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We all know the destiny of Lilith, the first woman of creation. But what would happen if she herself told us her version of the story? In this Poetic Anthology, she portrays her journey through the centuries in this world full of mortals, who have learned great lessons, while evolving along with the deadly sins. Punished and scarred, a group of creatures that take forms to portray their compassion for a God who did not know what to do with them. IMAGES by (ig)@la___aura Todos conocemos el destino que tuvo Lilith la primera mujer de la creación. Pero.. ¿Qué pasaría si ella misma nos contara su versión de la historia?. En esta Antología Poética, Ella nos retrata su viaje a lo largo de los siglos por este mundo lleno de mortales, que si bien han aprendido grandes lecciones, también han evolucionado junto con los pecados capitales. Castigados y señalados, un grupo de criaturas que toman formas para retratar su compasión por un Dios que no supo que hacer de ellos.

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Dedicated to all the creations unjustly punished by the gods we pray to.To all those souls suffering for what we call love, and to the great admiration I have for man, who has created such an exquisite way in which to express the language of the h

I bear no grudge against my creator, but it would be unfair for me to forget that daring he committed at the beginning of humanity.

Unjust has been that punishment of having separated me with whom I swore to be loyal until the end of my days, because that is what he entrusted me with.

Eve, my sweet Eve, the one who condemned the rest of the females, allowing herself to submit to man, what great damage she has already done.

Thanks to my thought is that I became the mother of all discord, queen of the demons, and eternal lover of a winged fool, mowed down by each of my creations, so it is.

If they wish to call me queen, let it not be of the evils created by God to persuade, but of those that man himself has created, and succumbed to throughout history, transforming himself over the centuries.

Of those that devour men little by little, among others.

Several moons ago I have learned that their end is for the same reasons; mercy I ask you Lord for these creatures that have been enchanted like me by your vagaries.

My children, here are my greatest memories, may they serve as a warning and a joy to your senses, eternally neat that which I call my truth.

Lilith .

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