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Remember that you have your goals in life? Remember that you have your wants in life? Remember that you have your needs in life? Remember that you can do it... Janelle Gonzales was a 16 years old girl, who wants to experience everything, who wants explore and discover the world, who wants to complete her bucket list. She's a girl with a biggest dream. But she know it will be unhappy, unsuccessful, because she's alone in life. Her parents died because of the Plane Crash incident. While thinking and writing her bucket list, she said to herself "THIS IS FOR THEM, EVEN I DIE AT THE EARLY TIME....AT LEAST I DID ONE OF MY DREAMS, THAT CAN MAKE THEM HAPPY, BECAUSE THEY SAID ONCE I FULFILLED ONE OF MY DREAMS WILL BECOME THEIR HAPPINESS". WE ONLY LIVE ONCE!!

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Someone's POV

Sabi nga nila YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE Kaya hangga't maaga pa, at nakakahinga ka pa, kaya pa ng katawan mo gawin ang mga bagay. Gawin mo na.

Marami tayong gustong ma-experience sa buhay, marami tayong gustong puntahan, at kahit na... gawin.

Bilang kabilang pa sa mga kabataan ang isang tulad ko, at alam natin na hindi lang tayo ang may gustong gawin sa buhay.

Gawin natin ang gusto natin, yung magpapaligaya at magpapaginhawa sa buhay natin.

I'm Janelle Gonzales, 16 years old....your bucket list girl.

"Girl, tapos mo na ba yung bucket list na ginagawa mo? I thought after mong tapusin yun, eh sisimulan mo na?"

She's my friend Stephanie Andreas. She's my only friend since Elementary, the closest friend of mine.

I treat her as my sister, actually both of us....Kaya nga hindi kami mapaghiwalay ng school eh.

We're here at their Café, siya muna ang nagmamanage while her parents is out of the country.

How lucky she is, right? She's too lucky for having a parents since day one in this world.

Even her parents were super far from her, she always get a support and love from them. The love and support that I wanted too.

My parents died when I was 10 years old, 6 years passed...but the pain still inside me. I want to get over, but I can't.

6 years of pain, 6 years of bad luck, 6 years with tears in my eyes. Who can say the ways of moving on?

I wish, it's just a nightmare...

"Hey girl, are you fine?"

Then she snapped her fingers in front of me...

Woah, may kausap nga pala ako.

"Yeah, wha-what's your question again?"

Nakalimutan ko na yung tanong niya, because a worst nightmare reminisce again to me.

"I said if did you already finished your bucket list? And as far as I know, you said that you'll going to start it whenever you already finished it"

The one thing that I'm doing now, the only thing I need to think for, the thing that make my parents happy.

"Here, it's almost done"

I said, and I put my pen down the table and smile at her.

"Nice, I'm hoping you'll finish it all"

"Thanks girl, and I know...I will, cause people..."


sabay naming sabi at nagtawanan. That's the real friend for me, alam at kabisado na lahat sa'yo.

Now I need to take this BUCKET LIST, I'll do it, I'll fulfill it!



Sleep over...

Movie Marathon...


Hongkong Disneyland...


New York...


Ride in the Ferris Wheel...


Cruise Ship...

Vikings Ride...



First Sex...

Saying I LOVE YOU to the man I love...


18 things I need to do, before I get 18.

18 things I need to do, before I create new.

18 things I need to do, before I get into the legal age.

18 things I need to do, to check all my goals.

18 things I need to check in The Bucket List.

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