lame, but who doesn´t? Everyone who feels superior, it`s because their feet are 10 feet away from the ground...and 10 feet means 5 persons, or 2 dogs and a chicken -.

So, Timmy and Moon kept talkin´ about each other for 2 sparkling hours; being so self-conscious of the breath they were sharing, and the saliva they were spending.

Then they remembered the Soon was also there, being all still and shiny, they came out of the roof, and started jumping over each other, and laughin´ as nothing else matter.

They were lost after they noticed they were in love. But they thought that was ok, `cause people who fall in love always looses...and they only worried about tryin´ to avoid stepping over an ant´s path, which they followed until they found where it came from: a pigeon’s corpse which was rotten, stinking, and slowly moving from the inside as the strongest insects on earth peeled off the meat out of the pigeon’s fragile bones.

- I´m really hungry -, said Moon. - Me too -, said Timmy.

- I got an idea: let´s feed off each other! -, said the girl, with an enthusiastic movement of her arms.

And they ran away from each other before they made up the rules.

It was a game. They knew it; but acted as they didn´t.

Half an hour later they came back carryin´ different stuff in their pockets: Timmy showed a shoe sole, a bunch of closed orchids, and 2 worms who danced inside an old Coca Cola bottle he found under a tree.

Moon had only found one thing to feed him: a tutti-frutti lollypop, which fell from someone´s mouth on one side of the road they were ignoring...”I know somebody else sucked it first; but I´m sure it still tastes good, and it´s gonna last for at least 20 minutes in your mouth” said she.

And they sat down on the dirt, crossed their legs; got tangled by their ankles, and fed each other quick.

The only thing they didn´t eat were the worms, as they were both vegetarians. The rest was history.

Next, there were literature and math.

Calculations about the literal interpretation of their thoughts...and that´s when they fell asleep.


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